Indians Twidder: @TheReal Pronk 1/15

Well I think it's time to get one of these older Twidder's I completed out the way. They need to be burned off before the season starts so we can start doing some current ones.

As I mentioned here, some of these were completed months ago. So you'll see dates from last year. This one is the first one I actually did and I'm real proud of it.

Travis is a rugged individual who now has both a wife and a kid. When he arrived in Cleveland, he was a big lug that played video games and watched wrestling. Now he's the same guy with a family. He's also a big player of fantasy football and his best friend is in Los Angeles. Without further explanation, here is Hafner's Twidder Page.. What he would really say if he was on Twitter.


Casey Blake
Amy Hafner
Cliff Lee
Grady Sizemore
Kelly Shoppach
Manny Acta
XBox 360
Tom Selleck
Javier Bardem
Affliction T-Shirts
Jerry "The King" Lawler
CC Sabathia
Amy Nelson
Steve Smith the Coach
Indians Insider
Bill Selby
Ryan Ludwick
T-Shirt Hell
Ken Rosenthal
The Fink
Raw/Smackdown Video Game
Ryan Garko
David Dellucci
ESPN Fantasy Football
Jensen Lewis
Malley's Chocolate
Kenny FN Powers
Cleveland Indians
Matthew Berry
CJ Wilson

As you can tell, Hafner is very active on the tweet scene. Following his wrestling friends, fantasy football news, video game stuff and his best friends and worst enemies (CJ Wilson). He tweets to Lawler about hosting RAW (I'd watch if he was on), his fantasy team and at this particular time, about his new baby boy.

As always, make sure you follow the site on twitter and if you want a feed of the latest Indians news, follow this list. Also give @FakeShap some more love.

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