Grady's back, Vizcaino Out, Sipp Up, Crowe Down, Ba-ba-boosh!

So as you can see the Indians made a flurry of moves today as their star center fielder Grady Sizemore comes off the disabled list.

Activated: Grady Sizemore from 15 Day DL
Called-up: Tony Sipp from Columbus
Called-down: Trevor Crowe to Columbus
Designated: Luis Vizcaino for Assignment

So that opens up a 40-man roster spot, gets Tony Sipp back into the pen, and ends Trevor Crowe's second stint with the Tribe.

It's nice to have Grady back and I'm sort of glad he's not going on a rehab assignment. Either he's ready or he's not, there is no sense in going in a rehab assignment if he's ready to go.

Asdrubal Cabrera might be back soon and it's nice that him and both Aaron Laffey are starting tonight for the Aeros. Had I realized this sooner I would have made plans to go see them. Laffey makes another rehab start and Cabrera starts his rehab assignment that doesn't figure to last too long.

So I called for Eric Wedge's job on Sunday and I'm going to stick by it. I'm not saying now, I wouldn't pout if it did happen now, but at least when the season ends. They can't go through another year of this. It has to be a fresh face.

Paul Dolan has spoken out and said that there will be no moves of the such.

"In terms of individual performance, I won't comment on that," said Dolan, when asked to evaluate Wedge. "We have a process we go through. It hasn't begun. It starts with meeting with Mark."

"We are concerned about the direction of the team," said Dolan. "[But] we are not going to make any rash decisions.

"Periodically, we sit down and talk about the state of the team. Mark makes suggestions that we either accept or reject."

Dolan did say that Shapiro and Wedge are not a packaged deal.
"The fact that some people think they're a package deal, doesn't mean they're a package deal," said Dolan. "They're a general manager and manager ... just like they have on any other club."
Now Bud Shaw has been the one guy who's been out there saying that firing Wedge doesn't do anything, in fact he's one of the people saying that he and Shapiro are a packaged deal.

I'm kind of with Shaw on this one as far as when you do it. He isn't saying don't fire him at the end of the season, what does it do now? I can buy that, but like I said, I certinaly wouldn't mind if it happened now.

I can also buy the fact that it's a treatment to the symptoms, not exactly the cure.

Shaw then went on to have another bit out today about Mike Hargrove..

Guys.. Hargrove isn't coming back to the Indians, and if he does, it won't be until the offseason. I don't even think Hargrove is coming back period, I think he likes his retirement and what he's doing now.

Then again that's my opinion, and I could be wrong... But it doesn't seem to me that Grover wants to come back being in the position he's in. OR maybe he does, who knows, maybe things were rocky in Seattle.

And going back for a second, don't get me wrong. I've taken the view Shaw has when he says, what good does firing him do? Does it fix the bullpen and cure the injuries? No, but you just never know what a move might make.

Bill Livingston on the other hand makes the argument that firing him now is sort of like that spark that you might be able to find. He also says that seven years is enough for him and that Wedge is what he is. He isn't awful, but he's not good enough to be a championship caliber manager.

Draft Pick Update: 13th Rounder Jeremy Johnson has signed and that makes 13 of the top 16 that have signed. The notables remaining are first rounder Alex White and second rounder Jason Kipnis. Now that both are done with the CWS, they are able to be negotiated with and it looks like they're ready to or have already started talks with Alex White.

Finally, yesterday CastroTurf mentioned the twitter feed for the Indians. Jeff Siebel and Bart Swain update it and their news is very on point and quick. Finally a twitter feed I'm actually going to keep a close eye on. They posted Eric Wedge's pre-game mp3 as well already. Here's the link.

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