I was wrong, but I'll take it... Walk off Jhonny, Walk Off

I blasted Eric Wedge for putting Jhonny Peralta in the three hole earlier today.

It's so trivial now that I look back on it, it's basically flipping two hitters.

And today, if they had been flipped, who knows what might have happened.

Because Jhonny Peralta was 3-4 with three RBI, including the game winning run knocked in.

I'll take it... I'll eat my words for earlier...

Now that still doesn't make everything like, hunky dory, I can't believe I just used that term.

But I'll take it for now.

It shouldn't have come down to that though.

Carl Pavano should have gotten his win over his former team. Really, he should have two.

The man has been money in the month of May. Not spectacular, but he's kept his team in the game, he's pitched well enough to win them all really. He's turned into the stopper right now.

The Indians had a lot of base runners in singular innings in this game. It seemed like Phil Hughes could retire a side in the order, but he'd run into innings in which things just didn't click. Same from when Wang and the bullpen took over.

Anyway, great job of taking advantage of situations for the most part. Two sac-flies in this game, I was really disappointed in Kelly Shoppach's performance. Four strikeouts, that isn't good. I'm starting Chris Gimenez tomorrow if Victor Martinez is a no-go. He needs to be punished.

The Betancourt injury though.. I mean Betancourt is used to coming into those situations. Herges has proved time and time again that when he's come into those situations (See Jason Bay W/Boston ealier this year) he's not done good. I probably would have considered Kerry Wood in that situation, but that was just me.

So whatever though. We got the win, which is important and Jhonny was the hero.

Hopefully Rafael is okay, but that was definitely a groin injury and those can't be fun for a pitcher.

Rafael Betancourt Cap Counter: 6

Tomorrow the series concludes and hopefully we can get a series split. Remember the game is on ESPN tomorrow for Monday Night Baseball, and it isn't on STO, so I don't believe it should be blacked out, if it is though, there will be riots. That goofball Joba Chamberlain goes against Jeremy Sowers, who is looking to build off his relief stint last Monday.


Sizemore DLed, Gimenez Called Up

What the hell.

I totally don't understand this move and haven't since the beginning.


I've been biting my tongue, hoping that the Indians would avoid this move, but now that it's happened, I don't think I can hold it in anymore.

Grady's been battling this elbow injury for the past few weeks. They gave him a few days off, then played him at DH, then when they went to Cincinnati they decided to put him back in the outfield. He starts hitting at that point and you think, okay he's getting better.

The Indians return home and he's back in the DH spot and the thought process was that he'd keep DHing until Hafner is ready to come off the DL and then they would make a decision.

But here's a logical solution to all this garbage.


Why are you dilly dallying and wasting more time? Now he's got to spend the next two weeks on the shelf.

This makes absolutely no sense to me in the way they handled this issue. They could have placed him on the DL about a week ago, Ben Francisco's been hitting pretty hot, he could play more, give Ryan Garko those DH starts since he's hitting as well. Grady would be about a week out from being eligible to come off the DL, not sure if he'd be ready, but he'd be closer to healthy than he is now.

This is just flat out ridiculous.

Chris Gimenez is getting the call. Who knows how long he'll actually be here with the things with Hafner going on, really I have absolutely no clue anymore.

First time Sizemore has been to the DL, Gimenez will probably start in left field today, so it will be his first major league game, congrats to him and all, but the way the Indians handled this Sizemore situation to me is flat out unacceptable.

Victor Martinez will not play today, that's a given. Shoppach will probably catch given that Pavano is on the mound, I would assume, unless Wedge would be against letting Shoppach catch a day game after a night game.


SS: Asdrubal Cabrera
LF: Ben Francisco
3B: Jhonny Peralta
RF: Shin-Soo Choo
DH: Mark DeRosa
1B: Ryan Garko
C: Kelly Shoppach
2B: Luis Valbuena
CF: Trevor Crowe

I overestimated Mr. Wedge.. it looks like he's not going to give Gimenez his debut today, but rather let Trevor Crowe play.

Here's the angry part of my update.


Don't give me that garbage about him not hitting right now either, he put him in the three-hole. If you are putting him in the three-hole, you have faith in him. Put the freaking man in the clean-up spot where he's proved he can do it. for the love of all that is good.

And don't even say, "Well who do you put in the three-hole." We all know damn well that Choo can hit in the three spot, and is actually a better candidate for that right now. He's actually going to work counts, draw walks, and actually get on base and hit more than Jhonny will.


Morning Update: No no no no don't do this

We get four in a row, things are looking up. Then a loss, which is fine, a tough-luck loss, we can't win 'em all, it's okay, come out the next game and get it done.

But things just seem to be going bad for one reason or another.

Hafner news leaks, Vic gets hurt, Fausto get's shelled again, and I'm like whoaaaaaaa.

I know most of you out there are probably feeling pretty cruddy due to the Cavaliers loss, so this probably isn't helping. I'll be rather nice about the series though. The Cavs are a good team, they'll be back next year. I know that isn't the the phrase Cleveland loves to hear, even though it's something they typically hear.

But anyway.. I'm pumped about the Magic, but still in a bit of a shaky mood with all this Tribe info. Nothing is comparing to how most people are feeling though, but you know I can sympathize with you because of this damn team, so I'll leave it at that.

This damn team of course is up to their old tricks after giving us a nice little sense of hope.

With Game 6 on and the Penguins playing as well, after the first hour of the Indians game, I only checked in on it. There wasn't much to check in on anyway, because at that point, Fausto had gagged on himself again.

If you missed Victor fouling the ball off his knee, you can view the video on the article. That's a direct shot to the knee there, I would have gone down like that too. I might have also cried. Victor is day to day and I hope it's nothing serious. Well, I think everyone hopes that, or else we are screwed for reals.

A knee bruise for a catcher can't be a good thing though, with him constantly having that area of his body bent.

Add this to Grady Sizemore's ails, and now the news that Travis Hafner might have had a setback.

"He definitely feels better staying away from the baseball," Wedge said. "We'll keep playing it day to day. We want to make sure we work through the process."
He definitely feels better staying away from the baseball? Oh that's just real awesome.

Hafner didn't play, who knows when he will, he doesn't have many rehab days left, which means he's going to have to spend more time on the DL or something like that. I don't know.

We will find out soon, but this isn't good, at all. It is frustrating really. Like what the hell man.

Let's talk abou this Chris Gimenez scratch though.

It has nothing to do with the Martinez injury though, because the game started before Vic hurt himself. So there is no correlation there.

What could it have to do with? Grady Sizemore's injury? Is he going to the DL?

Is he getting traded? Is someone else getting traded?

You would think something is on the horizon, not sure if the Victor Martinez injury changes any of that, because why else would Gimenez get scratched if he wasn't injured?

So who knows what's going on up in here.

What's going on with Carmona?

He sucks.... Like flat out.
"I don't think it's anything quick," manager Eric Wedge said. "It's been a work in progress. ... He left some pitches over, and they were squaring them up."
I don't understand why he sucks so much. We know he has the stuff to pitch, he just... Sucks!


Oh and as for CC.. He pitched like he was back in Cleveland, because he was. And the crowd treatment was fair. Bravo fans.

And CC wasn't the only former Indian and Yankee player in attendance.

Matt "My kid's bike is better than your kid's bike" Lawton was watching the game as a guest of CC Sabathia. Why does CC hang around that jerk?

Hopefully, Carl Pavano can do what CC did and get the better of his old team today. Remember the game has been moved up because it will be on TBS. So 12:40 is the start time.

Minor Issues: Gimenez Scratched, Captains salvage organization


I promised more draft coverage and that's what you is gonna get!

Brad Grant talked about the upcoming major league draft and here is a nice little rundown of that.

I'm expecting us to go with a college pitcher with the first pick. I'd like a nice power arm really, starter, reliever, it don't matter.

The draft is pitching heavy, which is good for us because all signs are pointing to a pitcher being taken.

Chris Gimenez was supposed to play last night, then he wasn't.. Then he did...

Columbus did lose last night to Norfolk, just loss..

