Site Announcements: Name Change and Optimization; Are You Going to treat CC like Crap?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas if that is what you indeed celebrated and for those of you that like Boxing Day, I hope that went according to plan.

It's Monday, so time to get back to the Indians and caring about them. With that I've also made a few decisions over the past week concerning this blog.

Back when I started this thing in February and launched in March or whatever it was, I sort of took my time putting it together, but rushed in deciding on a name. Okay I didn't rush, but I just suck at names. Well I've spent time thinking of a name that I'm happy with and will be making a change.

I'm making the change for a few more reasons other than that though. A) It is way too close to MVN's Tribe Report, B) The word Time is outdated and now stupid, C) The above reason and D) I'm going one step further.

What I mean by one step further is this. You'll notice ads on the site. They aren't for making money.. Well they are, but not for me, I wouldn't ,make much anyway. They are to generate funds for the Sponsorship I bought for Ben Francisco AND a domain name.

Well the ads have generated enough to pay for that and buy a domain name, so here I go. I might even renew Ben's sponsorship come March. I'd like to switch to someone like Jensen Lewis, but the Fantasy Baseball Sherpa seems to think it's cool to buy all the little known Indians I have man-crushes on. FYI I use Rotoworld, :sticks tongue out:.

Yardbarker and Sportsviews will still be around as far as ads go, because they are more than ads, they are communities that help get the word out and that's still a goal. But all the Google ads on the side bar that help slow this site down are going to be removed, which should cut down on the loading time, but not by much. If I ever re-design the blog (and I won't anytime soon, it took me tons of time and I'm very fond of my current layout), I'll try and do something that cuts down on that, but I really like what I have now. The google ads below the posts are gonna stay for awhile because, well, they are in the HTML and I'd rather not toy with HTML right now.

Google didn't actually contribute to the funds that I needed to buy a domain name anyway,

With that.. The change is coming soon... I've decided on the name "The Tribe Daily", catchy I know, and will be making the change in January sometime. You'll love my tagline, I promise.

It's going to take a bit to go through the internet (damn you internet and your wide world-webness) and change the name, and I'll let you know what you have to do, probably change your bookmarks but the old URL should still redirect here for some time.

I like to think the new name is going to represent something that I do that no other blog does and that helps you out daily during the season. I'll get into that more as I make the switch.

Indians related news... There really isn't much because last week was Christmas and I'm sure the Excel spreadsheets were feeling sad and left out of all the Christmas joy.

There is a new Hey Hoynsie out and It brings up a question that I think needs discussed now and will probably be beat to death when the time comes.

How are you going to treat CC Sabathia?

Just because Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez left via Free Agency, a vast majority of fans have booed them. Manny probably deserves it more than Jim does because of the deal the Indians had out there for him. I don't understand the Thome booing.. I'm not his biggest fan now that he is a White Sox, but I certainly don't think he warrants a booing everytime he comes to the plate.. Maybe when he kicks our ass and hits a home run or something, but to great him everytime he comes to the plate makes no sense.

Now just because CC Sabathia was traded, he won't get the Manny-treatment?

Hey guys, CC was gone either way and he was destined for the Yankees with that silly offer. If anything, I'd boo him for declining the Indians offer and deciding he didn't even want to hear another one and broke off talks.

Me... I'm not going to boo.. If I was at the game that CC came back for, i'd give him a standing ovation and then move on and treat him like every other player. Just pitch and if you kill me I'm going to complain what a bastard you are for beating us.

You know it's funny that we take this mentality about booing and not booing depending on how the person leaves.

Omar Vizquel left via free agency, but it was widely known that the Indians let him leave, rather than him making the decision to bolt for more money. For that, the Indians got crucified in a way and to this day still feel the wrath everytime Jhonny Peralta boots a ground-ball.

This is an interesting Q&A..

Hey, Hoynsie: You reported that Kerry Wood's physical lasted about eight hours before the Indians approved his $20.5 million contract. How extensively did the doctors check out Travis Hafner before offering a contract extension several times higher than the Wood contract? -- Bob Kessell, Akron.

Hey, Bob: GM Mark Shapiro started revamping the Indians' medical department several years ago. A driving force behind that movement was to get a clearer picture of a player's medical condition be he a free agent negotiating a deal or player the Indians were considering for a contract extension.

Hafner and Jake Westbrook went through extensive testing before signing their lucrative extensions. Each player came down with a serious injury following those extensions. No system is perfect and no player injury proof.

Put that in your memory banks next time someone fails or passes an Indians physical.

Someone lobbed a softball up for Hoynes to hammer like he usually does with his grouchy response, but he took it easy. I would have totally let him hammer away on this dude in this instance, but he didn't.. Shame on you Hoynes.

Hey, Hoynsie: Why no interest in Mark Teixeira by the Tribe? We haven't had a real first baseman since GM Mark Shapiro and Larry Dolan let Jim Thome go. -- Scott Feldman, Fremont.

Hey, Scott: I hope you were smiling when you wrote this e-mail. I hope you were just trying to get a sarcastic response from me.

It didn't work because I'm still filled with the Christmas spirit and about two gallons of Christmas punch. But I must say this -- I don't think you've been paying attention.

Hoynes was busy over the weekend.

He has this story up about Wedge not "whining" about economics.. Wedge doesn't whine about much, why would he whine about this?

"What I don't like to see are teams or organizations use it as an excuse," said Wedge at the winter baseball meetings. "We sure don't. There's no reason to. We're all at the same level, we're all expected to compete and you either win or lose. That's what we try to do."

Said Wedge: "I don't get caught up in the money part of it. I know where we are with the Cleveland Indians and what we can and can't do."

Surprisngly, Hoynes is actually right. It's easy to not worry about it when you aren't in the AL East. Sure the Tigers threw us for a loop last year with the Miguel Cabrera deal, but look how that worked out and they aren't doing this type of stuff every other year. Still..

I don't know.. We are in the AL Central and we have just as good of a chance as the Tigers, White Sox, and Twins have. That's all I know.

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