The Dawn of a New Day

Why is it that every site I've read like ESPN and Sporting News, has the pitchers and catchers reporting Tuesday and everyone else like, Friday, or some junk like that?

Hello! Pitchers and Catchers are here!

That my friends is why I've got the local newspapers for all 30 MLB teams in my Google Reader. I've got ESPN's Spring Training Blog in there as well, because they do have little facts and tidbits I like to know, but I in large part get all my information from the local guys.

Let's hope they are not as cynical as some our newspaper beat-writers.

I won't get into that. That's offseason fodder that doesn't need to be present now that we've got substance to talk about.

Manny Acta was mum on Russell Branyan, only stating that he wouldn't talk about anyone until it was official.
"Let's wait until everything becomes official," Acta said. "Then we'll answer all those questions."
 He did however say that Matt LaPorta would be about a week behind his teammates. That makes sense, Mid-April would put him at the six month mark from his surgery. If anything, that's good news and it sounds like he's ahead of schedule.

Acta had some things to say about Rafael Perez and Fausto Carmona, who both got in some throwing yesterday.
"We're very encouraged by the way they threw the ball in winter ball. ... We're looking forward to them bouncing back."
 Acta was encouraged by the fact that his core group of players had already reported before Pitchers and Catchers were required to report. You can hear more of what he had to say from the Plain Dealer's audio snippet. All 35 P's and C's have reported though. Wednesday is the day for everyone else, but as Castrovince notes in the return of Spring Training Minutiae, everyone is pretty much there.

One more Acta quote that I think is interesting and it reflects Luis Valbuena and his situation.
"We're not in the business of developing platoon players at 24 years old," Acta said. "We're going to give him opportunities [against lefties]."
He is in fact coming into this camp as the starting second baseman.

Today, all 35 pitchers and catchers will undergo physicals and they will begin individual meetings to tell where each player stands. The official first workout will happen Tuesday and then by Wednesday, everyone should be officially reported.

I mentioned it in the Primer yesterday, but it is worth repeating and further explaining.

Edward Salcedo is on the verge of signing a major league contract with the Atlanta Braves organization. You may or may not remember him as the very young shortstop that the Indians were interested in signing a few years ago, back when I started this blog in fact. It was really one of the first piece of news items we handled.

Well it turns out Salcedo's age has finally been verified and he'll become a member of the Braves after they fostered a lot of the rigmarole that was needed to verify him. Back when the Indians had interest in signing him, and almost did, he was a Scott Boras client that took part in the Indians Dominican Baseball Academy.

I'm pretty content with our shortstop, you? However that two bills that the reportedly the Indians offered a few years ago, and spent on Branyan this year, wouldn't mind that being put towards young talent. Not even Salcedo, but rather our first round draft pick this year perhaps?

Finally, I think we'll end up all these daily or two-day wrap-ups with everything stupid.

The three stupid notes that I've gathered from reading everything. Mike Gosling arrived with things packed in a garbage bag because it just fit in his car better. Matt Underwood has established the first injury of the spring after he reported to camp with a broken middle finger. And Manny Acta has two cellphones and it isn't because he's Buster Olney and has many sources contacting him, one of them is his Spanish phone.

Speaking of Underwood... Your prime time lineup spot at 10 PM is filled up for awhile. Spring Training Daily is on Sportstimeohio every weeknight this week. Not that you were going to watch Jay Leno or anything like that. Yeah I know the Olympics are on, but I have to get my digs in on him.

Branyan takes his physical tomorrow... Rejoice, we've got stuff to talk about!

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