Swing dontcha wanna, Pronk brings the thunder

I'm not impatient by any means.

However, I don't tolerate bullcrap.

What I define as bullcrap is something being slow when it should not be, or something giving me fits when I'm in the middle of something.

Sometimes the network here at the good old University loves to give me some issues with my wireless, saying something about limited to no activity. For the past half hour its been going in and out and immediately coming back, but it is a hindrance nonetheless.

Which leads me to realize that I'd love to take a baseball bat to the wall here just for funsies.

Don't ever get in bed with computers boys and girls. Take the road most-traveled, despite the payoff. Unless of course, you are a freaking genius, then go right ahead.

I've completely lost my lead-in. But looks like the chatter is heating up.

One Travis Hafner is getting his Pronk back.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baaaaaaabbbbyyyyyyy!!!!

Excuse me if I sound a little giddy.
"It was," he said, "a good first day."
And that's all that needs to be said.

Hafner took BP outside for the first time on Sunday. Kind of a surprise to me but also a pleasant one. According to him and the people that saw him, he looked good. Granted this is batting practice and you aren't seeing changeups and the fastballs aren't really fast.

It's encouraging to see that the "pop" is still there, and according to Hafner, will always be there.

Haf was also especially dry in his humor, so maybe that's a huge sign of him being more relaxed. Here are some of his gems.
"Not on the first day out," he said. "I'm taking things kind of slow. Day four or five, I'll be working up into Pronkville."

"I don't want to set a limit or a bar," he said with a smile, "but I'd say 30 [steals], minimum."

"I'm not lighter, I'm just ripped," he said with a laugh.
And according to Castrovince, he didn't quite reach Pronkville on the field that was the exact dimensions of Progressive Field. But he was close. That's something to be giddy about. He's also going to be at it again today, yes two days in a row, another thing that kind of surprises me.

I know last year I was really excited because I thought he was coming back and he ended up failing even worse, but I'm remaining hopeful that he's coming back this year as well. People can continue to write him off, but I'm not going to give up on the guy.

In other injury news, our two outfielders are already putting themselves in danger before they even reach the World Baseball Classic.

Shin-Soo Choo and Grady Sizemore collidied yesterday, with Choo getting ready to leave on Tuesday for the WBC, and Sizemore on the first of March.

Both are fine though, thankfully. Choo had disappeared after the incident, but returned unfazed and without any noticeable injuries while Grady remained out on the field. Choo did say his knee was a little sore however. Grady did joke about the collision though.
"I wasn't hurt," said Sizemore after practice. He added to teammates, "I guess Choo forgot I was a linebacker."
I thought he was a Quarterback? Maybe he's both.. That's even more impressive. You don't usually play both ways and be a Linebacker and a Quarterback.

Wedge even said Grady looked like Jack Tatum standing over Choo. I find that mildly amusing.

Another Choo note for the WBC. He'll be playing in the outfield for one game and then DHing the other two, at least, because the Indians are still worried about him participating.

And by the by.. Masa Kobayashi and Jhonny Peralta are looking like outs for the WBC, leaving just Sizemore, Choo, Perez and DeRosa. Kobayashi was made a definitive.

Choo was one of nine players the Indians signed to contracts yesterday, leaving 14 pre-arbitration players left with contracts to get done.

The deadline for contract renewal by the MLB is March 11th, but the Indians are going to set one up that is earlier.

The following signed: Josh Barfield, Shin-Soo Choo, Aaron Laffey, John Meloan, Adam Miller, Anthony Reyes, Tony Sipp, Jeremy Sowers and Wyatt Toregas.

I believe the following are unsigned: Ryan Garko, Chris Gimenez, Carlos Santana, Asdrubal Cabrera, Luis Valbuena, Trevor Crowe, Zach Jackson, Jensen Lewis, Rafael Perez, Edward Mujica, Scott Lewis, Hector Rondon, Rich Rundles, Joe Smith.

Don't quote me... But I'm almost sure.. The 40 Man Roster and Salary Board is updated but not uploaded, it will be rather soon. I'm not positive on salary infomation for guys that just signed, but hopefully that is available soon enough so we can get a good idea. Castrovince says a few more signings in the next few days.

