Carmona could be held out of WBC; Quoting Galore

I've been humming that song..

You know...

Do do do do, DO DO DO! YEAH!

It's one of those songs you don't know the name of, but you can hum it and explain it and people know what your talking about.

Kinda like Day Bow Bow...

Ahh forget it..

It's impossible to google by the way.

It's also impossible to google Eric Wedge without getting an epic picture like this one.

Eric did some talking on a the press tour and it's pretty much the same type of stuff that we've been hearing from other press clippings or whatever and what I heard last week from him on STO.

It's the same run of the mill stuff.. One thing, I don't remember if I brought it up, but it's worth repeating about Kelly Shoppach.
"I think it's important that we have Kelly catch Cliff Lee and Victor catch Fausto Carmona. If I feel in time that we're better with Victor playing more first base, that's what we'll do."
So basically Kelly is going to be the man every time Cliff is out there. Which already equals more starts than being Paul Byrd's personal catcher. Throw in a start here and there on Sunday, provided Fausto isn't pitching, maybe two in a row once and awhile, and you start getting up there in the amount of games he's playing. So, I think Wedge has a good plan there.

Also, a lot of people feel Victor Martinez's injury hurt Fausto's performance and that Martinez knows how to catch Fausto so he's effective. I'll buy that a little.

We've talked about Ryan Garko and Josh Barfield ad nauseum these past few weeks and we will continue to.

I think Ryan Garko and Josh Barfield are probably going to be the most talked about players this Spring Training, aside from the battle for the fifth rotation spot.

But Wedge continues to say how much he loves Ryan Garko and he likes what Josh Barfield brings to the table. So, hey... Maybe I was wrong about Wedge disliking them.

How is Wedge going to use his bullpen's set up men and who are they going to be? Mass Chaos!
"The set-up men are the most abused in the bullpen. We've got four or five of them in Jensen Lewis, Smith, Rafael Perez, Rafael Betancourt and Masa Kobayashi. We're going to use them all."
Of course... With all those guys, who knows ro cares. Matchups... Basically... I'd still expect Rafael Perez and Jensen Lewis to get a majority of those 7th and 8th inning apperances though, at least to start out.

Moving on to another stop on the press-tour, my hometown of Youngstown. Shin-Soo Choo was at the Antone's Banquet center(love that Antone's food by the by), and they were chanting his name!! Damn these wrestling references.

Nine years ago, Choo didn't know a lick of English, now he's doing a Q&A.
"I don't want to think about it," he said. "I have to serve in 2010. I want to help my team win and make the playoffs this year, then I'll think about it."
Obviously, this is more Military talk.. Hopefully that lays to rest that talk till next year, because honestly, even I'm getting tired of it now.

What's with his son's name by the way? Woon Mi is his wife's name and his name is Shin-Soo.. Or is it Choo and they do it backwards? I don't know, but his son's name is..... Alan.. ALAN?! Its like, damn.. Alan?! Pick a non-less boring American name guy!

Yeep It's just a quote fest this week with all the press tours going on and players coming into Cleveland and what not.

Cliff Lee is up on deck and the two main points with him are the following..
"Things can change for the worse just as quickly as they changed for the better," Lee said Tuesday. "I'm going to do everything I can to prevent that from happening."

"Hopefully I can continue to remember the things that were going through my head and try to build off of it and have success," Lee said. "There's no reason I can't have success. I try not to overcomplicate it. It worked last year, so why not stick with it? I don't put any extra pressure on myself being the No. 1 guy or winning the Cy Young. That doesn't mean anything."

Will you take a step back? Of course he won't go 22-3, or at least no one will for a long time, that's hard to even do once a year, let alone repeat.

But who's to say he still won't win 17 games and put up a nice little ERA.

Cliff will handle his business... He's a changed pitcher, even though the pitcher he was before that wasn't that bad. He had a bad year, had some injuries, but before that he had good numbers. Now he has the mental part of the game down and it's all come together.

Let's not worry about a major setback.

Now the other spot... Is a contract extension... Which I don't expect.

"Why not? Yeah," he said. "That's something that interests me. But nobody's talked to me about it. It's something I'm open to. I don't see why not."

General manager Mark Shapiro actually addressed the topic during a Press Tour stop at the Boneyard in Mayfield Heights on Monday night.

"It's bad business to negotiate with a guy coming off a career year," Shapiro said. "But we'll explore it."

Even Shapiro flat out said, yeah that's a dumb idea. Why would they do that? Cliff isn't expecting CC money though and probably wouldn't push too hard for it, so.. We'll see.

Finally... WBC News... It looks like Fausto Carmona might skip it, YAY!

Fausto is probably the one guy that the Indians are pushing for to not play in the game and because he missed time, they can do that.

"I don't know if that's going to play out," Wedge said of Carmona's placement on that roster. "That's something we're working through right now."
If the Indians get their way, Carmona will not be playing in the WBC, and I want that. With the injuries he had, I want to see Carmona in camp and ready to go for the season, without worry of getting hurt in a tournament that has no meaning towards the MLB.

Finally.. The Cleveland Indians are fifth in Keith Law's organizational rankings..

5. Cleveland Indians: The trades of Casey Blake and CC Sabathia combined with some depth-oriented drafts have filled out this system over the past two years, although it's arguable how many impact guys the Indians have after Carlos Santana. A healthy Adam Miller, who has No. 1 starter stuff, would have had them a little higher on the list. They are one of a half-dozen teams whose prospect lists genuinely run 12 to 15 names deep.

Yes! I think we might be Top Ten in BA or BP or Whatever.. But a nice fiver ranking by Keith Law is cool. Peter Gammons said we have the most talent in Triple and Double A than any other team. So, hey, some high praise about our farm system.

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