Talking about talking... Odds and Ends on Sunday Morning

I've started work on what I'm dubbing as my 2010 MLB Season Manifesto.


You see, I'm more than just an Indians fan. I'm a baseball fan. I've got many thoughts rolling around in my head that don't pertain to the Tribe and I always feel the need to get them down on paper.

This thing is going to be incredibly lengthy and perhaps terrifying for people who don't like to read. But I get enjoyment out of it. I figure I will supplement that to my season previews for each team and just make the previews condensed. Last year I undertook the daunting task of previewing each MLB team and I went a little overboard.

Anyway, I tell you this because I don't have any other way to start this off, which as you should know by now, is common practice here.

I do have some links to go over this Sunday morning however. So I'll stop wasting your time with my escapades.

Terry Pluto graces our presence with the idea of bringing back Russell Branyan on a one year deal if no one else will have him. The guy had a career year hitting the long ball, yet he can't find work. Given this economy and the situation many teams are in, I can buy it. A few years ago, he might have gotten a deal, a guaranteed spot, in December.

Now a days, it's tough sledding for a guy like Branyan. Teams don't want to take the chance. Imagine a guy coming off a year like the one he did having to sign a minor league deal. That's the only terms I'd bring him in on if I were the Indians. I don't know if Branyan would settle for that though.

If Russ is forced to take a minor league deal, I'd think it would be with a team that had more of an opening at 1B or DH. The Indians don't, unless Mr. LaPorta isn't healthy.

Pluto does say that the Indians are "talking about Branyan" which is odd to me. But hey.. At least it isn't some odd rumor about Orlando Hudson.

We finally got someone in a major Cleveland media position to address this. Along with the findings of Tony at IPI, the fact that no one said anything in Cleveland, led me to believe that Ken Rosenthal made the whole thing up.

Maybe he didn't make it up. But maybe someone told him there was a mystery team involved in the Hudson race and Rosenthal seeing the Indians gap at second, figured, WHY NOT THEM! Then to cover his ass about the salary thing, he said they were considering the trade of a player that would free up salary room.

I consider Rosenthal to be a decent reporter, in terms of breaking news. But this just baffles my mind. When the Indians say there were no discussions, who creates that rumor?

I know that sometimes a team will leak something and then deny it. That's just a game teams play all the time for one reason or another. But the Indians are in no position to be doing this. Perhaps it was another team that leaked the rumor, or it was Hudson's agent looking to drive the price of his client up.

Either way.. It sucks for Fausto Carmona, because that's the last thing he needed. Day one when he walks into the door, I tell Carmona that the entire thing was bogus and they never considered trading him. Anything that doesn't put confidence into the mind of Fausto Carmona is bad business.

The late Herb Score is a finalist for the Ford C. Frick Award, which is awarded annually as a high-baseball broadcasting honor. Many have called for Herb to go into Cooperstown as a broadcaster into their wing of baseball's historic hall.

The outpouring of emotion over Herb when he died says enough for me. The guy made a difference for a lot of Indians' fans and the way they followed the team and the game.

Baseball Prospectus' projections always interest me. Last year I bought the Baseball-Prospectus book and I decided that it was way too "staty" for me. I'll come out and admit I didn't understand half the stats that were being presented to me. I don't know how they projected the amazing rookie season Evan Longoria had.

But their projections are still interesting. They've got the Indians finishing fourth in the AL Central with 77 wins. That's nothing when you look at the fact that they have the Twins winning the division with just 83 wins. Guys, this division is very much winnable. We might not have a team to compete for what we wish, but this season may be a little more competitive than some are expecting.

Finally, I must extend my thumbs up to Paul Cousineau of TheDiaTribe for his excellent fill-in on Thursday's episode of ABAO on STO. For it being his first time doing something like that, he did a bang-up job. You could tell when it came down to actually talking about the Tribe, he was in his element. If you want to see part of the show, specifically the hour he had Tony Lastoria on from IPI, you can view the six videos Tony posted on his site, here.

If Paul's weekly Sunday musings isn't in your reading, maybe read it this week. He astutely points out more Paul Hoynes shenanigans as the CPD beat writer continues to bellyache over the Indians inactivity this offseason, for the second time in two weeks.

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