Sixth Straight Loss, Wedge On the Chopping Block?

Do we really care about the game?

Jeremy Sowers blows again.

Mike Gosling and Jensen Lewis lead this bullpen into some false hope as the offense struggles to come back.

Blah Blah Blah.

Nothing to see here, move along.

I'm really focused on this latest story by the Plain Dealer.

It appears that Larry Dolan, yes Larry, not his son Paul, the freakin' owner is at least considering the possibility of firing manager Eric Wedge.

Let's face it, Mark Shapiro can do whatever he wants, if Larry Dolan says ya gots to get steppin', ya gots to get steppin'.

But will he do it?
When asked if he was considering a change, Larry Dolan said, "I'll talk to you later." When asked if that meant a change was being considered, Dolan said, "I just don't want to lie to you."
I don't want to lie to you, means.. I won't say no, but If I say no or yes and I don't do the other one, then I'll be lying, so in other words.. I'm considering a change.

Shapiro to his credit is shouldering some of the blame, as he should. I think he's said it best though.

"I don't feel one person, coach or manager is responsible for the problems we're having," he said. "It's the magnitude of the injuries we've suffered combined with a bullpen that has performed at a very poor level.

"Part of the bullpen's performance is tied to the inconsistency of our starting rotation and not having three-fifth of the rotation we opened the season with."

For a team to be this bad, it's hard to lay the blame in one spot. It's injuries, it's bad luck, it's bad decisions, it's blame that belongs on Wedge, the players, Shapiro.. Everyone is a part of the badness in some way.

Can anyone honestly look at this bullpen and say, I saw this awfulness coming?

Rafael Perez, Rafael Betancourt, Joe Smith, Jensen Lewis, Kerry Wood.. That's a solid group and for them to turn out to be the worst, something bad had to have happened beyond injuries and just let-downs.

Can you blame Shapiro for assembling the group? Yeah, because we'd give him the praise if it worked. But it's hard to say he did a bad job at assembling it because everyone though it was a solid group.

Yeah so....

I don't believe Wedge has "lost" this team though. I think they still respect him and are playing hard, for the most part. Some aren't, some suck, others just, whatever.

But like Shapiro, Wedge wouldn't shy away from the blame.
"There is always going to be fingers pointed at me," said Wedge. "That comes with the territory. When you have this type of year, and you're going through a tough stretch like this, there is going to be a certain amount of focus on me. I take full responsibility. I don't shy away from that at all."
Like I said earlier, Wedge is a stand-up guy. I wouldn't expect anything else from him.

But the Indians are returning home today for the off-day on Monday and flying out to Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

Could they leave Cleveland without Wedge?

If there was a time, it would probably be tomorrow.

We'll see.


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