I know guys like Franklin Gutierrez are still on the 40 man roster, even though guys like Luis Valbuena are... Slight oversight on my part. But on my editing copy, they are not. Promise.

Josh Barfield is one of the players that signed and he's adjusting to life as a utility player and seemingly embraced the idea.

"I've got to be efficient," Barfield said. "I can't neglect one position or the other."

"I feel pretty good over there [3rd base]," Barfield said. "Fielding ground balls is the same. Putting yourself in a good position is the key. I feel comfortable over there. I just have to get more reps."

That tells me he's really taking it seriously. Hopefull he can learn a bit from guys like DeRosa and Carroll, who've done the moving around thing and he can keep himself on the team with it. This is baseball, things never go as planned, very rarely do they. He could end the year starting for all we know.

The steroid controversy is so big, it would be impossible for the Indians to not get caught up in the talk some way. Hafner earlier saying any accusations aren't true, Cliff Lee being very open about what Alex Rodriguez did. Now with this Latin trainer that Rodriguez worked with being a popular name among the Latin players, Jhonny Peralta has spoken up.

He knows the name, but never acquainted himself with Angel Presinal. But he knows some people who did.
"I know a lot of players work out with him in his gym," said Peralta, "but he's from Santo Domingo. That's about three hours from where I live."
Including former Indians, Bartolo Colon (that's some laugh out loud stuff there) and Juan Gonzalez. You suckas have been outed!

Peralta said that steroids were also very easy to purchase in his country, but that he was never tempted to do so.

A prospect profile on Trevor Crowe. That Arizona connection with Crowe, Meloan and Brown is really nice, Crowe being from Arizona should be great for him and the complex.

Andy Marte.. Is he gone or not?

The Indians aren't optimistic about trading him, the Giants are said to have interest, while he could have already cleared waivers, nothing official yet though.

Okay the game and television schedule for the upcoming week is as follows.

Tuesday: The Intrasquad Game at 1 PM Arizona Time. Not televised of course.
Wednesday: Giants @ Indians, 3:00 PM ET on STO and Radio
Thursday: Diamondbacks @ Indians, 3:00 PM ET on STO
Friday: Padres @ Indians, 3:00 PM ET on STO, 7:00 PM on Some Radio(WMMS FM 100.7, probably if you are just in Cleveland i'm going to guess). We better see Jody Gerut damnit.

All Bets are off 6 to 9 PM ET all week, including following the games on Wed, Thur, and Fri. It was on last night but I forgot and I taped the replay. Best watch it because there are interviews galore. I'll comment on things that pop out to me, but won't go too in-depth.

Here is the pitching schedule for those games.

Tuesday: Team One Starts David Huff. Followed by: Rafael Betancourt, Kirk Saarloos, Adam Miller and Greg Aquino. Hector Rondon starts for Team Two. Followed by: Jensen Lewis, Masa Kobayashi, John Meloan and Ryan Edell

Wednesday: As noted, Jeremy Sowers will start. Followed by: Zach Jackson, Rafael Perez, Ed Mujica, Vinnie Chulk, Matt Herges, Jack Cassel and Tomo Ohka.

Thursday: It will be Aaron Laffey getting the start. Followed by: Scott Lewis, Jensen Lewis, Jack Cassel, Tomo Ohka, Greg Aquino, Ryan Edell and Hector Rondon

Friday: Fausto Carmona starts it off. Followed by: David Huff, Masa Kobayashi, Adam Miller, Greg Aquino, John Meloan, Kirk Saarloos and Rich Rundles.

Looks like Greg Aquino is getting worked. Everyone but Herges, Chulk, Jackson, Perez, Mujica, Betancourt, and Rundles look like they are getting two shots, Aquino getting three.. And of course the three starters.

Wedge did say that all that isn't set in stone, especially for linesup as well and he says a lot of guys like Carroll, Barfield and Graffanino will be in a lot of different spots.

That literally took me an hour.

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