Anger, Stupid, Buzzword...

So... I think I've about stomached all I can when it comes to one Paul Hoynes.
Hey, Hoynsie: Is there any reason to have hope this season or are we in for a very long season? -- Angelo Costanzo, Cleveland.

Hey, Angelo: This season is going to be longer than the ice age.

The one area that I'll always credit him with is antagonizing readers who send in stupid questions, or repeat questions that don't need repeating. He will take them to task, just as he did the stupid guy who asked about THE OWNERS OF THE TEAM and if they would TAKE A PAY CUT.

Hey, Hoynsie: Can you find out if Larry and Paul Dolan and the front office took pay cuts this year since money is supposedly so tight? -- Pierce Allen, Columbus

Hey, Pierce: Not only did they take pay cuts, but they took furlough days as well. From April 5 (opening day) through the end of the season, they are all taking an unpaid leave of absence. Manny Ramirez is going to retire from the Dodgers' outfield and return to Cleveland to run the team.

Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.

Now, we've seen how I react to people who suck. Facebook reactions didn't come out of bordem. Okay, maybe it did. But it also came out of frustration from reading stupid things. Well there is only one more thing that angers me more than stupid things from fans.

And that's stupid things from people paid to do this job.

Feel free to get out a stupid-count meter for how many times I say the word stupid in this entry.

It's time to take stupid to task.

Paul Hoynes, I don't think your stupid. You may enjoy the occasional chicken wing and miss out on something, like scooping Castrovince, which is fine.

But some of the stuff that is the result of pen hitting pad is downright stupid.

I appreciate the objectivity. Contrary to what many believe, the idea of a beat-writer or someone following the home team isn't to be a hometown writer. I get it.

But the season is going to be longer than the ice age?

You are taking people to task with comedy so much, I have no clue if you are joking. If you realistically believe that we suck and that there is no hope.

Because I believe there is hope. Hope sucks and it's very small, granted, but in the AL Central, in baseball in general, anything is possible.

If a question is silly, be silly in return. If a question has merit or the person is genuinely looking for an opinion, answer the damn question. If you don't want to do that, don't answer it. It's simple as that. It is the reason that I'm now banning the discussion of Hey, Hoynsie for the foreseeable future from this blog.

This has become a joke to Hoynes. It really has. As evidenced by this comment.
Hey, Jim: In good times and bad, I've always found that gallows humor goes a long way when covering the Indians.
We do humor here.. But we are a blog and we are not to be taken seriously all the time.

I don't see it often from Castrovince in his mailbag. I really don't. Sure he has his way of spinning his little quips of humor to make you laugh in his stories, that's what a good writer can choose to do.

See if I was answering a mailbag. I'd just berate the questioner, because I can be a mean son of a bitch.

But the constant humorous (or at least in Hoynes' mind, because they aren't that funny) responses lead me to wonder what is humor and what is not.

Now look, I'm not trying to tell Paul Hoynes to do his job or how to write. God knows he has a job you could pay me in cheeseburgers to work (could, doesn't mean I would notice) and I respect the work he put in to getting to that spot. But enough is enough with the cynicism. It reverberates down to the fan base because as you can plainly see, many people read the Plain Dealer, many people go to it for a source of news. And Paul Hoynes is the man that is connected to the Cleveland Indians.

His random spouts of cynical humor impact this club's followers and gives them these stupid ideas.



So when it's announced that our new third base coach is competing in the Amazing Race with his daughter, people go absolutely ape-shad over that for no stupid reason.

Again, I'm not telling Hoynes how to do his job. I'm also not bashing him. I'm just sick of seeing someone with the biggest voice on the Tribe fall in line with the rest of the stupid schmo's who have a problem with Steve Smith competing in a reality show.

As long as Michael Brantley isn't going to be one of the seven strangers picked to live in a house or Matt LaPorta isn't living in New Jersey with Snookie, why would this concern anyone. Especially a coach? IT'S THE AMAZING RACE PEOPLE! IT'S STEVE SMITH!