We'll talk about this more later, because it pertains to the big league club more than it does Columbus. But Gimenez was a late scratch, not because of an injury, but maybe a call-up? He did get into the game though as a defensive replacement to Wyatt Toregas, who was ejected.

Yeah and Hafner didn't play either, we'll talk about that too.

The Clips didn't do much offensively, just two runs scored. One was scored by Michael Aubrey, who doubled twice, the other was knocked in by Aubrey.

Kirk Saarloos was meh.. Three runs in six and two thirds innings.

Joe Smith on rehab assignment pitched a scoreless inning of relief.

The invincible Vinnie Chulk gave up a run for what seems like the first time in forever.

The Aeros aren't accustomed to losing like this, but they are. They lost again, such a surprise. We get greedy though.

It was the Carlos Rivero show offensively though. Three hits, the lone Akron run knocked in. He had himself a good game.

Hector Rondon wasn't awesome. He went just five innings, giving up four runs, not horrible, but not Rondon-like. He didn't walk anyone, but he gave up eight hits, and he did strike out eight.

The mascot Zach Putnam with two scoreless innings of relief. Is it time to start thinking of giving him a call-up? He's pretty much blowing right through Double-A hitting. Test that new Mark Shapiro philosophy?


Winston-Salem blasted the K-Tribers last night. Point blank.

Russell Young got the brunt of that blast with seven earned off eight hits and two walks. Kyle Landis did give two shutout innings.

Lonnie Chisenhall took an 0-4 night but knocked in one of the Kinston runs. Richard Martinez did the same thing.

Lucas Montero had a few hits, including a triple and the other RBI. Tim Fedroff and Cord Phelps both doubled, and Fedroff had a few hits.

Haven't said this in a while, it seems like.

A one run game for the Lake County Captains, in extras as well!

It's the Lake County Specialty and they've now got it down to a science to where they can win them too.

The only run in the first nine innings for the Captains was a Abner Abreu solo shot.

Tip your hat to TJ House and Mike McGuire. House went 6.1 with one earned, five strikeouts. While McGuire went 3.2, with just one hit and one walk. Fantastic effort to get the win.

He got the win, Smith got the save as he came in to pitch a scoreless bottom of the 11th after Donnie Webb doubled home Karexon Sanchez.


Morning Update: CC Returns, Sign up Braylon

In my excitement yesterday, I never really got to actually talk about the David Dellucci move.

But I need to do this one more time.


Ahem.. Eric Wedge said it best.. Actually not the best, but close to the best.
"It was time," Wedge said. "David was such a pro. He was so consistent as a human being. He had some tough times over here, but he was also a big part of helping other people get better."
It wasn't time.. it was past time... David did do some stuff for this team, and none of my excitement reflects the actual person that David is. He's a great guy and a good baseball player.. Just not a three-year, 11 million dollar good baseball player.

The Indians have 10 days to trade or outright release Dellucci. Who knows what will happen or if anyone will want him. I doubt he will want to go to Columbus if no one wants him and I doubt the Indians want to send him to Columbus.

As for Rafael Perez... It was time as Wedge said. And I think it was. He had a scoreless inning of relief last night. Boy his addition is going to be so big.

Speaking of last night.. Pretty rough.. But Cliff Lee did what he could and he knows he isn't getting much run support, but that isn't stopping him from trying to do his job.

"It's pretty obvious that I haven't gotten much run support," Lee said. "But I have no control over that, so I'm not putting much thought into that. My thoughts are on what I need to do to keep [the other team] from scoring."

"Bases loaded with one out, and I had to get out of that," Lee said. "It was one of those games where I wasn't locating the way I expect myself to locate. So I had to throw a few more pitches than I needed to or wanted to."

Yeah that was an issue from the get-go. I was just glad he could get through five innings, six was a complete bonus with the number of pitches he threw in the first three innings.

Things didn't go all that well for him, even though he was throwing a lot of pitches and not locating as well. There were a couple of hits that got through and it led to a run or two. So it wasn't a bad performance, but given the tight command issues he was having, Cliff did a good job.

Offensively, Wedge says to chalk it up to a bad day. Chasing bad pitches, things like that. Still the Indians had some opportunities and the biggest one for me was early when Jamey Carroll came up with two on and no one out. He got behind early, did a good job to fight some pitches off, but ended up with a shallow fly out. That wasn't bad, but then Kelly Shoppach came up and hit into a double play, awful.
"I thought we were poor offensively," Indians manager Eric Wedge said. "We really chased a lot of bad pitches. You're going to have bad days, and that's what you chalk this one up to."
Maybe we should have employed Braylon Edwards for a day.

That's right.. Browns' receiver Braylon Edwards took BP with the Indians for the day. In his last at-bat, he jacked a home run over the wall and trotted around the bases.

Being a Michigan fan, I still like Braylon, even though he's a Brown. Even though he's silly.

"I was nervous the first couple of pitches, then settled in," Edwards said. "Getting some tips from Derek Shelton really helped."

"I don't get to the ballpark very often, so I had to take advantage," he said. "After I hit the homer, I felt the need to run the bases."

He also caught all the balls he shagged in the outfield. Let the jokes about him catching baseball better than a football, begin.

We might as well tackle another sport that isn't baseball.

CC Sabathia is making his return to Cleveland today. He, and about several other Yankees took in the Cavs/Magic game on Thursday night. Grady Sizemore and Ben Francisco were there as well from what I've seen.

CC got a few cheers, but mostly boos on Thursday from the Cavs fans, so who knows what that says about today. CC doesn't know what to expect, and Carl Willis says that he hopes he gets some good treatment from the fans.
"I certainly hope he gets a nice reception from our fans," Tribe pitching coach Carl Willis said. "And I hope he gets a rude reception from us on the field."
Like I've been saying, give him a nice cheer when he's announced, then treat him like an opponent. CC talked to the media and the CPD has a video.
"It was a little weird facing them the first time in New York, but that part's done," he said. "The initial shock of playing against the Indians is over. So I don't think it's going to be weird this time. I'm just excited to go out and try to get a win."
Finally.. I didn't get to bring this up, and I forgot. But Mike and Mike threw the first pitch for the game on Wednesday, the one with the big starting delay. They hosted their show from the park on Thursday. I mixed up when they threw out the first pitch.

They had a camera and the video of them going around the dugout and then throwing out the first pitch is up and you can see it, right here.

Greeny threw a better pitch to David Huff while Golic bounced his in to Trevor Crowe. Slider then got both of them the next day on the show.

Speaking of... AC mentioned that Slider received the Golden Silly String Award for being inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame after the game yesterday.

And also pointed out this article in which Joe Maddon discussed why the Rays struggle in Cleveland.
“It must have something to do with that tower where they have the mall,” Maddon mused. “I’m sure there’s some sort of negative spiritual influence that’s been cast upon us from that particular tower. I really believe we need to do some research there.”
What a weirdo.. But I like Maddon, he's a cool cat.

Minor Issues: Captains finish historic three games, Lofgren getting the call


It's been a couple days, so we have some stuff to officially catch up on.

A rundown of some notable transactions first. The biggie is Chuck Lofgren getting the call to Triple-A Columbus. With the rotation shakeup in the big leagues and Triple-A because of that, we knew someone from Akron would get the call and to no ones surprise, Chuck has been pitching well enough to earn that call. Congrats to him. He makes his debut on Sunday.

Columbus also got Niuman Romero from Akron, probably to replace what Wilson Valdez gave the club. Romero can play the infield spots.

The Clippers also replaced Rafael Perez's spot with the signing of free agent relief pitcher Ken Ray.

Josh Judy will fill one of those voided Akron spots as he comes off the DL. Expect a starter to get the call from Kinston soon to replace Lofgren and expect that to be pitcher Eric Berger.

Tony had a new piece up on Matt McBride and his new challenge moving up to Double-A Akron.

And of course a new minor happenings that you need to keep up on. Centered on Jordan Brown, with more information on Jeanmar Gomez's perfect game aftermath, Josh Tomlin, The Mascot, and oh yeah, the MLB Draft is about a week and a half away from now.

