Shoppach and Indians Avoid Arbitration; Aubrey Clears Waivers

Well look at that, a normal header with some normal news.

It turns out because I'm an early bird, I miss out on all the juicy stuff.

So I saved it for today, even though it's a day late and a dollar short.

But it's still fun.

The big news is Kelly Shoppach has avoided arbitration with the Cleveland Indians. Yippie.

Not like the Indians have been to arbitration lately, as we all know. Shoppach signed a one year offer worth $1.95 million dollars. Pretty good I say..People didn't expect $5 million, he doesn't even crack $2 million.
"I think both sides were anxious and excited to get something done quickly and not have it draw out so we didn't have to go through court. There's nothing like being able to put your head on the pillow at night and know your family is going to be OK -- at least for the near future."
Shoppach has been down at Arizona and his wife is expecting their second child any day now. Shapiro was asked if Kelly will receive an increase in playing time as well, and while he said yes, he didn't want to give a concrete answer, because you can't just do that. Kelly is cool either way.
"Basically, you'll get my classic line of, 'I'll do whatever they ask me to,'" he said. "That's just the guy I am. I'm going to do the best I can, no matter what that position might be. It's not even about me. The Indians have done a very fine job of acquiring some talent that can help us go forward this season. Winning games is the bottom line. I think they did what they needed to do to shore up those holes. I'm really excited about the prospects of what we can do this season."
Now as far as the salary, I mentioned $1.95, which is what the AP reported, CastroTurf hasn't confirmed.

For everyone that belly-ached over losing Michael Aubrey... Fear not for the Indians made the right move as, he's back! Aubrey cleared waivers and was out-righted to Triple-A with an invite to Spring Training.

I like Aubrey, so I'm glad he's back, but he didn't need to be on the 40 man and was easily losable given his age. But still, depth if you can get it, can't hurt.

A new mailbag up at CastroTurf.. Nothing toooo interesting, but it seems like, before he signed his deal, that Shoppach was a favorite to get traded for a pitcher, to Boston, mainly cause they signed Smoltz.

Bosotn is probably going to sign Varitek or find a cheaper option, not trade for someone like Kelly Shoppach or Salty from the Rangers.

So I don't see that happening.

Sad news.. An Indian scout by the name of Henri Centeno died in a car crash yesterday down in Venezuela. Centeno was 39 and scouting players at the time of the crash.

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