Indians Twidder: @Hoynsie 1/28

Remember my little rant earlier this week?

Well I figured it was only right if I unleashed my Paul Hoynes Twidder on the world.

We all know him as the lovable big guy who covers the Tribe on a day to day basis for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. We love to believe he likes food and more food, sarcasm, humor about the Indians... uh, downness.. I think his likes are clearly demonstrated with his background, fried chicken, and his main followings. Not many people follow him as you can tell, so he'd appreciate it if you'd give him some love.


Mark Shapiro
Grady Sizemore
Travis Hafner
Casey Blake
Eric Wedge
Shin-Soo Boo
Sheldon Ocker
Anthony Castrovince
Indians Insider
Cleveland Indians
The Tribe Daily
Buster Olney
The Phillie Phanatic
The San Diego Chicken
Pee Wee Herman
Prince Fielder
The Cookie Monster
Chocolate Frosting
Albert Belle
Popeyes Chicken
Sobo Chocolate
Jack in the Box
Burger King
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell
Man Vs Food

Hoynsie is pretty much a serial twidderer. He likes bugging Shapiro for scoops, but he won't get them. As you can see, creepy Sheldon Ocker has even bugged him as well. Hoynes follows a lot of food and food places, it takes up the majority of his followings. He is following a few Indians players and people and some people within the industry of media, but he's more concerned with the updates from Jack in the Box and chasing after the chickens than he is the Indians.

I kid.

I can't explain Pee Wee Herman though. I guess that's an acquired taste.

Seriously though, make sure you follow the site on twitter and if you want a feed of the latest Indians news, follow this list. Also give @FakeShap some more love, he's really getting lonely and he may be talking to himself most of the summer if no one adds him.

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