Skidding On Turf: Carmona Blasted Again

Would you please stop pressing the panic button? The Indians have yet to have a skid like this the entire season. It's taken nearly two months for them to suck. Every team goes through rough patches, it's just a matter of who goes through them least and who minimizes the damage. 


So You Had a Bad Week: Masterson's Ends Winless May

Yesterday's post was lost. For some reason I started editing it with this one, but forgot to copy + past like I usually do. And instead of realizing that, I hit save now and lost the entire thing. Dummie!


Minor Issues: Fedroff Streaking No More

This morning, we morn the death of Tim Fedroff's incredible hitting streak. Awwww.


Danger Zone: Tomlin Learns Value of the Solo Home Run

That's three straight for the second time this season. Josh Tomlin finally fell into that danger zone of giving up a home run that wasn't a solo shot. And he fell in twice.

Minor Issues: Carrera Returns, Helps Clippers and Cord Win 7th Straight

Two streaks are still going, one in Columbus, another in Akron. Another one in Kinston came to an end.


Series Snapshot: Tampa Bay Rays - May 27th-29th

A tough swing of games continues with the second of three AL East teams the Indians will play in a row. After losing a series to Tampa earlier this month, the Indians close out May on the road against the Rays.


Talbot Received Rudely in Return; Time to Move Sizemore

Remember how I said fun can't be had every night? It can't be had every day either. It also can't be had when you are getting pounded into dust.


The Agony of Mistakes: Giving Outs and Taking Blame

Fun can't be had every night, but you hate to lose games because of baserunning errors, especially when your starter was out-pitching his counterpart for most of the night.

Minor Issues: Hot Kipnis leads Clippers to Sweep

Two-for-two yesterday in the system. Kinston is red-hot and Columbus just keeps winning. Meanwhile Akron and Lake County had some pitching issues.


The Show Continues: Clutchdrubal Does It Again

WOW! I'm not sure I have any words left to use at this point.


Show Stealer: Cabrera's Career Day Backs Carrasco

I can smell 30 wins... Can you?

Minor Issues: Late Inning Drama Around the System

It must be Walk-off Weekend in the organization because there was more late-inning drama on Sunday. In fact, all of the games were pretty much decided with late inning heroics. Or villainry depending on the team you root for.


Goin' Buck Wild: Just Another Hero in 2-1 Win

I don't think anyone is tired of seeing someone new step up. Travis Buck did just that and became just another part of the team on Saturday.

Minor Issues: Huffman goes off, Fedroff continues hitting

Tim Fedroff and Chad Huffman are some kind of crazy. Columbus picked up a win, Kinston and Lake County lost off walk-off home runs, and Akron split a double header.


The Cream of the Crop: OH ZEKE!

"I am the cream yeah, the cream of the crop. And there is no one that does it better than the Macho Man Randy Savage. On balance, off balance, it doesn't matter. I'm better than you are, yeah! And I'm talking to everyone in the World Wrestling Federation!"

Minor Issues: K-Tribe Four Straight, McAllister Best in the IL

Zach McAllister can't be stopped and neither can Kinston.


Series Snapshot: Cincinnati Reds - May 20th-22nd

The Battle for the Ohio Cup is on! The Reds visit Cleveland to open up Interleague Play and this is the first time in a long time that the two teams are both playing good ball at the same time. Should be an interesting series and so far, it's looking like all three games will take place in front of a packed Progressive Field. 

Present the Deed: Carmona Officially Property of the White Sox

Oh lord... Well at least they weren't shut out right?


Two Hours, One Run: That Explains It All

Oh Jake Peavy, jerk.

Minor Issues: Akron Explodes, All Teams Win

Great night for the affiliates as all the teams won a game. Columbus lost though, playing a double header with Pawtucket..


Series Snapshot: Chicago White Sox - May 18th-19th

The quick two-game series road swing continues in Chicago. It's been awhile since the two teams met on Opening Weekend and both teams are completely different. However the White Sox have been hot, winning seven of their last ten. This is Cleveland's first trip to Chicago in 2011.

Another Notch of Reality: Tribe Win Again

A jam-packed update this morning with the rainouts in the minor league system. Only one minor league team played, you can guess which one as we include Minor Issues in with the Royals game recap. Party time!


Write In Hannahan Button Give Away

Wanna win the last WriteInHannahan button? Read on to do so.

It Could Be Worse: You Could Be Vin Mazzaro

I wouldn't want to be Vin Mazzaro right now. I think I'd rather be Kyle Davies. But If I had to pick, I'd like to be Josh Tomlin

Minor Issues: Kluber Wins First, Clips Avoid Sweep

Just two games last night. One good, one bad. I'll let you guess which one was good. Hint, it wasn't Kinston's.


Series Snapshot: Kansas City Royals - May 16th-17th

On the road, hopefully away from the rain so they can actually play some ball. The club is still coming off that brilliant walk-off win against Seattle on Friday and look to re-ignite their chase for the AL Central crown with some division foes this week. KC for two, Chicago for two more.