Expect us to treat the MLB Draft a little bit more important than we did last year here.

I really thought Ken Ray was a relief pitcher, at least when I saw him, he relieved.

Now I guess he's somewhat of a starter? Or what? He went about an inning more than I would expect a relief pitcher to go if this were a bullpen game.

Anyway, his debut for the Clippers didn't go so well, and he helped spark a Norfolk mashing. Torey Lovullo speaks about Ray.
"His stuff was aggressive," Lovullo said of Ray. "He's got a nice fastball. He's got a good mix of secondary stuff. When pitchers are getting hit, it makes you wonder how the location is. I know things were up. (Norfolk) is a good-hitting team. These guys can get after it. They made us pay for all the mistakes we made."
Anyway, the former Long Island Duck struggled big time. Four innings, 11 hits, eight runs, but only five earned because of some sloppy defense.

Offensively there wasn't much to talk about.. Just one guy, Chris Gimenez. Who had three hits, including a solo home run.

The othe run was knocked in by the guy we love.

PRONK WATCH: Travis had five at-bats, and went 1-3 with two walks and a RBI. He will make one more start today for Columbus and then rest on Sunday before hopefully being activated on Monday.

The Aeros dropped a barnburner to Erie, with a late three run ninth inning not enough to overcome a larger hole.

We'll talk about Nick Weglarz in a second, but it looks like both him and now Beau Mills are heating up. Mills doubled his homers number yesterday with two home runs, which equaled four RBI.

The other big night belonged to Jose Constanza, who had three hits, a run scored, and two runs knocked in.

Josh Tomlin and Carlton Smith did not do well pitching on this night. Tomlin went four innings, gave up six runs off eight hits and two walks, while Smith went two innings, gave up five runs off six hits and a walk.

Josh Judy made his return with a scoreless inning, but he walked two.

Back to Wegz.

In yesterday's double header, Wegz hit three home runs. Combined 3-7 with four runs scored, four RBI, three jacks, a walk. Fantastic. He's just hitting like a mountain man now.


We haven't talked about Kinston in a while, we haven't talked about anyone in a few days really. But they've been winning.

That continued yesterday with a win over Winston Salem.

Cord Phelps hit his first home run of the season, a two run shot, in the third inning to put the nice cushin on the K-Tribe lead. Lucas Montero had two hits and two runs knocked in to help build the afformentioned lead and Lonnie Chisenhall had two hits.

Great outing by Paolo Espino, who's now carrying a rockin 1.13 ERA for the K-Tribe. He also picked up his first win of the year, by going seven innings, giving up just two runs off three hits.

CC Lee picked up a two-inning save by pitching scoreless and perfect baseball with three strikeouts.

You want history?

You got it!

The Captains and Grasshoppers did that on Friday by finishing three games in one single day.

Yep.. They completed a game that was suspended and then played a double-header. They finished with two wins out of three, and here is how that happened

The Captains won the completion of the suspended game. They played three innings of the game to the seventh inning to make it official, Abner Abreu had three hits.

In game one of the double header, Greensboro shut the Captains down and went a little nuts with the bats. While the Captains actually had one less hit than the Grasshoppas (yeah I did it), they failed to score a run.

Two hits for Delvi Cid, including a double. Karexon Sanchez also doubled and walked.

Trey Haley pitched four innings, gave up five runs off five hits. He is now 0-3 on the season. Santo Frias did strike out three in two perfect innings.

Game two was much better as the Captains won, thanks in large part to the three run second inning.

Bryce Stowell pitched three scoreless, giving up just one hit, but walking three and striking out six. Eddie Burns picked up the win despite giving up both of the runs Greensboro scored, and Steve Smith picked up the save with three of his five outs recorded via the strikeout.




David Dellucci is GONE!

No you aren't high or anything like that.

He's really gone!

I've felt tired, exhausted, like I really really really didn't want to do anything.

and I haven't.

Until I saw this fantastic piece of news.

Celebrate! He's finally gone!

Rafael Perez is back!

Dellucci is gone!



What's this four in a row business? Ohka Up

Am I seeing this right?

A four game win-streak?

A sweep, the first of the year, a four-gamer nonetheless.

What is going on around here!?

Looks like the Memorial Day Miracle has sparked this team in a huge way.

That and some good bullpen stuff.

Ya know, the good bullpen stuff.

The latest in this awesome edition in what I'd like to call, "Good Bullpen Performances." Was what occurred today after David Huff couldn't return after a lengthy rain delay.

Let's talk about David Huff real quick though.

Four innings, four hits, no runs. Keep letting him get settled in, he might be getting somewhere.

Now this bullpen. Lewis needs a break, a little too rough on him with the multiple innings thing. But still, came in got some outs, left it up for Herges. He picks up the win by striking out three in one and two thirds innings.

Raffy punches out two in his inning, and Kerry Wood makes seven pitch work of the side in the ninth inning for the save. SEVEN pitches! For just three hitters, six of them strikes. Nothing better than that.

Vic knocked in both runs today, pretty good work. But really you look at the pen in this one, pitching five of the nine innings, a night after Zach Jackson was roughed up pretty much.

Speaking of last night since I couldn't talk about it.

Four innings for Zajack, who put the Tribe in a bad position with the runs he gave up.

Greg Aquino and Luis Vizcaino.. I mean wow what the heckle.

Five innings last night as well, today. Ten innings, one run, two big wins.

I'm pretty much done.

Oh last night one more thing.

Ben Francisco, holy shit.. Excuse the language. Does he own Andy Sonnanstine or what? Jesus everything he throws, Ben kills, even the fouls.

Moving on.. After that debacle, wait what debacle? Oh yeah the Zach Jackson thing.

The Indians optioned him back on out to Columbus. To replace him on the roster they called up Tomo Ohka, who is taking the 40 Man spot of Anthony Reyes, who was placed on the 60 Day DL.


Ohka right now is bullpen stuff. The plan is to get Sowers the start on Monday. But plans change. I doubt they'll use Sowers in a pen situation with Ohka around though.. That means Ohka would start on Monday and they can't do that, can they?

Rafael Betancourt Cap Counter: 48



As You Wait

The game has just gotten underway after a good two hour delay. This is going to be a late night if you are staying up to watch the game.

I am not..

Good luck.

Here's what we got as far as news and notes though.

Travis Hafner - Set to make his rehab assignment starts on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. He'll rest on Sunday and provided he has no setbacks, he'll be ready to go on Monday.

Zach Jackson - Obviously called up today for the start, Rich Rundles has gone back to Columbus. Jackson will make this start and the Indians are just going as they go as far as starters are concerned. If Jackson pitches well, he'll probably keep starting. Same with Huff, Sowers could be an option next time through, but he is a relief option for a few days.

Rafael Perez - Expect him back soon.

Joe Smith - Will go out on rehab sometime this weekend after a bp session today.

Grady Sizemore - Could be DL bound when Hafner comes back, or before then. I don't understand why he's playing right now, period, DH or no DH, if there is an injury.

CC Sabathia makes his Cleveland return this weekend, in case you didn't realize it. How will he be perceived? Booing all the time? One standing ovation when he takes the mound, and then booing?

Personally.. I'd give him a standing ovation the first time around, but then I'd treat him as any other opposing player, even as a Yankee. CC did too much good for us and was to nice of a guy to boo him, period.

All Star Ballot - Vic is 2nd behind Joe Mauer in catcher voting for the AL. Those two guys are pretty much locks though, so it doesn't really matter who starts. There are no two better catchers in the AL Right now than Joe Mauer and Victor Martinez. Grady Sizemore is eighth among AL Outfielders, he has no shot.

PS I brought it up before, because AC did in CastroTurf, but he mentioned it again. Greeny and Golic are doing Mike and Mike from Progressive Field tomorrow and will be throwing out the pitch for tomorrow's game. Big fans of their show, so I'm going to catch the first half hour before I get to work, and the next 15-20 minutes on my way in.

