Theory: The Wedge Clubs

No Photoshop Off-Day Today, No NO NO! Today we have something special.

I've had these images created for a long time. Now seemed like the appropriate time to unleash them. I've had to shift the pictures at points, but I think it looks like both of them are on-spot.

First on deck we've got the Wedge Lovers Club. This is the club that Wedge has a strong love for. The players in the group have a strong love for Wedge as well.

From top left on... Jamey Carroll, President Casey Blake, Ramon Vazquez, Kelly Shoppach, Luis Valbuena, Alex Cora, David Dellucci, Jhonny Peralta.

Some of you may be saying, wait why Jhonny Peralta? Well face it, he loves Jhonny Peralta, or else he wouldn't talk about him so much.

Jamey and Casey define the group in the best way. They are the grit and dirt that Eric Wedge likes. Alex Cora is in the same mold, but Wedge didn't have enough time to warm up to him. Instead he got Ramon Vazquez where he went on the ultimate man-crush on. Vazquez went on to be awesome after he was cruddy.

From top left on... Jody Gerut, Ryan Garko, Andy Marte, Jeremy Guthrie, Franklin Gutierrez, Josh Barfield, Jensen Lewis, Brandon Phillips.

Now you are probably like, If Brandon Phillips is here, why isn't Milton Bradley? Simply put, Milton Bradley is a member of the club that everyone hates, so why bother?

Brandon Phillips was a direct result of Mr. Vazquez. Hate's end is the start of Love's begining as I say.

Jody Gerut used to be the president of this group, but he's now been replaced by fellow Stanford alumn Ryan Garko. Speaking of Stanford, Jeremy Guthrie also went there, coincidence?

So there you have it, the Wedge Clubs. Enjoy your day... As this is posting, I'm at work and there is a good chance that Wedge might have been fired at this point or it could be happening soon.

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