Kerry Wood Trade Completion, Payroll, and Keeping Sandy

Any time is a good time to watch the New York Yankees fail.

Not only because it isn't the Yankees in the World Series, I'm glad to see the Rangers make the World Series. They've never been there, let alone win one. Yet they're existence was still after the Indians last won a World Series, so in a way, we've still suffered longer.

Oh and let's not forget the Giants who are right below us in terms of waiting for a World Series. The only thing is that one came before they moved to San Francisco, so in a way, they too have been suffering with nothing to show.

Let's put it this way, only the Cubs fans can cry more than we can at this point and they could probably cry ten times harder considering they have ten more rotten memories than we do.

Let's get to the latest. Feathers go up Tuesday (baring I don't get overcome with exhaustion, then at which point it will be Wednesday).


That sucker went over to New York and pitched lights out in a set-up role. Of course he faltered a bit in game six, but the guy gave up just two earned runs in 26 innings. What the hell damn guy?!

Anyway, I guess we shouldn't complain as that performance by Kerry Wood probably netted the Indians more than they would have originally thought.

On a quick aside before we get into what the Indians got... I will point to the latest Hey Hoynsie for one reason and one reason only.

"I talked to Wood about that in the early part of the ALCS. He said he was being used more consistently as a set-up man with the Yankees than he was as a closer with the Indians."

Yep... This is a point I think I was screaming about for the past two season. And not just with Kerry Wood, but with most relievers, but especially with Wood and the closers spot because of how sporadically our closer gets work.

With Wood though, you were in a tough spot because he isn't a young guy like Chris Perez that you don't have to worry about. You can throw Chris Perez in there during a tie game and not have to worry about him coming back tomorrow if he has to save a game.

There was that concern with Wood though. Anyway, moving on.

The Indians received two throw-ins, and really they are throw-ins, to complete the Kerry Wood trade. Andrew Shive a 24-year-old right handed reliever in Low-A and Matt Cusick, a 24-year-old infielder who split time between Trenton and Scranton last season.

Neither of any value really, especially Shive who, as Tony Lastoria makes us aware of, has already had Tommy John surgery. I'm not even going to bother, these guys are just filler. Innings eaters and warm bodies.

What really matters is the dollar amount. As it turns out the Indians received over $3 million in monies. This begs the question, what was the bottom line in the Wood deal in terms of dollar amounts?

The bottom line is that the Indians came ahead on this one. It was first noted that the Yankees were going to pay a million and a half for the remaining $3.6 on Wood's contract. Since he didn't go on the DL, they got an extra half a million. Looks like there was at least another million in escalators in his performance as the Indians pretty much ended up with the Yankees paying most of that $3.6 million.

Go ahead, do a little jig in your living room. Wood might have flamed out with the Indians and found his revival in New York, but the Indians pretty much dumped his entire remaining salary and used it all to do this.


Speaking of awesome draft classes...

The Indians named Jason Kipnis the winner of the 2010 Lou Boudreau Award and Alex White the winner of the 2010 Bob Feller Award. These honors are for the Minor League Player and Pitcher of the year in the Indians organization. If you'll remember, I gave Kipnis and White Akron's feathers and that was just for their work in Akron. Add in their Kinston numbers and performance and I think it is pretty clear why these two won. Not bad for a first-second round punch in 2009.


Tony has final (somewhat) stats from the Parallel League on IPI.

Here is a bit of an Arizona Fall League update. Start off by reading Tony's notebook as he was in Arizona to take in some of the action.

Jason Kipnis: He's hitting just .161 in eight games for the Peoria squad. He has hit a pair of home runs and knocked in nine RBI, so at least his five hits have been productive.

Cord Phelps: He's arrived and he's collected the same number of hits in half the games Kipnis has. He's trying his hand at third to build up his versatility.

Scott Barnes: He's the Indians designated starter, so he gets the ball to start and will probably log the most innings. So far he's given up six earned in 10.2 innings of work in three starts.

Eric Berger: Pitching in relief he's made three appearances and hasn't given up an earned run.