Finally in important news.. You guys out there may or may not like the "cheapness" of Larry Dolan, the owner of the Cleveland Indians, that's fine. But hearts out to him, his son Paul Dolan, and the rest of their family as Larry suffered a mild heart-attack early this morning.

There is more though. As seen on IPI, Kinston has lost someone in their family. Condolences out to Kinston and the family of clubhouse manager Rober Smeraldo. He passed due to a stroke on Monday and was with the K-Tribe for the past 17 years.

Minor Issues: Gomez named EL Pitcher, Struggles Post-Perfect Game


On the day he was set to pitch, Jeanmar Gomez was actually rewarded for his perfect game last week. It isn't anything special, but if you throw a perfect game, you damn well better win the Eastern League Pitcher of the Week.

Roster Moves Updated on the Board... Tim Fedroff activated from the DL, but taking the spot of Matt Brown who's on the DL. I also cleaned up some stuff that totally wasn't right and weird. I don't know where Garrison Campfield is, probably paper moved, I have no clue if I don't notice it.

What isn't updated is the trade of Wilson Valdez to the Mets. He was dealt yesterday in exchange for cash and will head right to New York's 40 man and active rosters. I'll update it later today.

The Clippers had a little bit of late trouble because of a bullpen that had to start and finish the game, but they worked through to pick up a victory over Charlotte.

Tony Graffanino had three hits in the DH spot, including two doubles and a RBI. Josh Barfield and Chris Gimenez also doubled, and Barfield had two RBIs and two hits. Jordan Brown picked up after a down night with a 2-4 effort with a run batted in.

As mentioned, the Columbus bullpen was stretched big time and John Meloan drew the short straw to start. He went scoreless in the first two innings but hit a wall in the third giving up three runs.

Rafael Perez Update: Perez pitched two innings, two scoreless innings, but gave up three hits.

Vinnie Chulk contributed 1.2 of scoreless baseball, but Tony Sipp ran into some issues with two runs given up in his 1.1 innings.

Frank Herrmann came in for a scoreless ninth to pick up his second Columbus save. He was perfect in the ninth with a strikeout.

So after throwing that perfecto and being named EL Pitcher of the Week, what would Jeanmar Gomez do for an encore?


Gomez attributed big time to the Aeros loss to Reading. He worked through six innings, but gave up eight hits and two walks that yielded five runs, four earned, including a home run.

Erik Stiller and Zach Putnam with scoreless efforts in relief.

The offense didn't do much to help though, finishing with just three hits. Rivero, Espino, and Arnal with the honors and Carlos Santana with the one walk.


Kinston got another day off with a postponement. due to rain. Kinston and Potomac will try again tomorrow with a double header starting at about 5:30.

The Captains unleashed the fire on Greensboro early and withstood a late charge to win 8-4.

Delvi Cid, Thompson, and Sanchez had two hits at the top of the lineup. Thompson had three runs knocked in and Sanchez had two. Cid and Thompson both scored twice.

John Allman also scored twice with two hits, including a solo home run.

This was all support early for Alexander Perez to work his magic. Alex went six innings, giving up just one run off four hits and a walk with three strikeouts. Two innings for Santo Frias in relief.



Treat this as your game recap and morning update, only, it's happening after the game instead of tandem in the morning.

I have no time for quotes and it's easier to just do it this way.

There will be a minor issues tomorrow.

Anyway let's start with the game and go from there.

As the Refs call a ridiculous technical on Dwight Howard.

Continuing on.

Carl Pavano was quite studly in this one.

He goes seven innings, gives up just the solo shot to Carlos Pena, which was one of four hits. He only walked one hitter, he was throwing first pitch strikes to most of the hitters. In and out in and out, that was a nice solid game for Pavano and something this team really needed after last night.

Seven solid from a starter. He's now 5-4 and oh look, he finishes May going bonkers with a 5-1 record.

Betancourt and Wood go two scoreless to finish up even though it was a four run game.

Let's talk offense. Ryan Garko, ahem.

Was I not screaming and hollering for this guy to play?

Now another home run, he got hit again and DeRo immediately after hit the big home run to make it a 4-0 game.

So really, what can you say?

The other runs were scored off the big boom, solo shots by Kelly Shoppach and Asdrubal Cabrera.

You may have not known the rain delay.. I mean the rain delay probably had less rain than the actual game. Once the umps decided to put the tarp on the field, apparantley the rain started to die down. Then they restarted and so did the rain.

The entire game was pretty much filled with rain. The delay only lasted a half hour and it still finished at a decent time, way before last night's did and last night started an hour earlier.

Rafael Betancourt Cap Counter: 60

Here are my oddity notes from this night...

Something I meant to bring up last night but it slipped my mind in all that madness. Or maybe I did bring it up and I don't remember it.

Grady Sizemore had the knee-highs for the first time in my memory. He had them on again today, is Grady starting something new?

Second... Did anyone notice the Asdrubal Cabrera sort of mohawk he was sporting? I couldn't snap the picture, but looked as if he did have a new sort of haircut.

Of course, pretty stupid, but I'll continue to watch this.

Now let's catch-up.

As you will see tomorrow in the minor issues, the Clippers went with a bullpen game, after scheduled starter Zach Jackson was "scratched".

We all know that scratch means he's starting for the Cleveland Indians and it appears he's going to do that tomorrow. David Huff will be the starter on Thursday. He was in the bullpen warming up in the eighth inning, but that was merely to get some work in in preparation.

AC reports that Eric Wedge said he thinks Hafner will be three rehab games away from returning from the DL. He'll take another day of BP with Cleveland tomorrow, return to Columbus for three straight games on Thursday and then they should be ready to activate him.

AC then goes on to bring up the idea that maybe, just maybe, Grady Sizemore is headed for the disabled list. He was DHing again tonight and wow I didn't think a guy who was in jeopardy of the DL would play like this. Sit him down fully and let him rest.
"I hope it's not a DL situation," Sizemore said. "I'm going to take some days off from throwing and then re-evaluate it. It's tough, because no one wants to be out for a long period of time. We're trying to get by without doing that."
This of course would prolong the inevitable death of David Dellucci's Tribe career.



When you go down, when you go down down

Apologies for the Flo Rida lyrics.. I'm not a rap guy, but that song is on the radio about ninety times a day, and the topic applies.

Matt LaPorta has been optioned to Triple-A Columbus today and in his place the Indians have recalled OF Trevor Crowe.

Right move to call LaPorta down.

Wrong move to call up Trevor Crowe.

Why and Why?

LaPorta isn't playing as much as he needs to be. Get him back down in Triple-A to let him get regular at-bats. Ben Francisco seems to be hitting over his head right now and you can't take him out of the lineup.

Keep LaPorta down and ready until we can actually start him full-time. Get him his regular at-bats, don't let him rot away on the bench.

Why is Trevor Crowe the wrong move?

Well unless David Dellucci's departure is iminent or Grady Sizemore's elbow injury is worse than we are being led on to believe (no, not the way he's been hitting the past few games), Jordan Brown was hitting well enough to earn the call-up, where as Trevor Crowe is not.

Now Dellucci could be gone the day Hafner is ready to go, unless they are calling up Crowe as a placeholder until Hafner comes back, but that makes absolutely no sense.

I would have called up Jordan Brown. He desreves the shot, he's earned it the way he's hit and perservered. It's a slap in the face to Brown if you ask me. Dump Dellucci, get Bronw up here and give him the shot he deserves.

Whatever.... We'll see if something else is in play here, but I think it's rotten that Brown didn't get the call.

Morning Update: Holy Comeback, The Aftermath

Last night's little game, that was kinda cool, didn't really give me a good opportunity for analysis, did it?

It was the ultimate of lows and the ultimate of highs in one night. Ryan Garko even said it on Baseball Tonight as a guest, "I've never seen this team lower than we were earlier in that game." And then they turn it around into an ultimate high.

