Indians Twidder: @Shap 12/23

The first edition of Indians Twidder is here...

First up is Mark Shapiro... Now as I pointed out in the introductory post, a lot of these first few pages were done a few months ago from posting of this, so they are reflecting things that happened awhile ago.

Now Mark is a fine man. He is professional and awesome all rolled into one. Many of you who read this blog are probably aware of the fun I make with him and excel spreadsheets. Shapiro is a numbers guy, part of the new age of GM's who love stats and love creating formulas. He's a Princeton grad and we all know he still shares love with Eric Wedge, former Indians manager.

So with all this in mind, here is the first @Shap posting. Click the image to enlarge.

Here is some information..

Followers - Listed in Order on Page
Grady Sizemore
Travis Hafner
Manny Acta
Eric Wedge
Omar Minaya
Microsoft Excel
Eric Mangini
Scott Pioli
Victor Martinez
Chris Antonetti

It's self explanatory as far as the "tweeds" go. I don't need to explain.

Now I've created the real Fake Mark Shaprio account because of the daily happenings within a baseball team would make it easy for me, ahem, Mark Shapiro to keep up a twitter account. There probably will be no more Mark Shapiro Twidders because of this, but hey. The debut of twidder and Mark Shapiro. Enjoy.

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