Notes and Quotes: Rip It Up, Rip It UP

One more Sunday of the season, we might as well go out in style, right?

And when I say, "in style" I mean, "savagely ripping apart certain individuals."

I think I'll start a list....


Who the hell does Jhonny Peralta think he is? You spell your name backwards and all of a sudden you think you're hot stuff.

Paulie C at the DiaTribe has an interesting, and for me very irritating, link in his latest Lazy Sunday.

It leads to a Detroit Tigers story about Peralta having a conversation with Shin-Soo Choo about Peralta's time in Detroit. A few months in Detroit and Peralta is all smiles, playing shortstop and, in all honestly playing just a little bit better than he was with Cleveland. After this past series when Peralta returned to Progressive Field, Choo apparantely on his own will walked up to Peralta and uttered these words.

"When I'm a free agent, I want to go to Detroit."

First of all, what language do these two speak when they are talking to each other? Since when were THESE TWO such good friends? I know Peralta was tight with the Latin guys like Andy Marte and Fausto Carmona... But him and Choo?

So close that Choo would willingly tell Jhonny Peralta, three years away from free agency, that when he becomes a free agent, he isn't just thinking about Detroit, but WANTS to go to Detroit.

Who even knows if Jhonny Peralta has a job in three years, let alone is still playing with Detroit.

Now Paul digs deeper into the whole situation, which is convoluted enough with Peralta involved, but has plenty of underlying stories with Scott Boras. Not only is he the agent of Shin-Soo Choo, but of many prominent players that the Tigers have signed the past few seasons when no one else wanted them.

I shouldn't say that no one wanted them, but rather, no one was stupid enough to give those players the money they were demanding.

I'm taking these comments with a grain of salt for two reasons.

1.) As I've mentioned relentlessly for the past few paragraphs, Shin-Soo Choo is three years away Free Agency... Call me in two seasons.


This is the same guy that continuously gave you the most head-scratching quotes you'd ever read for whatever reason. Whether it is just him, his grasp of the English language, or whatever, but when has Peralta ever said anything that didn't make you say...

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Just type in Jhonny Peralta into the search option on this site and look back for some of the stories on him. I've pointed them out in the past. He's weird! He says things that don't make sense for whatever reason, or things that just rub you the wrong way. Did he just say that? Maybe! No one knows because no one knows if he knows what he's saying. This sort of leads me into the other things Peralta had to say.

"Two months and I feel like I've been a Tiger for a long time," Peralta said. "I have a lot of friends in the Indians' clubhouse. Now, it's time to be here. I like everybody here. I'm so happy to be in Detroit."

"A couple guys asked me that," Peralta said. "They say, 'Wow, you're doing so good in Detroit.' I say it's so different. It's good to play baseball here with this team. I feel really good right now with everything that I'm doing -- defense and offense. They're happy with what I do, and I'm happy, too."

Look I'm not one to get on a guy like Peralta for finding happiness... But really? I'm pretty sure this is just the honeymoon phase. I'm pretty sure the only reason he's happy is because it isn't Cleveland and he is playing short.

In a way, have  fun with each other. I really hope Detroit picks up your option and you two live happily ever after in 2011.

As for this whole Choo situation... I'm not going to touch it. It smells of fish and I don't like fish. Choo is three years away from Free Agency, so any thoughts of going to Detroit when that time comes is three years away. Now if we're going to discuss the larger issue, and that is Choo's arbitration/contract situation, that is something worth discussing.

We'll get to that at some point, but for right now, I laugh in the face of Peralta and anything he has to say.

So he's hit one more home run in less at-bats.. Big deal, he's not hitting all that much higher in average and he's still getting on base at a very sub-par rate. While he has one more home run, he has 16-less doubles, so really, has his power source really returned? No, not all that much.

And as for Choo's arbitration situation.. One should beg to ask, was Choo the one who said this gem in CastroTurf's latest entry?

"This is the smallest paycheck I'm going to get until I'm a 40-year-old retread."

The choices are slim, so I'm going to venture off and say that Chris Perez is probably the one that said that.. Mainly because he's a reliever and I can see him calling himself a 40-year-old retread.


The big thing going around right now, partially because the home-season wrapped up earlier this week, is the Indians attendance numbers and the fact that they will finish last this season.

"It is important for me," manager Manny Acta said. "'Last' is a four-letter word that carries a lot of weight." 

Wait sorry, Acta was talking about finishing last in the division, but I'll go ahead and repeat that in terms of attendance.

"It is important for me," fan Nino Colla said. "'Last' is a four-letter word that carries a lot of weight."

