Introducing this year's gimmick...

Every year, you know what we do here... We do a little bit of a gimmick on the side where we count something completely irrelevant or silly.

2011 Spring Training Primer...Revisited

Every year we revisit the entire Spring Training Primer to see how well I did with predictions and how much everything has changed in just a month or so. On the even of Opening Day, here is how it all shook out and how wrong I really was. This is also my version of a season preview. I'm all previewed out at this point and what more can I really say than repeat what I've already said?


I'm A Rock-et-Chooooo

I feel like I want to do so much more before the season gets here... Which I will, which is why, tomorrow will be the time we revisit the Spring Training Primer and get our official look-ahead towards the 2011 season, cause guess what... Friday is go-time... One last Spring Training Update for the road! Until next year Goodyear...


Set and Ready: Marson, Everett Make Roster

I'm really tired of removing a small layer of ice off my windshield and side windows every morning. Yesterday I waited til most of it defrosted, but I was in a hurry this morning and had to do most of it without the nice long wait. Most of all my hands get numb, and that my friends is the biggest problem I have with it all.


Soon becomes sooner and sooner becomes closer

Can you believe we'll be seeing real live, actual counting for something baseball in a few days? I get giddy when we get to single digits, but even happier when I can say "a few days." Cause a few isn't many and is a little more than a couple, and a couple is pretty small.


Don't give me that sass, Mitch

Was thinking of a way to wittingly mention that I was born on this day, but I really really really can't. So let's just go ahead and make sure I wish myself a Happy Birthday. My present? Travis Hafner hits 25 home runs. He's already got his first of the spring now, let the good karma begin!


Tomlin Wins Rotation Spot; Predicting the Opening Day Roster

It is finally official. Josh Tomlin has made the Opening Day roster as the Cleveland Indians final member of the 2011 Starting Rotation. I will have more on Tomlin and his journey up on TCF soon. Really it was his spot to lose after the first few solid efforts and Huff/Gomez struggling for a few. Huff finished strong last night and Gomez put in a valiant effort, but Tomlin was good from wire to wire. He did have a good portion of his innings in B Games/Minor league contests, but you can't deny how consistent he's been.

The Houghington Pitch

Congratulations to Shelley Duncan and half of the Cleveland Indians organization for their Arizona Wildcats victory over my Duke Blue Devils. Also, my bracket is busted, for real. Like, dead in the water, stick a flag on top of it. I think I have one final four team left in one bracket, and that would be Kansas where they win it all. I'm completely done. Thank god we're one week away from baseball, that's all I'm saying.


Welcome to our world

Whoa so I downloaded the new Firefox and it is pretty cool. It got rid of my split-plane viewer though and I used that frequently so I can have blogger up and look at the other link that I'm referencing. Instead I downloaded an add on that is similar but much different and I'm still working out the kinks. I'll get there, but this proves to be much cooler once I get used to it.


We need days like these to get us through the winter

Some incredibly important and fantastic news at the bottom, so make sure you read through this glorious entry.


Oh about that whole bullpen thing

Yeah it rained in Arizona, let's get over it. Actually let's not. That's pretty wild. The rain destroyed any and all games the Indians were slated to play yesterday, which means we have significantly less to talk about. Actually that just means we have more about the current stuff to talk about. You know like Jensen Lewis, because he's so popular.



How's your bracket? Mine took a nose-drive yesterday after I rebounded mightily from Louisville's initial loss. Losing Syracuse and Purdue hurt and even though I didn't have them going much further, losses by Texas and Notre Dame take away points. I figured everyone in the brackets I was in would be taking Ohio State, so I played the odds of winning if they lost. I still have some hope with my Dukies and Wisconsin.


The Double Return!

It has been a long week, but has gone by so fast. My spring break is over and it made me more tired than I thought. So tired I had no time to provide loving updates to this blog. But guess what? I'm back and so is someone else on the Indians. Sunday is the day of returns and officially, next week on Friday, baseball greatness returns!


Running around and throwing on point

So the e-mail I use to update and maintain this blog was hacked yesterday. Are people really that bored? Why exactly are there people in the universe who have no time on their hands and nothing better to do than screw around with people? On that note, watched The Social Network last night. Good story, writing was good, I'm a fan of Aaron Sorkin's work. But not sure what all the hype was about, nothing spectacular.


There's getting cut and then there is getting cut

I cut my hands up yesterday, various little scrapes and cuts, nothing painful, moving boxes and tubs and all that stuff. This morning though, on my desk, I cut my knuckles up pretty bad. It only figures that I can do manual labor like that and walk away in-tact, yet getting up from my desk, I do the real damage. I feel like Sammy Sosa sneezing or Clint Barmes falling down the stairs.


Pure Rage Perez's All-Time Cleveland Indians 25 Man Roster

This is the blogging debut of Pure Rage Perez. Enjoy what he has to say and follow him on Twitter. Daily updates return tomorrow. I'm taking Friday off. - Nino


Our little baby is growing up to be big and strong

I urge you to read this entire entry, if only for the stunning and important announcement at the bottom of this entry. It will blow your mind... And if it doesn't, a fastball to the skull will. You've been warned!


Getting all Pronked Off; Chisenhall continues to rake

I'm not sure I have a witty intro for you this Wednesday morning and my door wasn't frozen shut. Sorry we have nothing to talk about other than baseball.


Quote Mitch Talbot: "RATS!"

Why does my door keep freezing shut? I had to literally get in the passenger's side this morning. Then my back door wasn't closed good cause I tried opening it to get my ice scraper out. Stupid weather. Come on April, I'm rooting for ya!


Pomeranzenhall, a superior being that will destroy all others

I'm having a fun morning. It took me an extra ten minutes this morning to de-ice the doors on my car. Driver door wouldn't open from the outside, had to pour hot water down the lock of the passenger's side to get in. That ultimately caused me to forget my poptart in the freezer. I know, why do you freeze your poptart? Simple, it's that ice cream sandwich flavor and it is WAAAAAY better frozen. Try it.


Huff V Tomlin V Gomez: Buckle Up

I skipped Friday due to Internet issues and skipped Saturday because of simply not having time. My Internet issues are still prevalent even after a visit from Time Warner. I'm not a happy camper in that regard, but we'll truck through this because we've missed two days of updates and four games due to the split squad contest! Honestly, this takes me twice as long because of the Internet situation, and I dislike that.


Matt Lawson is just a letter in the alphabet away from Matt Lawton

To update: The Twitter race between Lonnie Chisenhall, Jason Kipnis, and myself is heating up. Okay at least between Chiz and Kip it is. They're both over 600 while I'm stuck in the 440's slowly inching my way up towards 450. The Shelley Duncan #hawkblood doesn't seem to be working as well as I'd hoped.


Now that's what I call Winning!

Lonnie Chisenhall and Jason Kipnis are having a "race" to 1,000 followers on Twitter. I may be 100 followers behind them, but I'm going to enter my name in the race. Even if I don't win, I still came in third to Lonnie Chisenhall and Jason Kipnis on a list, something Beau Mills has never and will never do... I'm also not a major baseball prospect and you likely wouldn't recognize me if I was standing right in front of you. That's what Charlie Sheen calls, WINNING.


The Adventures of Kip and Zeke

One more month people, one more month... Just keep telling yourself it's March now and at this time next month, we'll be watching baseball that counts.