The Rundown: Welcome to the Offseason 2010

Welcome to the offseason.

If you are new to the blog, you might not know how we do it here when things end on the field, but we do it big.

Because we don't have a postseason, we go all out.

I'm behind the eight-ball a bit this season, as of last year at this time, season wrap-ups were already getting posted. But that's all good because we go all of October to wrap this stuff up.

Go ahead and check out how this goes down. I will recap each full-season minor league team plus the Scrappers, because the farm is important around here. After that we'll start getting down to business. I hand out what I like to call "End of the Year Feathers" to everyone. You can check out the award vault to see how things went down last year and the year before that.

Each minor league team gets feathers and then I break down the entire major league operations on a scale of 1-5 feathers. After that I hand out the fun portion of my awards, the All-Daily Team, where I recognize players for reasons only I decide on.

Then we kick it into day-dream mode. I have an offseason board that follows all the happenings of what went down, what didn't go down, and what should go down. The first offseason we had here, it was quite active and the board came into play very heavily with the Indians pursuing a third baseman and a closer. Last year we used it to scope out the whole Manager Search thing that happened.

This year, it figures to be dead.. But we still employ the chart and we still follow it, because if there is one aspect of the Tribe's offseason that isn't busy, that just means that there is another that will be and this year it figures to be the year of the Rule V. With so many additions over the past few seasons of young talent form other organizations, it has made the club very deep. And now as time progresses, some players are entering Rule V territory, which means protect your good players, or risk losing them.

This year the Indians have many decisions to make and that is surely the area we'll be focusing on in 2010's version of The Offseason.

With that.. I'll give you the tentative schedule breakdown here for our wrap-ups and then get into the final notes of the 2010 regular season.

As of now, we are in offseason mode.

October 8th: Mahoning Valley Scrappers Season Wrap-Up
October 12th: Lake County Captains Season Wrap-Up
October 15th: Kinston Indians Seaon Wrap-Up
October 18th: Akron Aeros Season Wrap-Up
October 21st: Columbus Clippers Season Wrap-Up
October 26th: End of the Year Feathers
October 29th: The All-Daily Team


Today is the first day of the offseason and also the first day of the rest of Chris Antonetti's life. As the General Manager he now becomes the figure head for all of us to glance at when we want to pull out our torches and pitchforks.

I don't think I'll be creating "Fake Antonetti" on twitter anytime soon, more so because we don't know all that much about Chris, but Chris certainly now begins his time at the helm of this organization's talent effort.

With him will be Mike Chernoff, considered one of the brightest up and comers in the game in terms of front office personnel. He is what Antonetti was a few years ago when the Cardinals and Red Sox were busting down his door.. The only issue is that the Indians didn't make the playoffs, so no one was actually busting down his door.

Expect to see a lot more of Chernoff now that he is the Assistant General Manager (or is that Assistant TO THE General Manager?), and Antonetti's right-hand man.

There are also some title additions, which really probably mean nothing.. Ross Atkins works hard and is good at his job, so they can call him whatever the hell they want. Vice President, President, Director, Regional Manager in Charge of Sales. He's Ross Atkins, he rocks.

However the bad news, if you are me I guess, is the fact that John Mirabelli, didn't so much get the new title of Vice President of Scouting Operations, but rather is still with this organization.

You will know I'm not the biggest Mirabelli fan.

Anyway we move on now. Mark Shapiro is ascending to his high tower atop Progressive Field, not to be seen as much as we are used to. That will be a delight to some fans who dislike "Shap-Speak" but rest assured that Chris Antonetti has been trained in the art of Shap-Speak" and speaks it like fluent English.


Manny Acta will be around this October. Not around Cleveland, but around. He's got his usual gig of helping out Espanol FOX Whatever You Call it and their postseason coverage. But he'll be in Arizona checking out instructs. Acta will be back for Snow Days though.

"I'm coming to Snow Days," he said, referring to the Indians' new winter wonderland that will open at Progressive Field. "I'm serious. I'm not joking. I'm going to ride that tube all the way down. I'm pumped about Snow Days."

I'm pumped for Snow Days too... Not that I'll go or anything. Well, maybe. I need a date first. Maybe I'll go down the tube with Slider and Acta.

Acta had a few final words about the team, sitting Choo, and adjusting to life as an AL skipper. The biggest thing I take from what he said is this.

"Next year," said Acta, finishing up his first year at the helm, "youth is not going to be an excuse to lose. Most of these guys are still going to be young, but most of them will have at least one year of Major League experience. We can't use [youth] as a crutch. We've got to continue to get better."

That is the part that excites me the most. The fact that this team was very young. It sounds almost as if this club isn't going to need to be signing Russell Branyan's or blah blah blah. They're going at it with pieces that got exposure because it is their time. This club is in position. A lot of those young guys got opportunities this year and some showed flashes. Now it is time for a lot of them to sink or swim and we're going to see that this next year.

It is one of those rewarding parts of building a team in this fashion. We are entering the period where we get to see if some of these pieces are actually for real and you hope, they are.


On the subject of instructs, make sure you are checking out Indians Prospect Insider for recaps of the Instructional League Action. The Indians beat the Indians on Saturday, 5-1. Yeah that's pretty cool to say.

Tony goes a bit deeper into that Adam Miller situation we touched up on the other day.

There is a documentary out featuring current Akron Aeros outfielder, and hopefully 2011 Columbus Clippers outfielder, John Drennen. Check that link out to view the trailer. It follows two players, one being Drennen, at the time a 19-year old trying to make it to the major leagues, and another being a minor league vet trying to do the same.

Obviously it follows Drennen through his 2006 season, which was years ago, and he still hasn't realized the dream. But give it a visit if you are interested in learning more about the film.

Great to see Choo tell Acta to not worry about playing him or not and that he doesn't care about average. From a health standpoint though, yeah that's good that he sat.

On a final note.. We've got Shelley Duncan getting married in the offseason and Carlos Carrasco expecting a child with his wife. No word if we've got new property searches for Trevor Crowe or Andy Marte yet.

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