What Should Happen to this Jhonny Peralta Shirt?

We interrupt your spring training glory to bring you this nonsense driven poll.

I posed the question to Twitter and Facebook yesterday and now full details on the blog...

What should happen to this unique and worn out, over-sized Jhonny Peralta t-shirt? Let's be honest, half my Indians wardrobe is out of date. I can still wear CC and Jody Gerut t-shirts to bed, but this Peralta shirt. It has to go. Not only is it too big, it's Jhonny Peralta.

So let's celebrate in style... What should happen to it? You decide. I'll film the ceremonies and everything. I threw out some options and tweeters have suggested their own.

Keep it: It's a perfectly nice shirt... Wear it!
Shred it: Nothing better than ripping up a t-shirt, Hogan style.
Burn it: Everyone loves arson.
Dog Chew Toy: The doggies meed something to chew on.
Vandalize: Every just wanted to paint something for fun?
Tape "Valbuena" and "1" on it: Better than spending 20 bucks on a Valbuena shirt, plus I could put "Baby Louie" instead.
Halloween Scarecrow: Scare the birds away with my scarecrow who plays horrible defense and strikes out. A Trevor Crowe shirt would be more fitting.
Flag: I do not have a flag pole, so this would be difficult.
Car Washing Rag: Always could use some additional car rags

Some suggestions from the masses...

Gain 45 pounds, swing and miss at pitches at the plate and take a trip to Detroit: Not that dedicated enough to put on that type of poundage.
Ground into a double play with the bases loaded to end the inning: Even I would be smart enough to strikeout in that situation and let someone else try their hand.
Dog Scarf: The weather is getting better, so this option isn't as good as it would have been a few weeks ago.
Doormat: Effective.
Toilet Paper: I will not film this.
Turn it into a Cabrera Shirt: Hey, Orlando did wear #2 last year.
Goodwill: Not opposed to donating for good. I have other articles of clothing much more worthy of this status though.
Underwear: That would be difficult as I'm not good at that.

SO... Voice your opinion.. Be it on Facebook or tweet me on Twitter.

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