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So the e-mail I use to update and maintain this blog was hacked yesterday. Are people really that bored? Why exactly are there people in the universe who have no time on their hands and nothing better to do than screw around with people? On that note, watched The Social Network last night. Good story, writing was good, I'm a fan of Aaron Sorkin's work. But not sure what all the hype was about, nothing spectacular.

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Michael Brantley: 1/3, R, SB
Asdrubal Cabrera: 2/3, R, RBI, 2B
Shin-Soo Choo, 1/3, RBI, 2B
Fausto Carmona: 4 IP, H, BB, 5 K
Josh Tomlin: 3 IP, 4 H, BB, K
Rafael Perez: 1 IP, H, BB

Fausto Carmona was so efficient in his four innings, he had to finish his work off in the bullpen so Josh Tomlin could actually pitch. People want results in spring training, but really, what you want for your starters is for them to be so good in the early going, that it takes them extra bullpen work to finish their program. He completed his day throwing the rest of his 75 total pitches in the bullpen because he used just 50 pitches in four innings and he said he feels ready.

"Fausto was overpowering," Acta said. "He had very good stuff and was in the zone the whole time."

And then there was Josh Tomlin, who was possibly making his last effort before the rotation battle is cut down to two competitors. If that was his last effort, I don't think he has anything to worry about as he continued his run of good pitching and has only given up one earned in eight Cactus League innings. He also pitched in a B game.

"He wasn't even invited to camp last year," said Indians manager Manny Acta. "He was a favorite in our Minor League system for years, but he never profiled to the outsiders as a big-time prospect. He has proved a lot of people wrong."

David Huff will get his believed final opportunity to fire back in this battle before the cut-down against the Padres today. Huff is probably more-less battling Gomez at this point to survive this initial cut.

On a  few side notes, it was nice to see the top of the lineup and its potency. Brantley gets on, steals a base, ends up scoring. Later Cabrera doubles and Choo brings him home. Those were both the runs and in this game was all they needed, but it is nice to see the big guns come through. Brantley may just have to be leadoff man from the get-go and when he gets a hold of it, he likely won't let it go.

Did anyone see the one play Matt LaPorta made at first base? He made a diving stop and made a throw to Tomlin who was covering for the out. Looks like he is coming along over there.

Luis Valbuena replaced Jason Donald in the lineup. Donald was scratched due to some pain in his hand. Looks like I jinxed him when I said the issues were just about over. I'm sorry Jason.

As mentioned, Huff will pitch in the game against the Padres with Carlos Carrasco getting the start. There is also a B-Game against the White Sox in Glendale at 1 PM ET (10 AM local time).

Vs Padres
Starting Pitcher: RHP Carlos Carrasco
Relief: David Huff, Chris Perez
Lineup: CF Michael Brantley, 2B Jason Kipnis, RF Travis Buck, LF Austin Kearns, 1B Matt LaPorta, 3B Jack Hannahan, C Paul Phillips, SS Adam Everett

Vs White Sox - B Game
Starting Pitcher: RHP Alex White
Lineup: DH Carlos Santana, 2B Cord Phelps, 3B Lonnie Chisenhall, RF Chad Huffman, 1B Jordan Brown, C Luke Carlin, LF Nick Weglarz, SS Luis Valbuena, CF Ezequiel Carrera



No seriously, Grady Sizemore is going to run the bases today. Get excited. And as for games? Acta says between March 20th and 30th. So that rules him out for next week.

Cactus League seems imminent for Anthony Reyes if all goes well in a bullpen session today.

Speaking of bullpen sessions... Adam Miller has thrown eight of them this year. Tony says he could be throwing in a minor league game a week from now. That is just great news.

There is no set order that will follow Fausto Carmona yet. I think we are all assuming how it will shake out, but who knows what Acta may decide to do.

Acta had high praise for Orlando Cabrera and what he brings to the club. He says he is one of the most fundamentally sound infielders and one of the best baserunners he's ever been around. He also says that Cabrera directs traffic, which probably is the shortstop in him talking. That's one thing the nephew Asdrubal needs to do, so hopefully if anything rubs off on A-Cabs from O-Cabs, that would be it.

I'm struggling to find how Tony Sipp is a core player. Let's not throw the term "core player" around loosely here Hoynsie... Especially if you aren't going to include Santana since he hasn't done enough. Ditto with Rafael Perez. I like 'em both and they will contribute, but they're both back-end relievers that don't close, how are they "core" enough.

To finish off our Sunday jaunt, I direct you to the Sunday regular, Lazy Sunday, where Paul Cousineau returns from a week-off to tackle the Pomeranz/Chisenhall issue.

I'm aiming to live up to the Peralta Shirt fiasco by the end of this week. We'll see how it goes.


I think these players know that I'm featuring a tweet of the day because they always seem to have good ones in the morning right before I'm getting ready to post. I'm not sure what she is thinking Trevor... Good question.

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