They don't do these reality things live you numskulls. He's going to coach this year and be there for spring training.

Sometimes I just don't understand.

It goes back to our voice.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- If the Indians upcoming season is going to be as bad as many predict, at least the team will be able to offer some off-the-field entertainment during the course of the year.
If the season is going to be bad as many predict? What the hell kind of start to an article about Steve Smith being on a reality show is that? Off-the-field entertainment? Is this club that much of a laughing stock?

Am I just angry today or something? Maybe... Perhaps I'm just letting off some steam onto a figurehead that has poked small subtle annoyances at me in the past and I'm just now deciding to absolutely unload a wrath of fury onto him. Or perhaps I'm right.

Either way I respect the job he holds and the position of power he is in. I just would llike to see him be a little more responsible with it.

So why is it that I say whatever I want and don't hold myself to those same restrictions? Well because people aren't exactly paying for what I have to say. They are accessing it on their own free will. There's ninety-thousand other blogs out there that someone can read if they think I'm a jackass. There is only one Cleveland Plain Dealer beat-writer.

So that's my completely messed-up array of principles on this whole stupid dynamic. I'm an idiot? Sure I am. But if I ever get a job like that, I would never be that cynical, becuase I realize the audience.

That's the main point today.

Stop being jerks about this team. It could absolutely suck.. No doubt... But this is January 25th people. Maybe it's the weather and maybe it's the gloom talking. But wait until this team at least loses their first spring training game before you go all rotten.

Baseball is the greatest sport in the world, at least according to us fans of the game. Don't ruin it with this garbage before things even start.

With that rant out of the way... Perhaps lets actually talk about this team a bit.

There are a few more links I need to share before I depart.

The Around the Horn series of Indians positions has continued with Castrovince breaking down the Catching position.

We've discussed Lou Marson and Wyatt Toregas and the impact Redmond signing has on that situation and no doubt we'll do it some more. But I think the thing to take away from this one here is this.

People emphasize the Sandy Alomar addition to the staff when they discuss the reasoning behind signing Redmond. But I think you need to realize that there is only so much Sandy Alomar can do as a coach. That on the field presence, that guy in the trenches there with you... That's valuable. Sandy Alomar isn't going to be working with the pitching staff during the games and before the games on game plans and what not.

Mike Redmond is.

So take that and chew on it... Or just complain more about the signing...

Sparse notes on the Tribe during these times from Terry Pluto. But he does chime in on the Bixler deal, Michael Brantley and reminds us that Grady Sizemore was hurt last year. If he's healthy this year, different team. Another reason this year may not be as long as Hoynes thinks.

I incidentally skipped the mention about the Tribe's television and radio schedule. My bad.

We are perhaps, I should be cautious when I say this, but we are guaranteed 148 games televised on STO/WKYC3.

ESPN and FOX will have another 3. The two ESPN games are Monday night affairs, which means they SHOULD be on (If they get blacked out, I do believe they will be on STO.. If not, we riot) and the other one on FOX is slated for April 17th, a Saturday.

What about the other 11 games? That damn FOX window I would presume. Like the April 24th affair with Oakland that starts at 4..

Either way, every single game will be on the good old fashioned radio. Tom Hamilton and Mike Heagen return, with the addition of pregame host, sometimes fill-in, and sometimes spring training play-by-play man Jim Rosenhaus doing an inning of every game. Which will be interesting.

Rosy does a good job though and maybe this will reduce the chances of Hammy having a heart attack on air. Let's be honest, he isn't s

The prospect countdown continues at IPI. Number 47 is Bo Greenwell..

Sometime this week... Sparked by my anger with Hoynes, is a fake Hoynes twidder... I was going to go in a different direction, until the spark. So expect that as I already have the tweets, I just need to find what he will follow.

Remember the winter press tour kicks off tomorrow...

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