Chris Antonetti To Become GM After 2010, Shapiro Team President

This morning, there was a tweet that came across the Swain/Sibel Indians Insider twitter account about a 1:30 Press Conference slated for today.

Immediately, everyone is going to think Russell Branyan has signed.

No Sir.

Anthony Castrovince confirmed that it had nothing to do with Branyan.

Then first word about what it actually was came in from Sirius/XM's Jim Duquette via Brady Gardiner's twitter account. Who is Brady Gardiner? He's a producer for MLB Home Plate, Sirus/XM's satellite radio program.

The press conference would be to announce that Mark Shapiro will be ascending to the Team President role and Chris Antonetti would become General Manager. Time table unknown.

Anthony Castrovince then confirmed this and a press release has already been sent out.

The details have now emerged in the past few hours.

Chris Antonetti will become the GM and Shapiro the Team President at the conclusion of the 2010 season. According to AC, Antonetti has already been assuming some of the day-to-day GM duties and the team has been able to hold onto him as their assistant GM for this long by paying him a "GM-like" salary.

So what's going on here?

Basically this has been a move that's been the world's worst kept secret. Shapiro has made no bones about moving up from a General Manager role and the fact that the Indians were able to keep Antonetti away from the Cardinals in 2007 speaks to just what the plan was.

This has been speculated about for awhile now and the Indians have decided now is the time to make the change.

So what's this mean?

Shapiro will still be involved in the baseball operations side of the the game, but he'll also be taking on business duties as well. Which of course means he won't be AS involved in the baseball side, which means Antonetti is going to be largely responsible for the day-to-day type of stuff.

This probably also means some of the duties Antonetti holds will be relinquished to other people.

As I post this, the press conference will be taking place in about 15 minutes. I'm sure MLB.com could cover it and I'm almost certain that STO will have it. If not, I'm sure some outlet will provide video or audio after.

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