CC Lee and Bryan Price: They two have made three appearances and they too have been struggling. All pitchers pretty much struggle though, so it shouldn't be much of a shock to anyone.

The AFL isn't the only thing going on, there are other Indians in action around the Latin countries.

In the Dominican Republic, Matt McBride went 1-4 with a double in his first game with Gigantes.

In Venezuela, Rare Breed is knocking the ball around. He's got nine hits in nine games and has knocked in three runs. In addition tot hat, he's walked eight times! Well I'll be.

Luis Valbuena has been busy in ten games, but he hasn't really hit the ball. He has one less walk (7) than hits (8) and he's only knocked in a run for Cardenales de Lara.

You can keep up with Indians in the Winter Leagues here.


Downright shocked when I saw that Sandy Alomar Jr. was a finalist for the Toronto job.

The good news is that it appears as if the Blue Jays are going with John Farrell, if he wants it.

If you'll remember back to last year, I think myself and a lot of Indians fans were campaigning for Farrell, former member of the Tribe front office, to get the Indians job. But Farrell wanted nothing to do with the Indians and wouldn't even interview. In fact he didn't really want anything to do with a managerial job.

Now it appears as if he's at least considering it in Toronto. It feels kind of cruddy that he didn't want anything to do with the Indians, but maybe he just wasn't ready to leave his post in Boston.

The one stumbling block is him accepting the offer the Blue Jays have made for his services. So in a way we aren't out of the woods with Alomar leaving, but it appeared as if DeMarlo Hale (also of Boston) were the two finalists in addition to Alomar.

In other sort of personel news, Josh Byrnes is a finalist for the Mets GM job. It appears as if Sandy Alderson is the favorite, which would continue to make Byrnes a free agent and likely without a GM post in 2011.

It still isn't out of the realm of possibilities that Antonetti brings Brynes into the fold if he doesn't get the job in New York. I'm sure he'll want to be in the game and he has familiarity with this organization.

In other news... Akron will be getting a new manager next season. Joel Skinner has moved on to Oakland where he'll be the bench coach.

If Sandy were to move on, which I don't think he would. I believe that the first base job would pretty much be Mike Sarbaugh's. The guy is a stud and he'll be on the big league staff sooner rather than later and I don't think the Indians would object to having him there next season if they had to.

That would create several openings in the minor league system with Skinner's departure. As for who will certainly fill the Akron space as that is officially open. I'd have to think that the Indians will ask their rising star of Travis Fryman if he wants a full-season gig. The only reason he is at Mahoning Valley is because he doesn't want to work a full-time.

I think it is quite obvious though that he has a future as a manager on a big league staff and Akron would be a nice starting point for him to go through with that. If Fryman isn't the guy, I think you see them go outside the organization in some way.. Either to fill a Kinston or Lake County void (That would inevitably be created by Holbert or Kubiak getting a promotion(s)) or to fill the Akron space.

Edit: And just as I posted this. John Farrell the guy in Toronto. YAY!


Interesting post up at MLB Trade Rumors. The Indians have the seventh lowest amount of committed salary next season. The Athletics, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Pirates, Rays, and Padres have less. How in the world do the Padres only have $1.1 million in committed salary? The Indians have $27 million in Hafner, Sizemore, and Carmona. I'll be updating the salary chart rather soon.

Brought up the Adam Miller comeback last week and now Tony has a fantastic in-depth piece on it all. Give it a read.

I think sometimes we take for granted how grueling an offseason can be for a player when they have to spend it rehabbing. It is almost as if they don't have an offseason. Luckily for Matt LaPorta, he actually gets one this year and he can use it to not only recharge his batteries from a whirlwind of action that probably hasn't stopped since he arrived in the organization, but strengthen them for this upcoming season.

How about our guy Castrovince covering the NLCS? Even as he moves up in the world, he still had time to complete the latest Indians Inbox.

I think the only thing relevant that we haven't already covered that is mentioned in the Inbox is the fact that the Tribe uniforms will received "subtle" changes in 2011. The Indians will be unveiling them in November. I'm always excited for uniform tweaks. I'm a geek like that.

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