Watch All Bets Are Off on STO Today

For those of you who are interested...

Today is a must watch if you are a viewer of STO programming or the All Bets Are Off program with Bruce Drennan. Bruce has been out on vacation and they've been bringing in guest hosts the past two weeks. I've only been able to stomach a few of them (Greg Brinda, Arggghhh annoying). But today one of our (Indian's fans) own takes over hosting duties.

The DiaTribe's own Paul Cousineau will be hosting from 3 to 6 today. Good luck to Paul with his hosting duties, I'm sure he'll do a great job.

But Paul isn't the only reason to tune in. For one, with him hosting it will be an Indians centered show, but he'll be joined by his radio partner and prospect guru Tony Lastoria of Indians Prospect Insider for about an hour at 4:30. So plenty of prospect talk.

But that isn't all.. Anthony Castrovince is slated towards the end of the program. So we get to check in with the man with the plan.. Or at least an idea of that plan.

It will be a very Indian friendly program today and on top of that, two of our own in the whole "blogosphere" are taking over television for three hours. Tune in and give them your support. You will see guys like Paul and Tony know just as much, if not more, about the Indians than any of the other "experts" or so that they could bring in.

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