Cliff Lee Comes Back August 13th, 2010

I'm as shocked as anyone with the news that came down yesterday and is being finalized today and probably tomorrow.

Hey Cliff... Thanks for uh, being totally freakin' awesome for us in the postseason and dominating fools.

But Uh... We want Roy Halladay.


Anyway, I really don't know what the Mariners are giving up, but it doesn't look to be much. While Phildealphia is giving up some prospects to get Halladay, yet getting some for trading Cliff Lee, Seattle, in my mind at least, are coming out good in this one.

Anyway, whatever... Cliff Lee returns August 13th, 2010 to Progressive Field. It will also be the first meeting between Cleveland and Seattle that year.

What's funny is, the Indians would have faced Lee anyway, only in June at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies are on the Tribe's 2010 inter league schedule in June. It wouldn't have been a Cliff Lee return, but that will now happen with him in Seattle and back in the American League.

June 7th, is Victor Martinez's return to Cleveland by the by. Cleveland faced Boston, but if you remember it was in Boston as the regular season finale.

Let's get down to business.

When we last talked on Sunday, I had just talked on and on about the non-tendering of Jose Veras, Anthony Reyes and Adam Miller.

Of course after all that breath was wasted on that and how I believed Reyes and Miller would sign minor league deals, it happened lickity split. I've never used that phrase on this blog before and it has shocked me.

Look, I won't go over all that, just read this. It all comes together. Lofgren not being protected matters none.. This is how it goes down.

Shoppach traded, roster spot open.

Indians take Hector Ambriz, close up that spot.

With a reliever taken and put on the 40 man, it made Jose Veras expendable as they didn't need another reliever of his caliber fighting for a roster spot.

And then the Reyes-Miller situation. By not designated them and waiting til now to just make them free agents, where another team can't get their hands on them without the players agreeing to it, it just makes sense on Shapiro's part.

So really, bravo by Shapiro.

We may have lost Chuck Lofgren, but again, he may not even be gone and if so, if Chuck Lofgren is the only lost name in this whole ordeal, then I'm good with that.

Now there is still a matter of business to await.

The player to be named later, or in this instance, the Player to Be Named on December 20th PTBNODT (for those of you keeping track at home). In a few days we'll find out, but hey. This is pretty much the biggest order of business left of the offseason.

To find out what we get in return for Kelly Shoppach.

Now we've got these extra roster spots, which can be used for whatever as I pointed out on Sunday. I'm thinking they are going to keep at least two open, in fact, ,I think for sure, two are going to be kept open going into Spring just in case someone like Jason Grilli wins a roster spot.

But I think one may be filling up on December 20th.

A New Indians Inbox is up and there really isn't much in it worth exploring, except for this one interesting tidbit that AC dropped in regards to this PTBNODT.

Any speculation on who we're going to get for Kelly Shoppach?
-- Kevin K., Independence, Ohio

Though the Indians won't confirm who they have to choose from on or before the Dec. 20 deadline, I'm hearing it will be one of two right-handed pitchers -- Mitch Talbot or Joseph Cruz.

Mitch Talbot is on the 40-man roster for Tampa Bay and I believe he is out of options (confirmed, yar) if I remember correctly. So.. Hey just a thought. Now he's a starter though, so it would probably be somewhat of an addition to the rotation battle.

Talbot was 16th on the Rays list of top prospects according to Baseball America. Joe Cruz is ranked 23rd. Cruz is a little younger, 21 to be exact, so.

But Talbot would be the "possibly" that Shapiro left open for this player being able to make the big leagues this season, Cruz would not.

So if that's the list, then that possibly is there. But we'll find out in about four days from now.

But it would be a risk taking on Talbot, because he has no options and you are banking on him winning a roster spot.

Tomorrow and Thursday are working days, so unless there is some news, no posting. Maybe some tweets, so keep up with that. And keep on counting down till August 13th.

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