I'm sorry for neglecting you as a child

What a week of hell this has been in terms of homework.

I'm here though and alive. Unfortunately for the next week I don't know how often I'll be updating, not that there is really anything interesting going on in the land of the Indians or anything, but you know me.

So I'll use this to do a little bit of house cleaning, then be off to tackle a take-home essay exam, a book report, and a feature story, all needing to be done before Tuesday, because I'm going to Cleveland all day that day.


Seriously, I just refer you to Charlie's excellent post over at IPI to recap the Triple-A National Championship game between the Clippers and the Tacoma Rainiers.

I don't know if I brought this up a week ago, but Mike Sarbaugh can't get away from this organization. Hopefully no one goes after him and the club makes every effort to keep him around another year in some capacity, whether it is with the Clippers again, or the big league club.

The guy just wins. Columbus, Akron, Kinston, and Mahoning Valley He has hit every level and brought home a title. Coincidence? I don't think so, considering the titles have been spread out a good amount, this guy is a stud.

This team was hit hard with call-ups because of the injuries and trades to the Indians. You look at their roster from the beginning of the season and at the end here, it is totally different and they still won it all.

C - Carlos Santana; 1B - Wes Hodges; 2B - Jason Donald; SS - Brian Bixler; 3B - Brian Buscher; OF - Jose Constanza; OF - Trevor Crowe; OF - Chris Gimenez
SP - Carlos Carrasco, Yohan Pino, Josh Tomlin, Scott Lewis, Jeanmar Gomez

C - Luke Carlin; 1B - Wes Hodges; 2B - Cord Phelps; SS - Josh Rodriguez; 3B - Jared Goedert; OF - Matt McBride; OF - Jose Constanza; OF - Zeke Carrera; OF - Jared Head
SP - Corey Kluber, David Huff, Zach McAllister, Paolo Espino, Yohan Pino

It isn't so much the talent (I think position by position, the September team looks a lot better than the one in April, asaide from Santana, of course. Not to mention this team had Kipnis too) but the fact that there was a lot of turnover and that is tough for a manager to deal with, especially at the minor league level.

Yet the club kept rolling and pulled off the win. What a season, what a season. What a postseason. They outscored the opposition 71-30!

Visit the Clippers Facebook page for some pictures of the Governor's Cup and the Triple-A trophy together.


Midwest League? Whatever, every other team in the Midwest is 0-for-1 with the Captains involved. Lake County won the Midwest League, their first year in it. Largely they were a first-half team, but this team turned it on in the playoffs, thanks in part to some additions from Kinston and the draft, but this crew got it done as well.

This is good.. The club won at two levels, the Triple-A and the Low-A... The two in between made the playoffs or finished .500, so the talent isn't just at one level. It's just going to keep coming. For those of you that say this organization is devoid of talent, look again. These clubs aren't winning by miracles, they're all good.

Soon enough all these guys are going to be getting close to Cleveland and the club will have no shortage of options.

Tony Lastoria was lucky enough to be in attendance for the clincher and he and Lianna Holub took a bunch of photos and videos of the celebration. Check it out.


There is a reason the first two stories and even this third one all relate to the minor leagues. There ain't much happening!

The club called up Aaron Laffey when the Clippers won the Governor's Cup and now that their season is completely finished, Vinnie Pestano and catcher Luke Carlin will join the club in Cleveland for this weekend series against Kansas City. Carlin and Pestano both need to be added to the 40-man roster and we'll see who gets tossed or if they just place Santana and on the 60-day and try and wiggle Chad Huffman through waivers.

Why Pestano and Carlin and not Todd, Judy, and Carrera? Todd and Carrera are at least on the 40-man.

Manny Acta said that the club isn't going to call up players just to call them up and have them sit the bench. Pestano and Carlin are getting called up because the club has a need for them.

Why not Todd though, since he's on the 40-man? I think the Indians want to legit look at Pestano and really, he deserves it 1000x more than The Todd Time does.

Why Carlin? Everyone pretty much calls up a third catcher. Luke won't make it to next season the 40. I'm assuming the Indians wouldn't bother if they didn't have a sound plan with the 40. Really it seems puzzling, but it's a small move. I'm not overly concerned about what they'll end up doing here.


With Donald's injury and Cabrera a little banged up, freakin' Drew Sutton is playing a whole lot lately. Another reason there isn't much going on.

Good news about Kinston catcher Chun Chen. He's been selected to the Taiwainese National Team and he'll participate in the Asia Games. Unlike South Korea, just being selected to the team reduces Military Obligations for players. Chen will only have to serve for 12 days, rather than like, two years.

What's he going to do for them in 12 days is my question? Train? I mean seriously, that makes no sense, but I'm not going to complain man. Now all we need to do is see Choo's South Korea team win it all and we'll be golden.

That will be it for me. I've got things to do and people to see. Not really people to see, but you get the picture. I'm attending the Indians Intern Fair on Tuesday and going to the game again on Wednesday against the Tigers. Likely my last Progressive Field visit for the season. Should be fun.

One side note about the boards and their updates. Everyone who has been on the active roster all year has reached 172 service days. The ones that haven't have a little dash in that bonus column. One thing I didn't account for was just that, so next year I'll count service days in 2011 and have it automatically added to their totals. This way I can keep track of both. Slight oversight, but the only two that will reach 172 this season are LaPorta and Nix, I have how many more days they have next to their numbers. So there's that.

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