Dellucci's Hotshot tale and the Marte Buffet

I'm not sure what was behind the story that David Dellucci decided to tell reporters, but it's kind of rotten.

Think of it as a plot line for the cool, womanizer in the group of friends of a sitcom. Go back through all those sitcoms in the past few decades and you'll find an episode along the lines of Dellucci's story.

See, Dellucci has his left thumb wrapped up, as you can see in this picture, and he decided to explain to reporters just why.
"Right before I came here," Dellucci explained, "I was fishing on the side of my lake, and I heard a little boy screaming. I ran over there, and an alligator had him by the leg. I jumped on the gator, poked him in the eyes, freed the kid, but he [bit] me in my thumb. I got stitches, had surgery and the stitches will come out on Monday."
Riiiiiiiiight.... It is basically a story right out of a sitcom when the cocky hotshot proves his friends wrong and gets some unsuspecting women to buy into his heroic tail.

Who are you trying to impress David?

Thankfully, there is that WBC going on, so while he's a weak behind everyone else, he should be good to go for the season.

I guess depending on what you think, that actually isn't anything to be "thankful" about, but I digress.

Dellucci actually destroyed his thumb in the tailgate of his truck. Great work, genius.

His stitches come out soon and he's only expecting to miss three Cactus League games.

Silly guy.

I'd rather not talk about Dellucci and some of his quotes about how he hopes he can bounceback this year.. I fully expect the guy to be cut before the All-Star Break. He's becoming a waste of space.

Looks like this European Catcher signing is now being made official by the Indians themselves, they've even commented on it.
"Martin is a long-term project," said John Mirabelli, Indians director of scouting. "But Europe is an emerging market for baseball. We'll go anywhere, especially to fill an area of need."
So what exactly do they like about him?
"We like his athleticism," Mirabelli said. "He's 6-foot-2, 165 pounds and is very projectable. He has a great work ethic, and he's got some aptitude and physical skills."
Great... As we've known though, he's spending this upcoming year in the European league he is in and he is years away from even cracking the Indians organizational levels.

I haven't even mentioned his name.. I just called him the European catcher.. That's interesting.

Okay, let's try and sort through all these links here and all this information, excuse me if the links aren't directly near every bit of information.

What exactly did Neal Huntington do when he was here? Shapiro credits the current Pirates' GM as doing a lot of the leg-work for the new complex in Arizona.
"Neal did more planning on this than any person in the Indians organization," said Shapiro. "He did all the research of existing facilities. He met with all our department heads to determine their ideal needs. Then he tried to match the ideal needs, with a realistic budget, and create the perfect facility."
Did this guy like scout prospects or watch baseball or anything? I'm going to assume meeting with all the department head and putting together all that takes a lot of time, and as far as I know, it has zip to do with the inner workings of the Indians players in the system.

Oh well, great work Neal.

Work that's sort of paying off right now. The buzz of the park is heating up again because the Indians had fan fest yesterday.

Over 4,000 plus attended the event, got autographs and watched the many Tribe players work out. It was really the first chance for the Arizona residents to come in and see the park with the players in it.

One of the issues was something with the shuttle? What makes me laugh is the fact that I was gathering pictures for a special LOLTribe and all I could get was pictures of Josh Barfield doing random things like getting balls or gloves and just thinking to myself.

Man the kid really is doing everything he's asked.

So he screwed up the shuttles now too.

Eric Wedge got left behind as well as Mark DeRosa, but I have yet to figure out why it's Josh Barfield's fault.

It will be Jeremy Sowers who opens up the Indians return to Catcus League play THIS WEEK! Whoa I Said THIS WEEK! That's cool!

Sowers is the man to start things off for the Indians on Wednesday against the Giants and he's expected to face off against NL Cy Young Award Winner Tim Lincecum. All hands on deck.

Travis Hafner's hands won't be on deck for the game and his timetable is unknown to him, all he knows is he's on it. Castrovince thinks he should be close to taking Batting Practice outside, right now he's hitting in the cages.

Castrovince says Luis Valbuena looks good and in-shape, which was a worry about him when they acquired him. He also notes that Fausto Carmona doesn't look like he's in-shape and we've also killed two-birds with one stone by him getting to admit that Andy Marte does in fact have a buffet named after him.

So it was Marte and now in fact Carmona that did not come into camp in shape, bad!

Marte is still in camp though as both Hoynes and Castrovince said, but he was gone before the media could get to him. That's gotta be awkward for him.

Henry Centeno the scout who passed away in the offseason got some kind words from Hector Rondon and Edwin Mujica. Centeno is credited with the Rondon signing and he managed Mujica.
"He was a nice man," said Rondon. "He started scouting me when I was 14 and signed me when I was 16."
Mujica said everyone in Venezuela knew him. That's a big loss for the organization and now you find out he was a good guy and that just makes it suck even more.

As for Eddie Mujica, he's done nothing but look good in his two sessions that Castro has seen. That bodes well for him especially since he has a roster advantage over everyone.

His main competition is coming from Adam Miller, who Wedge has already said is the favorite to win that spot.

And something that is going for him is the fact that he's started, he'd be probably going for more than one inning, much like a long-relief pitcher.
"If he did make the team, that's something that wouldn't be necessary right away," said Wedge. "I think we could work our way into that. Barring something happening, we know who the other six relievers are. With their skill sets, and their ability to go back to back, I think it would be more important for Miller to go out and give us three innings if we need it."
As I've stated in the past, the one concern I have with someone like Miller making the team is the fact that Wedge really burries that last arm in the pen a lot. Like he did with Breslow, he could hinder Miller from getting consistent time. In Columbus, he'd get consistent time.

I guess the upside with that though is the fact that he doesn't need to be making consecutive appearances and stuff like that. But still, I worry about the Breslow effect. Not that we're going to lose him, but just shaken confidence and rust.

Anyway, Wedge has said both Vinnie Chulk and Greg Aquino have looked good.

Hoynes interviews Miller at the last link.

You know, the prospect profile is sometimes interesting, especially when you come across a quote like this one from Ross Atkins about Matt LaPorta.
"He has good baseball instincts. He goes from first to third and second to home very well. He gets good jumps in the outfield. He's gone from catching in his youth to first base to the outfield and his instincts have helped him make the transition."
When you think about LaPorta, you think of him being a slugger and the talks about his defense may give you a opinion that he's just some lug that doesn't even belong int he field or on the base paths.

Now that might be spin from Atkins or just him trying to pick one good thing out of a bad skill-set. But I'd like to think that's a nice endorsement for LaPorta being more than just some power hitter.

Finally... A New Hey Hoynes with a video from FanFest.

You know.. This is going to be a great week. I'm going to attempt to tape all the All Bets are Off shows from Arizona and the games. But the greatness is that I'll probably only miss a few hours of one show and probably just the Wednesday opener. That's the awesome part of my full-day Monday and Wednesday and the Tribe being in Arizona.

You can watch ABAO on STO everyday this week at 6 PM ET. I'll be posting game times this week.

Live baseball is coming!

Oh and on a site note... I added a twitter thing for this site.. Twitter is sweeping the nation from my understanding. There is something called a Twackle at the bottom of the page that has updates on the Indians tweets.. I have no clue what any of it really means, alls I know is that it's another chance for me to whore out the site some more. Yep.

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