Amazing. Garko said it to reporters as well.
"It was a strange game," Ryan Garko said. "We were as low as you can get there [early on]. We felt as bad as you can feel as a team. And then we got to the highest of highs."
One of Wedge's favorite words last night was extreme, because everything was extreme. Both with the comeback and the early collapse.
"There was extreme fight," manager Eric Wedge said, "and that's what puts you in a position to win a game like this."

"It was extreme with Fausto today," Wedge said. "He's been pitching for a while now. He has to be better than that."
After Balfour looked like he was unraveling with the Garko home run, Cabrera actually took the approach of not swinging at all and so did the rest of the lineup once Jason Isringhausen got in.
"I wanted to make [Balfour] throw a strike," Cabrera said. "When he threw the first two pitches for balls, I said, 'I'm not going to do anything.'"
Balfour said that the Rays should have won that game, hands down, and they should have. Could imagine how they feel this morning? How this will impact them negatively for the rest of the season if they take this loss to heart and feel like they should have won Monday. That will kill them and help boost this team.

This was a win that the Indians needed. It was ridiculously crazy and impossible, but this season has been ridiculously crazy, so maybe they needed something of equal ridiculousness to get on the right track and balance out the universe.

Or whatever..

Victor simply said that this was a big win, and it is and was. But they need to channel that emotion into the rest of the series at first, win a few games, and move on from there. This is their last chance. This is the point where you say, okay, if this huge win doesn't turn this team around, then nothing else will. This is the final test for this team to rise up and say, yes the first two months of this season was a wreck, but we're better than that and we're competing.

If not.. This team is dead in the water.. If so, we've got ourselves a season to watch.

And after making the first out of the inning, Victor wasn't about to do it twice and he wasn't about to get walked either, unless Isringhausen didn't throw his pitch.
"I definitely wasn't going to be an easy out for him, especially when he's having trouble throwing strikes," he said. "I went up with a plan and I executed it. He gave me a pitch I was looking for."
I was watching the celebration last night and something sort of jumped out at me.

Was Ryan Garko punching Choo in the ribs? That's what their celebration looked like.. It was as if Garko had Choo in a headlock and was punching him in the ribs.

Oh well.

I had to dig to find this quote, and Garko was right on BBTN when he said, what's gone unlooked about this game was what Jermey Sowers did.

We'll snark on it, but Jeremy really saved the bullpen. Sure, it put us in a position to make a move to get another starter for Wednesday or Thursday, but thankfully.
"Jeremy gave us a chance to get back in the game," Wedge said. "He pitched very well."
Yeah... That's all Jeremy, congrats, that's all you get, one line. But he did, he gave us a chane to get back into the game and he did that and even got the win.

As for who's starting on Wednesday and Thursday, still an unknown.
"The way our bullpen's been taxed, we need to keep our options open," he said.
Still keeping money on David Huff being one of those starts, who else would you use? Kirk Saarloos pitched last night, so he's out of the equation, they'll definitely have to make a roster move. Options include Zach Jackson, which would be easy since he's on the 40 man roster and probably Jack Cassel. Tomo Ohka just pitched on Sunday, so he's out for Wednesday, and Thursday woulkd be three days rest and that isn't happening either.

So it has to be Huff and a toss up between Zach Jackson and Jack Cassel. I'm going with Jackson and Huff to start the games. I just don't see any other options at this point.

Briefly we've gone over the injuries yesterday, but let's revisit them a little more in-depth with some words.

Starting with Travis Hafner, who's eager to get back with the Indians and show his swing is feeling good.

"Everything's been feeling good," Hafner said. "I think they want to see me play a certain number of games in a row to make sure I'm ready to play five or six games a week."

"I wasn't expecting any problems at all," he said. "I definitely wasn't expecting it when it happened."

"I feel I can go out now and be comfortable playing," Hafner said. "My swing's feeling really good. I'll be excited to get up here and play."

If anything... I'm glad this setback had nothing to do with the shoulder and that this back thing is something that has occurred with him before. It sets my mind a little more at ease, especially when you hear the words setback.

Also let's clear this up on Anthony Reyes. The recovery time for his surgery that he would have is 4-6 months. He'd be back next year for sure, but would miss the rest of the year in all likelihood. This surgery is not Tommy John, it is a different procedure on the elbow.

Moving on... I called the Kelly Shoppach regression a mile away. His swing isn't suited for erratic playing time to begin with, but pitchers have also figured out he will swing wildly at the off speed stuff.
"When you're not playing every day, you have to grind out many, many more at-bats," Shoppach said. "The bad games stick with you until the next one, and you might not get to play in a while. When you are playing every day, you get a chance to learn every day and get feedback every day."
And this is why Ryan Garko needs the majority of the playing time. He's more suited to handle himself in at-bats, while Kelly Shoppach is not.
"My mind-set has to be different," he said. "I have to be more patient, because the timing and the feeling are not there. I'm trying to throttle [the big-swing mentality] back a little bit and have better at-bats."
That isn't the type of hitter Kelly Shoppach is though. He is at his best when he is just sitting back and trying to hack something into the upper-decks. That may not be the best thing for the team, but that's the only way Kelly Shoppach can be successful because that's the way Kelly Shoppach hits.

Finally... My mission is to see Orlando and Denver ruin the Ryan Garko and Jensen Lewis basketball rivalry. Jensen, take it from here.. Brian Anderson also chimed in.

"I'm actually happy the Cavs are in this situation, so they can learn to take a punch and get up off the mat. If you want to beat a team like the Lakers, you need to be tested first."

"I'm going to go against my gut and say the Cavs in seven -- but only because it's not all the time we get to believe in anything relating to Cleveland sports," Anderson said.
Brian should know being down in Tampa just how awesome Orlando is.. His gut tells him the Magic rock and that his Cavs are in trouble. Jensen is just talking as if the series is already set. I guess he didn't watch the first three games, come on J-Rod.

Ryan probably knows Kobe is just going to like rise up and smack someone soon.

Minor Issues: Brown IL Player of the Week; Aeros bounce back


In celebration of Jordan Brown's awesomeness, he has been named International League Player of the Week for his awesomeness last week. He capped it off with that 2 HR, 4-4 game on Sunday.

What would he do on Memorial Day? You don't have to wait.

Guess he would go 0-4. No one else did much though as the Clippers got creamed by Charlotte, 11-1.

Remember yesterday when I said call up Kirk Saarloos?

Yeah don't do that.

He gave up eight runs off 13, yes 13, hits and 3 walks in four runs.

Steven Wright made his return to Columbus by giving up three runs. No one else in the pen would give up runs, which is cool, but Masa Kobayashi gave up a few hits in his scoreless inning. Attributing to the 20 hits.. Fantastic.

Michael Brantley did have a good night, doubling twice, and knocking in the lone Clipper run.

The Aeros returned fire on Erie after turning in a clunker of a game. This team just doesn't go through bad stretches. They lose a game and come right back be awesome. That's what they did on Monday against Erie winning 8-1.

The Aeros banged out nine hits, with each player in the lineup getting a hit, except for Cristo Arnal who had none and Niuman Romero who had two.

Beau Mills and Matt McBride doubled, as did Nick Weglarz who in addition to doubling, knocked in two runs. Carlos Santana also knocked in a run, but his was via the longball, his seventh of the year and he also walked twice.

Carlos Rivero and Jose Constanza both knocked in two runs each as well.

Hector Rondon had a moderate return to greatness, going six innings and giving up just the one run. He did give up just three hits, but he walked four.

Carlton Smith went three scoreless innings with just two hits to pick up his first save.

This game was not without controversy though, as the Aeros had one of the biggest crowds in Canal Park history.
The big inning, which set a season high for runs in an inning, began with first baseman Beau Mills' hard shot toward the right-field wall that was ultimately ruled a ground-rule double after a fan in the bleachers reached over and grabbed the ball before it either: A) could go over, or B) Erie's Brennan Boesch could get to it on the bounce.
Aeros manager Mike Sarbaugh sprinted out of the dugout and into shallow right field to argue the merits of option A with the umpire who made the call, but to no avail.
''It was a borderline call that could have gone either way,'' Sarbaugh said. ''But a fan went over the fence so we'll never know. For a minute there, I thought Jeffrey Maier came back . . . It could have been a home run, but without the luxury of instant replay, it's hard to tell.''

