Tribe Signs Catcher Mike Redmond

The Twins ship has been dealt another blow!

Not really.

But Cleveland has taken a Minnesota Twin and added him to their squad.

This time we've got our first Major League deal.

Catcher Mike Redmond has agreed to become the Indians backup catcher to Lou Marson with a one year deal.

This is a surprise as it was expected to be Wyatt Toregas and Chris Gimenez sharing backup duties, with Toregas getting the majority. Cleveland must feel like they need a stable veteran backup though.

Which I don't disagree with.

And Redmond is a great clubhouse presence in addition to that.

Redmond is now on the 40 man roster, which means there is one more slot open. He'll be on the club when they break camp. That's a no doubter (baring injury of course). Others like Grudz will have to fight for their roster spot.

You are looking at one of the better veteran backup backstops in the game right here. He's a career .289 hitter and he knows how to handle a pitching staff. He'll bring a lot of needed experience and leadership to a young team.

This is a good signing in my book. I can't imagine he'll be making much and it also tells me that maybe, just maybe we could see Carlos Santana sooner rather than later, depending on how well Marson plays and Santana develops.

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