Yeah let's not make it easy for once.

Forget morning update, forget all that crap..


What the hell was that last night?

A fabulous game up until the ninth inning. It was awesome, I mean seriously.

David Huff was brilliant.. He was flat out brilliant. That was the David Huff I think a lot of people have been clamoring for and he did look a little bit like Cliff Lee-lite last night. Eight innings, just four hits and two walks, no runs. He really only ran into one jam the entire game and despite his pitch count being up into the 110's, he looked so good out there he could have probably thrown 20 more pitches and gotten through a complete game.

But no, there is no need to do that. Five runs is plenty considering the Pirates haven't really looked all that good on this particular night.

No problem, right?

I forgot which bullpen was up here, sorry.

Matt Herges comes in and he's been pretty reliable....


Solo home run to the professional golfer Adam LaRoche.

Herges gets an out, but lets another run in with a few more hits and it's Kerry Wood Time.

Wood comes in and after a double, he gets a strikeout, and you think.. Okay, things are fine now, he's going to get out of this.

Then straight out of the Bob Wickman Textbook on Scary Saves, Wood lets McCutchen steal second after giving up another run, walks two more hitters and then gets little LaRoche to fly out.

What the hell damn guy!!!!?

This is not what we signed up for.. Now I'm really starting to expect more from Kerry Wood. I gave him the benefit of the doubt early and even up to a point after the first blown save last week, but after two in a row, and now this performance, I'm not giving him anything.

He was paid 20 million dollars to close games and close them rather dominantly. I fully expect him to blow some, but the way he's pitching is not acceptable right now. He's pitching a lot more often too, so that excuse I made for him about not being used a whole lot doesn't really apply. I expect the more chances he gets, the sharper he's going to be and right now, he's played in three of the last four games.

And here is where I love David Huff.
"I have all the faith in the world in them.. But if they screw this game up for me, I'll destroy someone's face."
Okay so he didn't say that... But that is what I would have said... David Huff actually said this.
"I have all the faith in the world in those guys," Huff said. "But they definitely made it interesting."
Along with that, the defense was great and you feel that it was great because of that special man in the middle being back. Grady made probably one of the best defensive plays in the outfield that we've seen in the past few weeks. Just a solid play that not many people can do as perfectly as Grady did. oh he was pretty good hitting too.
"I felt good today," Sizemore said. "I didn't have any [elbow] problems. Obviously, you're going to be a little rusty when you don't see live pitching for three weeks."
He did strike out twice, but he knocked in two big runs with a huge triple. He also had a single in his first at-bat back. Wedge said that the team is almost a different ball club with him in the lineup and you will have a difficult time proving him wrong on that aspect.

Too bad we can't have a different bullpen with him in the lineup.

At least it's a win though and we at least end that awful streak. Today we've got Carl Pavano off his skipped start going against the very good Zach Duke, who's having a good year.

I have to throw in that Jhonny Peralta had a good game as well. It looks like he's finally starting to hit and not dragging his feet around because of the defensive position he's playing. Jhonny hitting is a better thing for this ball club and the offense as a whole as we've learned in the past. I've always said he's a key part and him not hitting has been a big reason for this club's inconsistency this year.

He pretty much carried the offense last night with the home run and the three RBI. Let's be honest, Grady only scores one on that hit if Steve Pearce takes a better route to that ball.

A final note since there is no morning update and I'm just doing a game recap. But Fausto Carmona could be on his way back. Carmona has reportedly looked very good down in Arizona, but we've heard that before in terms of his bullpen sessions. The Indians will send him to start for one of the minor league teams so he can prove it in-game.

If anything, it's great to hear about him at all, I was starting to wonder if he fell off the face of the earth. But 93 on his fastball and good sink is encouraging. Do it in the game though Fausto and get your head straight. Maybe the cavalry is coming after all.


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