Hafner, DeRosa Talk to Media; Winter Haven can Suck It

Okay, I don't really know what any of this means.. I'm not a legal eagle or have any interest in the business part of stuff like this, or whatever... lawsuits.

With that said, I have no clue who is in the right or wrong, which means I'm going to tell Winter Haven to suck it, even if they might be right.

They are suing the Indians because, um they didn't pay them like 100 grand.

Okay whatever. Get that out of the way. Now that I have your attention with a silly idea.

Let's get to the important stuff.

Travis Hafner talked to the media and the Plain Dealer actually has a video.

STO and ABAO just aired the session. I wish I had a more definitive schedule when this stuff happened.

What's Bootleg? Is that another wrestling shirt? I'd expect a HERE COMES THE PAIN CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO type shirt on him at this point. Any chance to show off how much of a wrestling dork, Hafner would do it.


Castrovince still hasn't got his full report up, so let's go off Paul Hoynes' report.

Hafner has lost 10 pounds, bringing him to around 250, which is great to hear. It was more of a shape thing than dropping weight, so if it helps Hafner, that's awesome.

The most encouraging quote?
"It's a night and day difference between now and the summer. It used to take me three to five minutes to recover after I'd do a set of exercises. Now I can hop right back in there with no rest at all. It feels like it's getting back to normal."
Add in to the fact that he expects to be ready for CACTUS League play, he wants to be 100% for opening day and he's going to Spring Training almost a month early (next week). Sounds like he is determined as all get out.

Finally, my constant bitching and moaning about the weather now pails in comparison to what Hafner's home town is getting.
"My brother called me today and he said it was 33 below zero with a wind chill of 55 below zero," said Hafner. "When I went home for Christmas, the wind chill was 50 below zero."
Wow..... Okay, Um... Yeah.. HI...

On a side note, some of these questions that the reporters ask.. What kind of player are you expecting to be? What the hell do you think? If I was Hafner and, I wish I had the freaking strength that man does, I'd probably crush that reporters head.

Mark DeRosa was at Progressive Field yesterday with his wife Heidi. No video or evidence of that anywhere on the web, what a shock. But, DeRosa talked to the media and he revealed something about his heart, and not surprisngly, people want to make a big deal about that.
"They put a catheter in my heart and cauterized the parts that were defective," said DeRosa. "I went into the operating room at 9 a.m. and was back in my hotel room eating a chicken sandwich at 9 p.m."
See guys, chicken sandwich. Not quite Milano cookies, but still. BDAN.. Which is an alternative to BFD. I try to be at least PG-15.. Or Maybe 18.

Yeah this whole heart thing gave him his nickname, "The Pulse," along with the idea that he is the actual pulse of his ballclub. How convenient?

I say that because that's what Hoynes says, but earlier I read it had something to do with him being the heart and soul of his team. So whatever, they both work. Who cares. It's a cool nickname, but we have to initiate him with one that has ridiculous flare that only I could think up. That's never a good thing.

I forgot to mention. That Baseball-America link that told us the signing of Jack Cassel, also told us of the releasing of Ryan Goleski. Goleski was taken by the A's in the Rule V draft last year, but was returned and really, who cares. The OF depth just makes it impossible for him to even advance at this point.

Don't forget to keep up with Tony Lastoria's Top 100 Prospects. He's just hit 90. Tony just doesn't have scouting reports and stats, he has videos as well. It's all top notch.

There is a good chance I don't post anything tomorrow, which also means I might not post anything Saturday. Which means I will return Monday, on MLK Day.. Yay.

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