Garkos in the Outfield?; Chulk and Herges Signed; Byrd Trade Done

So I didn't expect this much info to be out there today, but lucky us.

This weather is ridiculous. Its like in the negatives. With the sun out too. But the wind is blowing hard, that's what she said. I mean damnit, this is the coldest weather I've ever been in.

It's almost as crazy as the idea of Ryan Garko playing in the outfield.

Yeah you heard that right.
"He doesn't know [if he can do it]," Wedge said with a smile, "and I don't know if he can do it yet, either."
Ryan Doumit, played catcher and outfield and plenty of players play corner outfield and first base.

But come on now.

This is Ryan Garko.

And I love the guy and he's made terrific strides playing first base and has actually become very underrated making plays.

But the outfield? Man I don't know.

I guess Wedge is willing to sacrifice defense... clearly.
"I don't care where people play," Wedge said, "as long as they're able to make the play. I just want to put the best lineup out there."
So that's fun..

I mean really, Josh Barfield playing there makes more of a sense than Marte playing there. Yes, so that's why I can see Josh staying too.

It would be nice to have all the versatility though.

I'm just not sure Garko could handle the outfield and it seems like the guy has worked hard at first to be pushing him around.


This all came about at a Town Hall meeting for Season Ticket Holders that I'm too lazy too read about.

The Indians made a few moves. They've now added a few more bullpen arms to the mix in Vinnie Chulk and Matt Herges. It's a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training for both of them. This also makes the Jack Cassel signing a little more prominent.

Guys, please don't look into these moves. It's normal stuff.. The sarcastic sillies on the Plain Dealer comments are just.. I mean come on.

All of these guys are either going to blow Mujica away or get cut or go to to the minors until their clauses are up and they can go elsewhere if they are not on the minor league roster. I believe that day is May 15th for Chulk. Not sure if Herges or Cassel have one.

Same thing with Mickey Hall. This is the completion of the Paul Byrd trade. Apparantley we got more than just not paying his salary, we got ourselves a reserve outfielder for a team like Akron.

That's all this is people.

However, feel free to sing.

It's amazing what you can find in the "related" section of YouTube.

It's also amazing that I took time out to link to that..

I almost linked to one by that chick from the Musical movie.. But then I realized I'm of the male gender and I don't want to scare any more people off.

Alright that's it.

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