What does it say about this club's fan base that they've finished behind the lowly Pirates and Royals? Does it say that it is a collective "hands up, I'm finished" type of reaction to what we've witnessed the past few years? Do I even bother going into some of the other possibilities?

Let's look no further than to read what the voice of the... how do I say this nicely?... voice of the incredibly annoying... Yeah I'm going to go with that.

Let's look no further than to read what the voice of the incredibly annoying, Paul Hoynes, has to say.


"Just because they're not showing up doesn't mean our fans aren't passionate," Acta said. "I get the letters. There is a lot of bitterness and borderline offending [words]. Wherever I went, I saw people wearing Indians stuff. Everybody likes a winner. Why do you think everybody showed up in the mid-90s? Because they liked the way the uniforms looked on some guys?"

He's right... Ultimately he's dead on right correct can't be anymore exact on spot blah blah blah.

Sure, a different time and place, maybe less economic struggles not just in the United States but in the city of Cleveland, things would look a little better. But they'd probably look a little better in other cities too. Pittsburgh may have had a team made of down right doo-doo this season, but they've got a beautiful park surrounded by a, I'd say decently successful city. When you hear of struggles in America, do you hear anyone say, "Oh yeah, Pittsburgh's really been in toilet lately."

NO! You hear Detroit and Cleveland. So while their team is comprised of dog crap that is probably less desirable than what we've shoveled out onto Progressive Field this season, it isn't surprising in the least bit that Pittsburgh draws more fans than the Indians.

All of these teams down low suck.. I mean aside from a special circumstance in Tampa, where baseball to them is like soccer is to Americans, go look at attendance numbers and all of the teams at the bottom suck. Cincinnati is another exception because I don't think people down there realized that the Reds were in contention until late August.

They are Cleveland South in that respect.

So it does come down to wins. If the Indians weren't crap, yeah they'd be up towards the middle. They still couldn't top some of the teams that draw like madness because of their situation, but the reason they are as low as they are comes down to the fact that this franchise has completely pissed off the fan base. Add in those factors that include Cleveland being in the economical toilet, and you've got this situation.

You really are nimrod if you don't think this is good idea. Just the practical sense of USING THE FACILITY during the offseason is good. The Yankees are going to host a college football bowl game and probably generate revenue from that that they don't need. Why not do something with Progressive Field rather than letting it sit there and collect snow over the winter?

Why not charge people five bucks to play in the snow? What's wrong with that? God if you don't want to use it, go out back and build a snow man. If you have a reason to get uppity about the Indians doing this, you probably get uppity about everything.


Rough way to lose a winning streak last night, but thems the breaks late in the season.

The Indians will be putting Matt LaPorta through a conditioning program this offseason. Working Carlos Santana in at first base will be beneficial to both. LaPorta though more than anything needs what the Indians are doing I believe. When you hear that this guy has been swinging with his arms for portions of the season, then you know something is up. Perhaps that is where the power has gone.

Never realized that Lou Marson was at least hitting respectably against left-handed hitters. That makes his incredibly horrible .161 average against right-handers look even more incredibly horrible, if that is possible.

Heard Chris Antonetti praise Shelley Duncan yesterday during the game and now Pluto has goods on the Indians "believing" he can help them next season. I have no issues with bringing back Duncan, just as long as we can have his 40-man spot cleared going into the offseason.


You can tell I'm taking no prisoners today... I'm full-on ready to headbutt someone.

Jon Nunnally meanwhile, when he isn't answering stupid questions that make no sense, will be in Cleveland this offseason. Last year he coached with Caracas, this year, with a big league job, he's going to work with his big league hitters.

For those of you watching Shin-Soo Choo's OBP and AVG race... Consider taking this day off because Chooster isn't in the lineup. Likely to preserve that feat for Choo.. If I were him, I'd want to play. No feat is complete unless you actually complete it. Acta is clearly making this decision on his own though...

"I'm not going to run it by him," Acta said. "There are a lot of guys with a lot of pride. I don't want to offend him by asking him any of that kind of stuff. I don't think he's that kind of guy." 


One last piece of crap to finish this Sunday off with.

"We didn't envision Crowe on this ballclub, with the personnel we had going into Spring Training," Acta said. "I had heard he was talented, which you expect from a first-round pick, but that he sometimes plays a little out of control. He's made a lot of progress, in that respect. He had a legit opportunity to make a big-time impression here and put himself on the inside track of being an everyday player. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. But he did enough good things for me to continue to think he's going to be a good part of what we're trying to do here."

Go ahead and blow your brains out right now, I know I am.

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