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Introducing: Indians Twidder!

Up until a few weeks ago of this post (12/23), the Cleveland Indians had one athlete on Twitter.

Matt LaPorta was the lone Indian on twitter. Everyone else you found at the time was fake. Grady Sizemore seemed to be a popular one out there, but I'm here to tell you that he does not in fact have a twitter account, at least not yet. Given his recent ahem, incident, I don't think he will anytime soon.

After the 2009 season ended, I got to thinking.. We need more Indians on twitter.. Well we've since been joined by Jensen Lewis, who is a frequenter about his daily happenings and life as a Cleveland Sports fan (Browns, Cavs). We've also recently added Jason Grilli to our Spring Training Roster for the 2010 season and he is one of the more popular baseball players on twitter as he uses it for more than just connecting with fans, but part of his whole marketing thing.

This is not good enough though.. So I set out to accomplish a mission... I set out to create Twitter pages.. I didn't want to go out and create millions of fake accounts. I tried setting up fake twitter pages using html, but that became too involved.. So I used the magic of photoshop to create Faux Twitter pages. We are calling it "Twidder" and this is who has been "Twidderfied."

It doesn't stop with just these.. There may be certain points in the year when I create a new edition. I've listed the date each one and some of these I started in late October, early November to reflect current happenings. From this date on, they'll be more current and "with the times."

Basically it comes down to this: Have you ever wondered what some of our beloved Indians would say if they were on twitter? I do. In fact I think I know. Which is why this was created. You'll see tweets just to the general and sometimes you'll see.. I should say "tweeds" to others in the Indians Twidderverse.

Another fun thing will be followers. You'll see who each Indian Twidder is following and how many people follow them. I hope it shows a reflection of personality as far as what we know and of course it is an exaggeration most of the time. I'll have the listing of each follower with each post.

Again, this is all a joke, so don't take it seriously. But enjoy it and hopefully it will provide a funny caricature on some of our favorite people involved with the Indians that we follow here on a daily basis.

12/23 - @Shap (Mark Shapiro)
1/15 - @TheRealPronk (Travis Hafner)
1/28 - @Hoynsie (Paul Hoynes, Indians Beat Writer)
2/19 - @Grinder_Wedge (Eric Wedge, former Manager)

The debut Twidder page was Mark Shapiro and to go along with that event, I've entered Shapiro into the world of fake twitter accounts. There are many fake accounts that make note of the fact that they are fake. They are basically caricatures of their real selves by over-exaggerating some of their noticeable qualities. Look at NotChipCaray for an example. Let the world see, @FakeShap.

In serious twitter news.. If you want a twitter list of Indians news, I've created one. It has all the important twitter accounts related to the Tribe and it's your go-to-source for breaking news and what not.

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