Shaking off the rust because I'm a lazy bum!

It's like something was rebuilt, only now it's sharper, stronger (maybe), less problematic, but definitely not too much faster, if faster at all.

I got my laptop, by very tiring means, back on Thursday. I spent that night and all of Friday basically putting all my old programs, 60 virus protection programs, and re-downloading (no I didn't) season four of How I Met Your Mother (I only kept the important files, as important as Barney Stinson is, he wouldn't fit on my flash drive).

And I now spend Saturday morning, catching up on what was.. I have no clue.

And doing other stuff, like finally updating the Rafael Betancourt Cap Counter.

That's right!

Amazingly, not really any changes to the boards. The Depth Chart underwent some mild changes after the break, but other than that, I wasn't cleaning it up like I did the last time.

Everything here is good though because the reformat actually got rid of a few annoying issues with my laptop.

1.) I no longer have to enter 0000 when I flip my blue-tooth mouse on. It reads it automatically.

2.) IE Explorer and my taskbar is no longer blurry

3.) My color also seems to have improved, as my old Indians wallpaper that I had is showing my awful cut jobs, so I replaced it with a Dwight Howard background I found.

4.) Unfortunately, the reformat didn't make Tomo Ohka better at pitching.

The reformat did lose my ability to see what volume my computer is at. That is unless of course I click on the speaker button down at the bottom by the clock. But who wants to do that when you can be lazy?

Let's get to the past two games and the happenings in the minor leagues before I go even more nuts.

Starting in the minors.

Hector Rondon to the major leagues is the most popular topic going around, even more popular than "erin andrews peephole video" is on google. I should get like 100 hits just for mentioning those words.

I wonder if I can get more?

Peyton Manning

Lance Armstrong

Barrack Obama

Harry Potter

Tomo Ohka

Oh dear I just pressed my luck.

Anyway, Hector Rondon turned in his second out of second good performance for the Clips last night.

He went six innings, giving up just one run off seven hits, no walks, and he struck out five.

This came a day after Carmona impressed with a seven inning outing for the Clippers. Could it be the last start he makes for them? He gave up two runs, but struck out seven and didn't walk a hitter.

I don't want another Tomo Ohka start.. Although that's what we'll get. Carmona...needs...up...now...

Or at his next start at least. They will stall him though, I just know it.

"He threw a good ballgame," Indians manager Eric Wedge said. "Good things are happening and he needs to keep working in that direction."

"Fausto has been pretty good throughout this process. He's been a true professional," Wedge said.

Bobby Livingston gave up 10 beautiful runs in a barn-burner for Akron and Bowie the other night. They did win last night though, Steven Wright blew the save to improve himself to 7-0. Carlos Santana hit a two-run homer and struck out three times.

A night after beating Frederick 9-1, the Kinston Indians lost 10-1 to Potomac. Paolo Espino spot-started for a gem in the win, while McGuire-Stowell platoon piggy-back friendship thing suffered. McGowell?

Give it up for Francisco Jimenez for his Lake County Debut. He jumped the Mahoning Valley level, went 3.2 scoreless innings, giving up just one hit, one walk, and striking out three hitters. The Caps won.

After getting swept by Staten Island, the Scrappers bounced back for a win last night. Juan Aponte and Kyle Bellows went deep in the slug-fest. If you are waiting for Jason Kipnis to make his Scrappers debut, you'll be waiting. Kipnis has reported to the Valley, but he's not 100% yet.

Injury news concerning some of the absent Minor Leaguers in the Minor Happenings for this week. Of note though, Jerad Head was placed on the DL for the Aeros. He hurt himself in Thursday's game. Also notes on why Andy Marte (personal reasons in the DR) and Wyatt Toregas (injured) did not participate in the Triple-A All-Star game.

Let's get to the big leagues now.

Nothing you can do about last night as far as Felix Hernandez goes. David Huff wasn't any good, but he'd have to be that much better than King Felix for the Indians to have a chance, and that's just something he doesn't do right now.
"You can't have that," Huff said. "You've got to be able to go deeper. Sometimes I go out there and do it and sometimes I haven't. I'm just trying to have consistency."
Felix was as good as I've ever seen him. He looked different too the way he pitched. He was a lot faster working when he was good. Glad he isn't in our division.

It comes down to that. Huff no good, Felix very good, team doesn't stand a chance. Grady hit that double that everyone thought was a home run that would have brought it within three instead of four, but really, Aardsma just shut it down in the ninth anyway.

Sizemore is back in the leadoff spot and the past two games, he's been good. I'm keeping him there, even though people still want him in the three hole.

I think I'd move Travis Hafner up to the three hole with Victor Martinez struggling. Choo should stay as the cleanup hitter. He had his best game hitting next to Hafner. Before or After, doesn't matter, put him next to the big dog.

I wish we could pencil in Franklin Gutierrez's name into left field every day.

Remember who said trading Gutierrez was a mistake?

Remember who said we'd regret it?

Okay so I laughed at Shapiro when he acquired another arm for the pen. But it turns out that we were both crazy.

I at least stuck up for Gutierrez.

Which makes me only half-crazy.

I maintain my position on this. Franklin Gutiererz is the best all around defensive outfielder on this team. That's not a slight at Grady Sizemore, but rather a statement at just how good Grady is. He doesn't have the arm that Gutierrez does and I don't think he has AS MUCH god-given talent to go get the baseball at every single spot on the outfielder as Gutierrez does.

You can print this post out and save it, or bookmark it or whatever if you think I'm wrong. I truly believe that we made a mistake in getting rid of Gutierrez at this point. Not just getting rid of him, but for what we got and the situation we are in.

Gutierrez is ripping heads off chickens right now.

"He's finally relaxing," teammate Ken Griffey Jr. said. "Being traded, he was trying to make a good impression and trying to do too much. We got him to relax and go out there and have some fun."

"I don't feel any pressure now," he [Gutierrez] said before the game. "I know that I'm playing every day, so that probably keeps you more relaxed. I didn't make any adjustments in my swing."

That's it?

If we had just gotten him to relax, he'd hit 20 home runs and knock in 9o RBIs like he has the potential to do this year?


Damnit... Let's just stop this...

This is why Terry Pluto is a professional.

Finally, Asdrubal Cabrera has the play of the year (for the Indians at least) so far with that behind the back razzle dazzle. How did Jamey Carroll have this thought in the split second between Cabrera getting the ball and then flipping it behind his back?
"I had a feeling that he may somehow try to get it to me," Carroll said. "I didn't anticipate him throwing it to me behind his back, but I knew it was going to be something different because of the angle he took. He gave me a perfect feed for it. It was a very instinctive play. It happened so fast. It was fun."
It was fun....

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