Cleveland Indians Fans' Ran Dance Finally Works: Andy Marte DFAed

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I'm not kidding.

I'm not like, super-excited.. Don't get me wrong, He wasn't going to last and I wasn't pining for him to stay anyway... I'm more shocked that it happened this early.

It's in response to the move that the Indians have acquired relief pitcher Juan Salas from the Tampa Bay Rays.

Juan Salas was designated for assignment last week and the Rays found a trading partner in the Indians.

Now, the Tribe has 10 days to do the same with Andy Marte or they can try and sneak him through waivers and send him to Buffalo, if he so wishes, which he may not, because he's a jerkface.

No he's not, he's just lazy.

Someone will get him a shot though.

This is more about Andy Marte though than it is about the impending arrival of Juan Salas.

This could very well be the end of Andy Marte with the Cleveland Indians. Provided a trade isn't worked out and the Indians can find a way to sneak him through waivers, he'll be sent to the minors.. But the chances of that are rather slim... Why?

Well for one he's still young and someone is going want to give him a shot. So he'll get claimed..

For two, even if the Indians find a way to slip him through, they might just try and trade him for nothing.. Why? Because he doesn't exactly have a spot in Buffalo either. Wes Hodges will be the starting third baseman and they won't let Marte ruin that.

So Marte is what we call SOL...

Goodbye Andy.. We hardly knew yee... Until last year, when we found out you really are a massive bust with no work-ethic.

Even though you have a solid glove.

Oh and this isn't all good news by the by.. The Indians are in fact losing someone in the deal for Salas.

One of our future favorites in Isaias Velasquez, last year's everything man for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers.

Why was he a favorite? He played every position, put up good numbers and I remembered how to spell his name rather quickly.. That's why..

Oh well.. Just take solice in the fact that Andy Marte is gone and be happy.

More on Salas later today or tomorrow morning, probaby tomorrow morning.

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