Kinston's game with Potomac was suspended in the second inning. Hip-Hip, Horray?

The Captains got dunked on with a 10-5 loss to West Virginia yesterday.

Two hit nights for John Allman and Chris Nash, with Nash knocking in two runs.

Mark Thompson hit a solo-home run and Abner Abreu knocked in another run.

Danny Salazar didn't get any defensive help from Chris Nash, so he gave up seven runs, but only three of them were earned. He did last just 2.2 innings.


Seagulls... They is attackin'

This game blew.. Let's be honest.

So instead of talking about it, I'm going to talk about random things, and maybe some game thoughts will pop in once and awhile.

What was with the seagulls tonight? Is it because of Memorial Day or something? I mean, by God they were flying on and off screen and every time you saw the zoomed out shot you could see them.

Joe Maddon really doesn't trust a lead does he? Bringing in a new relief pitcher in a six run game with one out and two on? Not even a bonus grand-slam would tie the game up. A bonus grand slam is a grand slam (Dennys!) and an extra run be rewarded if the guy on deck just runs around the base paths. I made that up just now.

These red hats.. They work for the Indians, I'd even support red being something used once and awhile with the blues or the whites. But they don't work for the Rays. I can only imagine a team like the Athletics wearing their green jerseys. It's Christmas in May!

At one point in the game, I turned on Nickelodeon in hopes that Spongebob would be on. To my overjoyed heart, the Spongebob Movie was on! I got to see it finally! I turned the game back on when the movie was over in order to suffer some more heartbreak.

I don't even remember Fausto Carmona starting this game. I missed the first 20 minutes because I was helping with dinner. Then, like I said, by the time it was 10-0, I had Spongebob's Movie on.

Joe Maddon is making another pitching change, but clearly the defense caused that gaff, so what gives?

David Price isn't going to get credit for a win. Such a shame.

Jeremy Sowers should probably get the win for being the best pitcher in this game. Five scoreless innings with just three hits and a walk. Where is this garbage when you start Sower pitch?

That puts us in a stupid position on Wednesday and Thursday. David Huff is definitely getting another chance, but the Indians will have to make a roster move. See ya Rich Rundles, bring up Kirk Saarloos.

Ryan Garko hit a home run tonight and went 2-4.. Why is he playing once a week again?

Sowers will go back to sucking after this by the by. It's fate.

I need to go have my oil changed tomorrow. I think I'll pick up my paycheck as well. I go back to work on Wednesday.

I washed my car today. I guess I should have waited to wash it.. The oil changing guys won't get it dirty right? I couldnt't wait, I was bored today.. Inside and out, the first real cleaning since I got the thing. It will feel good to drive a car that is now actually mine because I've given it my standard work.

I just remembered. A bird left his mark on the hood when I went out to take the garbage out. So it's already dirty again. Son of a bitch.

Maybe it was one of those damned seagulls.

Longoria just caught a b-liner hit right at him, two outs. This team can't catch a friggin break. I wanted to use the F-Word there, but I have to remember to keep this mature.

Dale Thayer has a cool mustache.. He looks like a goof ball though. Not quite on Sal Fasano level.

Oh hey.. Garko just hit another home run and it's a two run game. Someone care to explain to me why he's still rotting on the bench?

You know we're still going to lose this game though right?

Vic is like 0-for-his last like.. like.. fifty... It feels like... It won't last forever, but you hope it ends soon, especially with the Griz heating up.

Here comes Asdrubal Cabrera and Jason Isringhausen is warming up. Holy... Jason Isringhausen?

The five fans in attendance are making a lot of noise.


Tying run to the plate, are you serious? Did we switch bullpens or something? How did the Rays get this cursed crud?

Benny Fresh is due up. We'll still lose...

What if we didn't though?

Did anyone by chance see the youtube video, or it was on ESPN First Take today. The Cleveland news station that was going off the air at 11 and they all assumed the Cavs were dead in the water. Then LeBron hit the shot and they all jumped up and the sports guy said CAVS WIN!

I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a pencil when that happened, but now that the Magic are up 2-1, I can laugh at that video.

I've now stalled long enough for the commercial to end. I'm just trying to keep typing until the game official ends. So a tie game doesn't work for me. Fresh needs to get on and Carroll has to end it with a home run.

Haha... Right... Izzy can't find the zone either, 2-0 to Francisco. Make it 3-0.

Look at all the fans with those stupid aprons on. All five fans are drunks, I guarentee it.. Ball four by a guy not named Balfour, winning run to the plate..

Hit a gaper Jamey.

Holy crap there's two outs.... We're still going to lose. This is like death tortue, because we won't win.

Unless of course they walk the next nine guys, because that's where this is headed at this rate.

At least the guys Maddon took out were throwing strikes.. These last few dudes can't even hit the zone.

I loved Izzy too.. I wanted to sign him. This sucks to see him laboring.

Frick it.. Kick his ass!!!

A strike has been thrown, but that was lucky.

The seagulls need to come back, I'm running out of material as Izzy throws his third ball, and Jamey you shortstuff, you better get this walk. Wow... Another close one called a strike.. Darrnnnnn.

Now I'm getting my hopes up and if we don't win, I'll be pissed.

We won't win! We won't win! Full-count and a foul ball, I'm going crazy man!

Did I mention I needed to get my oil changed tomorrow?


What the hell is going on, another trip to the mound. Haven't they run out of those? Isn't there a limit? Hell if I know, never seen that happen.

A hit would tie this game, a double would win it with Carroll at first going on contact, provided it hits a gap.

This is what happens when you start typing out a blog before the game is over and it actually doesn't end. You get wrapped up in what's going on and you end up having to say.. Okay, so much has happened in the ninth that you can't mask it.

Ball 3 to Sizemore.. It looks like Jason Isringhausen is auditioning for our bullpen.

My elbow hurts from the non-stop typing. I think I need Tommy John surgery now.

Full-count now.. Damnit to hell Grady! Off to the races now, not on contact, on first pitch, so a gap would win it.

But we won't win.


One run game and a hit will win this buckaroo.

This may be the single best post in the history of this blog and it's come on a Memorial Day.

Look who is up.. Vic.. Remember what I said about an hour ago on this post? Like, I hope the slump ends soon.. Like.. Now would be a great time.

As Izzy gets a silly strike..

We'll still lose though.. It only makes sense to kill us this way.

WHOA Look at that curveball... As Manning just said. He hasn't been able to throw it since he's been behind, HAHA.. Oh man.. Another garbage strike. Vic is going to smack someone.

The ump probably just wants to come home.

Isn't that what they always say?

Hey a ball, havn't seen many of those in this at-bat. Fouled off! My chest is exploding! It may be from the ribs and macaroni salad, but you never know.

We're going to lose.. I can't stop saying it.

At least Isringhausen is wearing the same cap color as he used to.








Infirmary Report: Reyes Could Miss Season, Hafner Setback

Let's start with the excruciating news.

Team doctor, Mark Schickendantz... Who's name I wouldn't have used if it wasn't so funny. Do they pronounce it Chicken Dance?

Anyway.. Dr. Chicken Dance says that Reyes needs an "ulnar nerve transposition" which means I have no clue. That would end his season. Reyes will be going for a second opinion to Dr. Yocum, who some regard as the second member of the "Dr. Death Duo" along with Dr. James Andrews.

This stings... He's probably done for the season. We've got pitching problems to boot. Some probably think good riddance, I think, he had something and that's more than nothing.

The good news is... Jake Westbrook is on his way.

Westy will ramp up his rehab to three innings or 50 pitches down in extended spring training. The target date for his rehab assignment with the minor leagues is now the first week of June, which is next week. Which is good. The plan is for him to make four-five starts.. which means.... He'll probably be ready to go by the start of July or the very tail end of June.

That's about how long Aaron Laffey will be out as well, so it's not like Laffey can come back in a few weeks and hold the fort.. It's up to David Huff, Jeremy Sowers, Zach Jackson, or whatever retreads the Indians can use.