Let's All Pop Wheelies with LeVon Washington, Through Puddles

Sweep! Sweep! Take that! Sweep!! Okay well.. Not really a sweep when you play one game, I guess. But SWEEP!

Minor Issues: Packer Notches First Win of the Year

This rain is crazy... Just crazy. It destroyed the series for the Captains and even got to the Clippers. Luckily Akron was away or they wouldn't have been able to win three of four from Bowie.


The Magic Is Back: Pronk-Off Shot in Wedge's Return


Minor Issues: C-Bus Finally Loses to Indy, Goodnight Good Again

I'm back! Blogger issues prevented me from updating when I wanted to the other day, so my few day hiatus turned into pretty much the second half of this week. Apologies. Onto some minor issues.


Series Snapshot: Tampa Bay Rays - May 10th-12th

Back at home where there is a 13-game home streak that is still on the line. After a 3-3 West Coast swing, the Tribe is back home for a three game set with the very hot Tampa Bay Rays.

Minor Issues: Rayl, McAllister Remain Undefeated

The Clippers were televised last night and they did not disappoint. Akron got pounded by an unlikely foe and Lake County's offense ignited to end a losing streak.


Minor Issues: Kinston Streak Snapped, Clips Split

A wild day in the affiliates. A double header for Columbus, a win by Akron and losses by Kinston and Lake County. This is what you'd call a jam-packed edition of Minor Issues.


Garbage: Angels Steal Game & Series

And onto the recap.... Before I punch something in the face.

First of Many: White Wins First, Bullpen Efficient

Thank you thank you thank you! The Indians needed to win one and you have to feel good about beating Weaver coming off a bad start. Especially the way Haren pitched last time out. White beats Weaver for his first. Party!

Minor Issues: Hagadone is Human; Kinston Sweeps Double Header

The only two things that can apparently stop Columbus, the Iron Pigs and rain.


Blame Game: Tribe's Hard Hits Can't Overcome Strong Defense

The Indians have not lost more than three straight games this season. The Angels have their own personal winning streak over the Tribe that matches that mark. Masterson put forth another winning effort but was not rewarded as the bats fell short and the bullpen ran out of gas.

Minor Issues: Captains Back on Track, Akron Drops Carrasco Rehab Start

The streak is over and with it, the affiliates had a rough day. Kinston won their game, but the rest fell, with Akron and Lake County losing some tough ones late.


Series Snapshot: Los Angeles Angels - May 6th-8th

Here we are again, it seemed like the Indians were just in Anaheim a few weeks okay. Oh they were. The Indians face the Angels one more time in LA and this time, they look for a series win. It won't be easy though as two AL Cy Young contenders are staring them down. The good news? The Indians candidate goes Friday!

Minor Issues: Clips Streak Ends, Kinston Starting Their Own

The streak is over and with it, the affiliates had a rough day. Kinston won their game, but the rest fell, with Akron and Lake County losing some tough ones late.


The Backups Are Alright: Bullpen and Backups Lead to Series Win

There is something about not having lost 10 games that is quite awesome. So if that can be prolonged, I'll take it. It also matches the numbers of games Chris Perez has saved. The Indians won a series in Oakland for the first time since 2002. That's been too long.

Some I'll Take: Cahill Outduels Tomlin in Undefeated Battle

Two undefeated starters at 4-0 met in Oakland, only one could win, but both could potentially not lose. But one did and it was by a small margin of error.

Minor Issues: Rayl Continus Caps 1-Hit Magic

The Clippers didn't lose last night... Then again, they didn't win, but they still didn't lose!


If You Don't Believe: Late Rally Marks 7th Straight

The road swing is off to a great start with a 4-1 victory over Oakland. A pitching duel turned fun late as the Indians finally broke through with their barrage of singles in the ninth.

Minor Issues: McAllister undefeated, Clippers Unbeatable; Goodnight Fans 10

Yeah, another day, another Clippers win. What now?


Series Snapshot: Oakland Athletics - May 3rd-5th

After completing another successful home sweep, the Indians make their second swing trip to the West Coast were they start off against Oakland. The Indians have one more mutli-series swing (during interleague play) but by the end of the week, are finished with the AL West road trips outside visits to Texas.

Minor Issues: Clippers Offense Ignites for 12th Straight

Can anyone stop this Clippers team? Better yet, will they ever stop hitting?


Keep it close and skip on home

I'm grateful for this off day, because I have half of my finals work to be done today. Garsh, one more week.

Minor Issues: Offensive days for Donald, Abreu, Chen lead to Sweep

I smell an organizational sweep as a possibility on a fine fine Sunday in the Cleveland Indians system.


Sometimes 13 Needs Luck: Home Streak Hits 13 as Tribe Collect 5th Sweep

They needed some luck and hard work to scratch out their 13th win, but the Indians completed their fifth sweep of the season, eclipsing the total of sweeps they had last year in one month, by beating the Detroit Tigers 5-4 on Sunday.

Manny Acta Golden Fedora of Greatness: April 2011 Nominees

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted.

Minor Issues: Adam Miller Makes Professional Return

You read that correctly... Columbus continues their hot play, Lake County picks up a win and even though Kinston loss, there was a tremendous story happening down south.