So we got this snow on the ground, but I smell baseball

Alright so I'm sitting here with a few hours on my hand and I've come to the conclusion that despite the fact that Pitchers and Catchers report in exactly a month, because the Indians have made all their major moves, there is nothing to talk about.

My point is proven not just by the fact nothing new is posted on Indians.com, but if you open up the Tribe page on Plain Dealer, there is a story about the hot dog races.

Look... I can sit here and make fun of Alyssa Milano, (that's three consecutive posts for you at home that her name has come up and I'll continue to if it warrants it) but hot dog races?

The Indians are looking for "fun" people to be hot dog runners. And these lovely people, would prefer that the person who plays ketchup be a cheater. Just to keep the legacy going.

So Ketchup Cheats?

You can guess my guest book entry by what I'm about to say, but I'm in the wrong business.

Here I am... Talking about the Indians on a daily basis and making fun of Alyssa Milano, and these people, in one crack just come up with something like this. I mean come on now, I've been searching for a year for a running joke and it's taken this long and Alyssa Milano isn't even good. It's mediocre.

These people have T-Shirts!!


I was at the game that ketchup got the big clothesline from Sargent Slaughter. I leaned over to my dad during the race and was like, is that Sargent Slaughter at home plate?

He squinted and said.. Yep

We we're late to the game so we had no clue he was there until then. But talk about a gimmick. I mean.. Damn

So a hats off to Ketchup Cheats. Because he does. Rumor has it Gene Winters the producer for ABAO was a hotdog for a little bit. I'm not sure if Gene can sprint 400-800 meters, but If does, I'd be impressed. He may need to cheat, which further leads me to believe he was Ketchup for awhile.

I saw Ketchup Cheats once..

This is going nowhere and fast.

This is actually semi-interesting. But it's our first look at some of the little things of Goodyear and the Indians new training complex.

This is the photo of the locker room via Plain Dealer, so that looks pretty roomy for all the players.

There's a nice gallery of pictures of Choo, Garko, and Grady all working out at the complex. As you know, Garko lives near there, Grady is around, Choo is getting himself in some shape.

But from what I can tell from a lot of these pictures, this is state of the freaking art. The red dots on the carpet in that room means its the big league locker room. There are two other ones for lower minor leaguers and higher minor leaguers. Not as luxurious though, if that's what you define luxurious as.

By far something cool that I've read in this article.
On the second floor of the complex, team President Paul Dolan, assistant general manager Chris Antonetti and General Manager Mark Shapiro have windows that look out onto the primary major-league field, featuring a scoreboard that reads Home of the Cleveland Indians.
That, is cool. Remember Seinfeld, when George had the office that overlooked the field? Yeah, that is cool. In fact that would be a dream of mine. To have an office that overlooks the field.

What field? Who cares! A Field!

So there is just one question in the new Hey Hoynsie, and it's puzzling if that's it, but you know. The question irks me.

Hoynes pretty much summed up all the points. That attitude bites, okay? If your a fan of ANY baseball team, and you are taking the attitude of "Why even show up to games," I'd like to slap you. Sir..

That's a stupid attitude to take, even if you are a fan of the Royals. If you like the team, you support them through the bad. Did it suck going to Indians games a few years ago when you knew they weren't in the playoffs. Yeah, it did, but it was a fun time at the ballpark.

Don't take that attitude, please. Especially when you look at the promise in this Indians' team. Detroit finished dead last in the AL Central last year, so what the hell damn guy? Detroit doesn't really have defense, do they?


They certainly didn't have much pitching last year. It could improve, but that idea this questioner takes is a non-sense one. Don't like it..

Oh and it's nice to see the commenters getting on Hoynes for one question, that deserves a laugh out loud.


That's really it. Propsect wise, Tony from Indians Prospect Insider has started his Top 100 Indian Prospect Countdown. Check it out and also, I'm doing so as I type this, but check out the interview with the trio that got traded for Mark DeRosa. Chris Archer, John Gaub, and Jeff Stevens joined him and Paul on their Tribe show.

Other than that.. Until this blog turns into Clowns and Cupcakes, I think we at least have some credibility working for us. As long as the Alyssa Milano jokes are intertwined beatifully. That will be a stretch though.

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