Laffey is officially out 4-6 weeks with that oblique

The other bad news is Travis Hafner had a minor setback. It had nothing to do with the shoulder that he's trying to strengthen. It was actually a stiffness in his back that flared up in yesterday's game. Obviously that means he won't be activated today and he'll go back on that rehab assignment. I thought he was pulled because they only wanted him getting three at-bats, but it turns out that wasn't the case.

Finally... Joe Smith, who threw a bullpen session today and will go out on a rehab assignment by the end of the week. He'll be a nice boost for this pen that seems to be righting itself.

He might join Travis Hafner at the same time in a rehab assignment. We need Travis back though... That really bites.. David Dellucci must end.

LOLTribe: Adam Rosales... Doesn't play for Cleveland, but I wish he did

I've been recently spotted on the Adam Rosales bandwagon... Why? Because he runs around the bases on home runs. Like hard core. It's a reason I took to Shoppach early on, because he ran to first when he gets walked. He has no need to do that, but he does it. It shows hustle, spirit, energy, and drive.

So when you become the subject of three LOLTribe images.. Shooooooooooooooot, you are doing good. It means I like ya! Unless noted otherwise. Ed Mujica knows this note.. And how it was otherwise noted..

The only way he can save it is if he claws the eyes out of the opposing hitters. KIDDING!!!! You get 'em Greg Aquino! You get 'em!

Does this need any explaination?

Again... Like I was saying.. Don't worry though, Shoppy gets revenge!

He hasn't saved us.. GREG AQUINO HAS!! DOMINATION!

While I might be on the Adam Rosales bandwagon. I'm all for getting him thrown out at home plate.... JANGO

Morning Update: Chew Rocks? Not Much

We've got some clarification I guess on the call that the Reds didn't like and the Indians liked.

Really it was a mess... Here is what Grady said.
"It's tough. I felt like I got in," Sizemore said. "But I looked at the replay, and it's tough to see. The camera angle was pretty far back. I wasn't aware [obstruction had been called]. We didn't necessarily run into each other. He was more in my path, and I had to hesitate a little bit. I was a little surprised [Drake] called it."
Here's how I saw it, AFTER they made the call.

Rosales was either in the baseline, slightly, to where Grady had room to run. It may have not been significant, but it was enough for Drake to call it... Or the umpire was fooled from the position he was in.

Either way, I'm not complaining. I probably wouldn't have made that call, but who knows what he saw from that spot and who am I to argue with a guy who knows the details of that rule and situation better than I do?

Ah hell, I would have argued if I was on the other end of it. But whatever.

Jonny Gomes had the best quote, because he had backed up the errant throw by Jay Bruce on that play (wow for being a average fielder, he sure was heads up about being behind third base), and well it was all for nothing.
"My best play of the year and I've got nothing to show for it," Gomes said. "I'm chewing rocks."
I've never heard the expression, "Chewing Rocks," but I like it.

Anyway, Jhonny Peralta was sitting once again on Sunday, much to my surprise. He had his hand in a bandage yesterday and while he felt sore on Saturday, he did feel better before the game. Not good enough to go for Eric Wedge though.
"I felt his swing was headed in the right direction before he jammed his wrist," manager Eric Wedge said. "The last thing I want is for him to favor [the wrist] and throw off his swing."
Fine with me.

I expect him in on Monday though, but who knows.

Hey, yesterday, I pin-pointed why the Indians lost. Eric Wedge basically agreed.
"The difference today was not getting that one hit with runners in scoring position," manager Eric Wedge said. "We needed someone to step up and get that knock so we could get [closer] Kerry Wood into the game. It just didn't happen."
Of course, Cliff Lee didn't see it that way... Such a perfectionist... Again, not complaining on this end about that idea.
"If I don't throw that wild pitch, that run doesn't score and we win the game," Lee reasoned. "It's frustrating knowing that."
And of course... Eric Wedge has to say the same thing in a different way...
"If you win this game, you win two series in a row, and that's the type of thing you look for, in regard to making progress," Wedge said. "We're a pitch away or a hit away."

"You have to separate from tough losses and build off good wins," said Wedge. "You can't allow the frustration to get inside you. ... You've got to keep it at arm's length, understand it, park it and move on."

Yesterday I brought up the idea that there was some bad blood between the Rays and Indians. I guess not.

"I don't think there will be a carryover," said Martinez. "I've got enough stuff to worry about. I'm not going to worry about some other team.

"For me it's over. It's just another series."

Oh and from that same article. It looks like Jeremy Sowers will definitely start on Wednesday.. But it will either be Huff or a call up on Thursday. Not Sowers or a call up on Wednesday. or Huff or Sowers on Thursday.

Remember Mark DeRosa's kick-error in the game on Saturday?

Someone played a little joke on DeRo by putting hockey equipment in front of his locker.

I have money on Kerry Wood.. But who knows.

Finally.. Paul Hoynes brings up the idea that Eddie Mujica is another one that got away.


No... He wasn't doing crap here.. He sucked.. Now he's in the National League, in a division that has one good team. We didn't let anything get away.

Seriously now... of course... The Wedge haters will find a way to blame this on him saying that a player "flourished" when he got away from Wedge.. Yeah I was reading the CPD commenters again.

Face it.. Eric Wedge was not throwing the pitches for Eddie Mujica.. Mujica had no one to blame but himself. He had every chance to succeed. I'll blame Wedge for the awful way he treated Craig Breslow, but he didn't treat Mujica that way, and Mujica blew goats.

LOLTribe makes it's triumphant return today, a special memorial day edition. Bank on it!

Minor Issues: Right Time For Jordan Brown Time?


You probably wonder why the Captains are always down offensively. Why they are so good pitching. It just sort of works out that the Captains get all the good pitchers and Kinston gets all the good hitters. It happens because it just does. The pitchers need more work, while most good hitters just bypass the level.

Not Abner Abreu, who played in the GCL last year. He needs seasoning.. But he's for real and Tony Lastoria has the downlow on Abreu with the Captains and now that he's heating up, how he's impressing the people around him.

Steven Wright is going back to Columbus, boards updated... Somehow..

After winning the first two games against Buffalo, the Clippers have dropped the final two games of the series to come away with just a split. So disappointing. The Clips couldn't hold them down after they scored and in the end, lost 5-3.

That will kind of happen though when all of your offense comes from one player. Which is pretty much what happened with Columbus. Jordan Brown hit two home runs, that's three in the last two games if you are keeping track, both solo shots in his best strong man impression. He also had two more hits.

Time to start thinking about Jordan Brown getting a shot in the show? He's hitting like a man on fire right now and I think he's been in Triple-A long enough.

Tomo Ohka did give up three runs in six innings and Vinnie Chulk was tagged with two unearned runs keeping his sparkling 0.00 ERA in tact. He committed the error though so mabe he did that on purpose.

Rafael Perez Update: Perez went one scoreless and struck out two with no walks or hits and just ten pitches, with NINE yes NINE of them for strikes. Very good.

PRONK WATCH: Travis Hafner got three at-bats in this game, getting a walk and a hit.. He was pitch-hit for later in the game. He should be in Cleveland today and we'll find out if he's coming back.

We are accustomed to seeing the Aeros lose some games, but not losing 8-1.

Josh Tomlin probably gave Chuck Lofgren the call to Columbus with his four inning, four earned run performance.. He did give up six total runs, with seven hits and a walk. Scott Roehl and Neil Wanger both gave up runs.

Carlos Santana had two hits, including a double, and a run scored, via the Matt McBride sac-fly. But that was it for Akron's offense.


After breaking up their losing funk, the K-Tribe fell back into the rut with a 7-5 loss, which happened after the Kinston battled back from a four run inning to take the lead int he seventh. They would then go on to lose that lead as well.

Nate Recknagel hit his first Kinston home run, a two-run shot in the sixth inning. Cord Phelps and Lucas Montero also had RBI hits, as did Ron Rivas who had two hits.

Oh yeah Lonnie Chisenhall doubled...

