Minor Issues: AZ Indians Open Up; Wins All Around


The Arizona Fall League Started and here is the roster. Now, depth chart is updated.. Woohoo..


Kirk Saarloos was pounded for 10 hits in five innings, but four unearned runs. Very odd. Tony Graffanino committed an error early in the inning and it spiraled out of control from there.

Anyway the Clippers lost that game and the next one in the double-header. They did score three runs, but unfortunately three earned runs does not beat four un-earned ones.

Tony Graffanino did what he could to make up for the error by knocking in two runs. But he knocked them in the half-inning before, so really.. He giveth and he taketh away.

Game two was a little more rough, especially for Chuck Lofgren. Chuckster gave up five runs in five innings off, yes five hits with, no three walks. Oh he did strike out five hitters though.

Three walks AND three homers, not cool. Tony Sipp gave up two runs in his one inning of work.

Yeah not much the offense could do about that, not that they did anything to begin with.

Niuman Romero had two of the five hits and knocked in the only run.

The Aeros.. Pretty Awesome.. They knocked out four runs off 14 hits, yes 14 hits, sweet.

Oppo, they gave up 2 hits.. Yes just two.

Scott Lewis made another rehab start, going four innings, giving up just one hit and two walks with four strikeouts.

Carlton Smith improved to 4-0 with two scoreless and hitless innings. Matt Meyer went 2.2 innings giving up three walks and a hit and Josh Judy cleaned up that last inning real quick.

So what about that 14 hit performance?

Matt McBride and Jared Goedert had three hits each and all four runs batted in. McBride scored twice and doubled and two of Goedert's hits were both doubles. That's three multi-hit games from Goedert in a row.

Cristo Arnal and Johnnie Drennen had two hits each and Carlos Santana was the lone Aero without a hit, but he walked twice.


Wait what's going on here?

Two in a row for Kinston?

Perhaps it's the luck of ?

The K-Tribe won 9-4 over Lynchburg and it was Ole Sheldon who was a big part of that.

Ole was 4-5 with two runs batted in and two runs scored. HE'S PURE EVIL!

Alex Castillo had two hits and two runs batted in as well. Cord Phelps was one of two K-Tribers without a hit, but he scored two runs off two walks and also knocked in a run.

A nice start for Russell Young as he went 6.1 with two runs off five hits and a walk.

CC Lee gave up two runs in two innings of work.

Well you certainly go your money's worth if you went to see the Captains play a game and finish one.

They ended up scoring twice in the top of the 12th in their resumed game against Lakewood.

Awesome, right?

Wrong, Lakewood fired back with three runs and a walkoff-walk to beat the Captains in 12. Ouch.

Not ouchy enough compared to the smackdown the Caps would then lay down on Lakewood in game two, winning 14-5.

Nate Recknagel is back in Lake County and no offense to the Caps, he is showing he doesn't want to really stay long.

Recking Ball (love it, don't ya?), went 2-4 with two runs scored and five, yes five, runs batted in. That included a two-run shot in the 4th inning.

Matt Willard had a game high three hits. He also knocked in a run. Donnie Webb, Karexon Sanchez, and Chris Nash all had two hits. Webb sscored three times.

Trey Haley and TJ McFarland piggy-backed and McFarland got the win despite giving up more runs. Haley went 3.1 giving up two runs, one earned, off two hits and SEVEN walks! Those darn minor leaguers and their control problems.

McFarland gave up seven hits but no walks that equaled the three runs. Santo Frias with a scoreless inning of relief.


Go Scrappers Go!

Mahoning Valley is now 3-0 with their latest win, a 1-0 shutout win over Jamestown.

Kyle Bellows knocked in the winning run with a walk-off sacrafice fly.

Bo Greenwell, Ben Carlson, and John Allman all had two hits.

Brett Brach started and went four innings, giving up just two hits and one walk. Tyler Sturdevant went three innings giving up three hits and one walk. Cory Burns picked up the win by going two scoreless with just one hit and two strikeouts.


The AZL team had their first game. I was not awake long enough to find out the outcome, obviously doing this the night before. Here is the recap.

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