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Couldn't sleep last night... Woke up early... What a nice start to the last week of the semester....


There was two reversals in yesterday's game. The score and the Brantley home run.

Let's start with the score. According to Manny Acta this was one of those 60 that you either lose or win, because everyone loses and wins 60 each. What bites is the club did a lot to win, it just got let down by late inning defense.

"We gave them an extra out ... and their big hitters came through," said manager Manny Acta. "We just have to go home, do some home cooking, and get it back together." 

But to be fair, they got picked up early by some early defense. Gardenhire had the right line, saying if Choo ends up winning the Gold Glove, Twins third base coach Steve Liddle will hand it out to him.

It seems are two stories coming out of this game though. Carlos Carrasco and the overturn of Michael Brantley.

With the overturn... The thing is the umpires got it right on the replay. The thing is, they got it wrong initially. And that is where Manny Acta takes beef because it impeded Brantley's progress on the basepaths.

"Every rule has its loophole," Acta said. "Is it a double? Is it a triple? You could rule it a triple with Michael running, but Michael couldn't run hard because as soon as he stepped on first base he had three umpires in front of him signaling a home run. We wanted replay, we have it, it's gets a correct call 99 out of 100 times, I guess. But it has it's loophole that somehow, someway, still keeps the human element into it because the umpires have to make a judgment." 

As Acta says, we wanted replay, and we got it... But it still isn't 100 percent perfect, even when it gets the call "right." Even Carl Pavano was kind of miffed, even though it went in his favor.

"I didn't like the fact that I didn't know if I gave up three runs or four runs and that I had to wait out there for like five minutes," Pavano said. "But it saved us a run and we ended up getting a win, so it's even better."

I mean what do you do as an umpire though? Do you not step in with what you believe is the right call? I'm sure the last thing the umpires were thinking was "let's wait for Brantley to get to third and the ball to come in before we rule what we think this is, just in case we're wrong."

It's one base, and really in the end doesn't matter cause Brantley ended up scoring anyway. But it is just another interesting aspect to think of.


"Last time, against Kansas City, I threw 94 to 96, and today I threw 88 to 91," Carrasco said. "Today it felt a little bit more tight in this spot right here, so I couldn't throw the fastball." 

Photo - Getty Images via Yahoo! Sports
You really don't like reading that type of quote, do you? And other quotes from Acta like this one.

"He said he couldn't get it loose at all," manager Manny Acta said. "We kind of sensed some of that because the velocity wasn't where he was in the past, but he kept saying he was fine, just couldn't get it loose." 

Ugh... You hope he just couldn't get it loose and that's all that was. It would suck to lose Carlos Carrasco the way he's been pitching post-first start and pre-last start. He's been contributing and starting to show some good flashes of light.

To lose him to any sort of elbow injury is scary.

As the Indians return, Carrasco will have his arm checked on Monday. Best-case scenario is nothing is wrong and it was just that, he couldn't get his arm loose and he can make his next scheduled start. Don't even think worst case.

Jeanmar Gomez came in for Carrasco and was slid back to Saturday thanks to the rainout and Monday's off day. He could take Carrasco's spot in the rotation if need be, but what about the spot Gomez occupied? Well that would likely be David Huff, if anything bad has happened. Let's hope not.


Long history between Chris Perez and Twins third baseman Danny Valencia. The former roommates at "The U" had dinner Friday and Perez won't back down from some good natured ribbing.

"No he wouldn't, but I do," Perez said. "I know I do. I got proof last year, I struck him out on four pitches last year up here. But during intrasquads, he says he's hit home runs off me. There's no chance. He's got no hits off me ever. He can't hit sliders. You can tell him I said that, too." 

Sounds like Chris Perez, ribbing or not, haha.

Not sure who asked Manny Acta if he calls pitches from the dugout or if they did. But that's why you train Carlos Santana in the art of calling a game.

In regards to the "Are they real?" conversation from yesterday and days before.. Acta brings one point up. You start with a few young bucks, and then see that number increase in 2010... Well, those young bucks are still young, but a little more wiser.

"Then once injuries hurt us with Grady [Sizemore] and [Asdrubal] Cabrera, the number went to five. That's pretty much it, we were playing a lot of kids up here that were just getting their feet wet. Offensively, they struggled." 

Another reason I think this club isn't going to fade into the abyss. Will they remain in first all year? Probably not. Topically enough, Paulie C has a nice summation with a few more links on this "real" topic in his latest Lazy Sunday.

Finally, I'm no longer a subscriber to Sports Illustrated, so I miss out on this stuff when everyone else does. Face it, with everything online, if I need to read something, I can. Still, shame on me for not linking to it earlier as I forget it had come out.

But the SI piece on Shin-Soo Choo from Albert Chen is out. Give it a read.

And enjoy the off-day, I sure as hell will.


I have a feeling that Cole Cook and Kyle Blair try and act like the two big brothers and Bartolone is the younger brother. The problem here is they all live on their own with no parental supervision. It just seems like that... Not saying it is. But that's my hope. They need to document this. Film... 24-hour web came in the living room. Um... Reality show.. Something.

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