Everyone for Kinston gave up runs.. Corresponding to the number of innings they pitched really. Berger four innings, four runs. CC lee, two innings, two runs. Meyer one inning, one run.. give or take a few outs in there.. Suck it.

The Captains had to make it hard didn't they?

They had to make it a one run game didn't they?

They had to blow T.J. Houses' nice lead didn't they?


Judging by my reaction, you would think they lost, but they didn't. Nope.. Not at all.

But it was a one run game in extras, and it was a blown game by Steve Smith, who did pick up the win.

But T.J. House was pretty good. He went six scoreless, giving up just two hits and a walk with seven strikeouts.

To win the game though, Abner Abreu led the inning off by singling and he was eventually brought home by Chris Nash on a single to end the game in the bottom of the tenth.

Abreu did have two hits, as did Donnie Webb who knocked in a run for the Captains as well.


Alex Gonzalez sucks as far as I'm concerned

Alex Gonzalez has tortured the Cleveland Indians this weekend and throughout his career.

In 57 at-bats, he's got 20 hits, that a .358 average if I remember from the calculator that I closed with the calculation. 10 RBI's as well, that's just mean.

So I hate him.. Jerk



I don't know what to say.. The bullpen gave in.. They gave us enough.. More than enough for a nine inning game. I didn't have too much faith after we wasted the scoring chance in the ninth. Because okay Betancourt is good, but after him, we had the following.

Vizcaino and Aquino, both pitched two innings yesterday.

Jensen Lewis, pitched three innings on Friday.

Kerry Wood, who is being saved for a save chance.

and Rich Rundles.

So really.. I'm putting this one on the offense..

Specifically, the people who sucked in the ninth inning... Grady Sizemore and Victor Martinez.


No really, it's gross.


Not sure what more anyone can do in that game.

Cliff Lee pitched well, kept his team in the game for the most part. Can't complain.

But man..

The offense labored through those three runs really. They were able to match the Reds for hits, but their tying run came off an error. What a wild play that was, not sure why they called what they called, but I'll take it. I'm going to guess something to the effect that Rosales was in the running lane? I don't know.

Just do whatever I tell the mother asking me all these questions.


This season.. Just.. Isn't getting any better.. It's depressing... Five times..

Bullpen is better.. Starting pitching was good.. The offense was okay, but couldn't get it done when we needed.

Or something else happens in a different game we lose.

Anyone notice the rut that Victor Martinez is in? After lighting his hair on fire and hitting, he can't buy one. He's had some hard hit balls, particularly in today's game that ended up being smoked right to Hernandez at first and into a double play, but man. I guess his average has to come down to earth someway. Hopefully it doesn't last too long, because Grady is starting to heat up and when we can get Travis back, hopefully for tomorrow's game, we'll be good.

Luis Valbuena is a doubles machine, and he's starting to do well with his starting time. If things didn't change soon, I'd be pissed. But you can't argue with what he's doing I guess.. Garko is still getting jobbed out of playing time though and that's very annoying.

Tomorrow is memorial day and it starts a four gamer with the Tampa Bay Rays who we just saw and we all remember the crazy stuff that went on. I'm going to be interested to see if the bad blood returns.

Special start time, 6:05 for tomorrow's game. Fausto Carmona on the hill against the young pheom David Price, making his second ever major league start and his 2009 season debut. On Tuesday it's Carl Pavano and Matt Garza. Wednesday's starter is undecided, as the Indians will either go with Jeremy Sowers or a call up, and on Thursday it will either be Jeremy Sowers or David Huff. The Indians haven't decided if they want to give Huff another shot. I would.

Point is... Jeremy Sowers will be starting. The Rays are sending Andy Sonnanstine on Wednesday, he won't be hitting provided there are no more lineup miscues and Jeff Niemann goes on Thursday.

Oh... This team has too many Luis all of a sudden. Luis Vizcaino will be Luis and Luis Valbuena will be Louie V... They are both actually Luis V.. Oh well..

Rafael Betancourt Cap Count: 72


Morning Update: HOW BOUT DAT BULLPEN!?

I couldn't take it.. A four hour game wore on me.

I had to go to bed right after the game ended.. Why? Because I didn't go to bed till like 1:30 the previous night because of the game.



okay never mind

But that was huge.

I said to myself before the game, that David Huff needed to give us a good game, or else things are going to start looking really bleak as far as this pitching staff goes.

I didn't really know the bullpen would step up though if Huff didn't.

Consider myself feeling a little better now.

Not only was it the bullpen, it was the misfits.

After pitches three innings of blargh, giving up six runs, Luis Vizcaino and Greg Aquino save the day with four scoreless innings. The Indians take a one run lead, which will talk about later, Rafael Betancourt gets the hold after a scoreless eighth and Kerry Wood makes it relatively painless after getting a double play to end the inning and the game.
"I think it's starting to come together," Wedge said of his 'pen. "Now we need to make sure we get our starters and our bullpen working together."
Back on Huff.. Wedge said he wasn't all over the place like he was in the previous outing. And he's right, he only walked one hitter. But he did make some bad pitches, most notably to Joey Votto, who will make you pay in those situations, dizzy or not.

The reason I said Huff needed a good outing, is because we need some hope. There are no more options to go to, so Huff is here to swim and he needs to do it soon.

The offense did what they needed to do against Homer Bailey though, who's got control problems that are plain as day. Wrong team to not find the zone against, they'll get you out in a hurry and that they did with the six runs in four and one thirds of an inning.

Mark DeRosa did the heavy lifting early with a monster shot and added another two RBIs later to tie the game back up in the fifth.

But Asdrubal Cabrea.. it has to be noted he had the best at-bats last night. The two-run single with two outs, which is so huge.. Then he got the run batted in to take the lead with a silly ground out.. Which is silly but effective. More on Cabrera and more with Terry Pluto's latest.

Garko had a big at-bat in that inning as a pinch-hitter, coaxing out a walk and bringing Cabrera aboard. Big ups to Valbuena for hitting the double to lead off the inning. Jamey Carroll got him over with a very good bunt.

Okay though, let's get into the other stuff. Betancourt had a good quote that I think needs to be pointed out.
"We're a team," said Betancourt. "We won tonight because we played like a team. Everyone did their job -- offense, defense and bullpen. We were able to pick David up."
If this team starts taking this quote seriously.. Okay.. Bullpen.. then maybe, just maybe there is hope.

We need to win three in a row first though. I'll take winning this series though, which would make it two series in a row and three of the last four.. Don't like losing a four game series though.

Today we've got our ace on the mound, so chances are good.
"You see how guys handle situations like that," Lee said. "There is a right way to handle things. I just try to control what I can control. Everything else is pointless to worry about."
Jeremy Sowers isn't a for sure replacement for Anthony Reyes. I don't know who else the Indians would use. For now Sowers is in the pen if needed, especially after three inning starts the past two nights, but really they only have a few other options in Triple-A and I can see them holding on until the spot comes up for Sowers to start.

I heard Mark Shapiro say that Aaron Laffey would have been the first choice to replace Reyes had he not gotten hurt as well.

But whatever Sowers isn't doing, he needs to do it. I don't understand how he can go down to Triple-A though and have a good outing and suck up here if this is in face what is wrong.
"My command has not been as good the last couple years as it was before," he said. "Maybe I'm just thinking too much. ... I need to continue being aggressive and get back to that mind-set."
So your command is in a two-year funk?

I'm not buying it.

Jhonny Peralta should be back in the lineup today. He got yesterday off after he jammed his wrist sliding into base. It wasn't bad enough to sit him, but Wedge wanted to give him a day off with that and the fact they are in the middle of a sprint that has no off-days until next June hits.

Finally.. A new Hey Hoynsie is up and you get some gems like this.

Hey, Hoynsie: Is it true, as a smart business move, that the Tribe made sure to mail in the season before postage went up? -- Hank Kohout, Parma.

Hey, Hank: Now that's funny.

Ah boy...

Sometimes we are so jerky, but so funny as well.

Rafael Betancourt Cap Counter: 54