Morning Update: That's it

If you followed the tweeting of the twitter, I didn't have time to come on and write about the game before I left, but I wanted to.

I wrote a couple of comments and I'm pretty much sticking with them.

There are a few other things I need to address.

Let me start off with Luis Valbuena.

Let me be clear on this one. When I went nuts over him playing, it had nothing to do with him. I like Valbuena, he plays the game the way it should be played. I think he's a talented guy and he's got a future on this team.

What I had a problem with was the way Eric Wedge played him constantly, despite his struggles, when in the past he would be reluctant to do so.

Now I'm fine with that as well, playing a young guy until it clicks, which is looks like it has for Valbuena.

However was this really the time and place for that?

Why now and not with guys in the past? What separates Valbuena from the readiness of Andy Marte, Josh Barfield, Matt LaPorta, Franklin Gutierrez, and who knows who else.

Why didn't he platoon Valbuena like he did with just about every one of those guys mentioned?

I'm just trying to find some consistency in the method here. If Eric Wedge is learning from his mistakes and trying something new, great, that's awesome.

Heyyyyy So I should probably read the recap and see that Ryan Garko hurt his wrist and therefore was taken out... Had Wedge actually been stupid enough to remove Ryan Garko for Trevor Crowe as a pinch-hitter, this is what I would really mean. I wrote the following thinking that previous statement, but it was too good to just erase.

But you can turn around look at what he did in yesterday's game with Ryan Garko and be lead to believe he isn't learning from his mistakes.

Is it obvious? Because to me it isn't more evidently clear that Eric Wedge does not like Ryan Garko in the least bit.

In the ninth inning, pinch-hitting for him with TREVOR CROWE and two guys on base?!

Are you freaking crazy?!

It needs to be noted that Garko was in left field at that time after Shoppach came in to pinch-hit and was switched to Catcher, Martinez to First, and Garko to left for Gimenez who was replaced at the plate by Mark DeRosa. DeRo was just available to hit, not play the field.

Okay so that's fine, get Crowe in there for defensive purposes.


Don't take out a seasoned ML hitter for a kid who has 11 hits and just four career RBI.

It's absoltutely insane!

I've jumped on Wedge for not letting the youngsters hit in situations to prove themselves... But I didn't want him to actually put youngsters in the position to prove themselves when you had a guy like Garko up at the plate, ,that's just lunacy.

All of this leads me to believe that Eric Wedge must go.

Garko move aside, that doesn't change my opinion that Wedge probably has to go, sooner or later.

I've been one of his biggest supporters throughout the years, especially this year, and while he has his flaws, he's a good manager and an even better person.

Enough is enough with the mis-management of this team. The little things are starting to add-up. The one thing that Wedge had going for him was the fact that this team likes him.

Well they may like him, but they sure as hell are not playing for him right now, at least not all together.

Maybe it will kick in, but if it does, it will be far too late as this team has lost just about every chance they had to make a freakin' move in this division. They are now nine games back with the second worst winning percentage in the entire league, ahead of only cruddy Washington.

You can do two things.

Ride the year out with what you have, trade DeRo and maybe one other person.

Or you can go for the jugular, promote Joel Skinner or Jeff Datz to the job for the rest of the season, trade Wes Hodges when he gets healthy and spare parts like Michael Aubrey for some pitching, and just see what kind of move you can make, hoping, just hoping, that the managerial switch fires this team up enough to throw strikes.

Long-term, if you ask me, either way is Torey Lovullo. Be it Wedge finishing out the year, or Skinner or Datz.. Lovullo is the guy that needs to be inserted.

I hate to say it, and really, the ultimate firing isn't all Wedge's fault if you ask me. Like I said, I think he's a Major League manager, he can do this job, provided he learns from some of his stupid ways, but the little mistakes adding up and the combination of this team just not playing well out of the gate and not playing well now.

This bullpen is a disaster and it isn't all his fault, but that isn't enough of an excuse anymore.

Go ahead and read the game recap.. I'm not quoting a damn thing. It's all dreary eyed.

The important news today is the fact that Jake Westbrook has now officially had what could very well be a three-week set-back. He's now going to sit fot two more weeks, in addition to the time he's already sat. Great..

So instead of being back by the end of the month, maybe next month. He won't be back till late next month, maybe not even August!

Another reason that this season is almost lost. Laffey and Lewis will be back soon, but Westbrook was supposed to be a big boost.

Remember Friday when DeRosa slammed into the side in foul territory and was kind wobbly? Well that was the reason for his late scratch yesterday.

That story describes the phone he ran into as a "metal foam box."

How is something metal and foam?

The plan for Laffey was to come back as a starter, but the recent failures have things being second-guessed, as usual.


Let's avoid this sweep and at least win one game this week... Please

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