Uh-oh, here comes Ubaldo: Tribe Make Blockbuster; Swap Orlando Cabrera

I had a near full charge on my battery last night when I entered Canal Park to watch Drew Pomeranz and Alex White pitch for the Akron Aeros. By the time I left, I had under 50% left. Thank goodness a foul ball wasn't hit in my direction.


Tribe Acquire OF Kosuke Fukudome from Cubs

The Cleveland Indians finally struck a deal for an outfielder, but definitely not the name anyone was expecting.

No-Hit and Five-Errored: Tribe Hit Season Low With No Hits

What's worse... Five errors or Zero hits? I'm struggling to make a decision. Thankfully, they only add up to one loss.


Stopped by the Best: Late Magic Runs Out for Tribe



Sleep Easy Cleveland: The Bright Lights of The Kip Show

Light's shine bright, the spotlight is on, time for the Kip Show to get started.


Letting it Fall: Carrera Drops Ball, Tribe Drop Two Back

Drop it because it's hot. Zeke Carrera's gonna create a new song here soon.


Two Straight for the Mafia: Doing the Splits

Know what I hate more than an Indians loss? An Indians loss that I don't get to see.


Take that Bubblegum: Roommate Walking Off and the Baby in Left

Pure...Anger... Pure...Rage! How could you not be angry?


Double Down: Tribe Sweep Twins in Twin Bill



Bullpen Switch: Orioles Turn Tables, Split with Tribe

What happened to the Orioles that we beat two days in a row and had lost nine-straight? 


Start the Second Act: Offense Comes Out Surging in Support of Masterson

All I can say is, God Bless You Baltimore!


Asdrbual Cabrera's Top 10 Plays of the First Half

Here it is... The ten best plays Asdrubal Cabrera has made this season in the first half. Does he have another half left in him? What will he do for his encore? And will he make one in the game tonight? Let's hope so!


Step Away From the Cliff: Tribe Head Into Break On Down Note

After a barrage of ninth inning power coins on Thursday, we find ourselves a little disappointed on a Monday morning having lost the final three to Toronto heading into the All-Star break. All is good though in Cleveland. Believe it.


Pronk-Off Part II: Travis Hafner Does it Again

Power Coin! Power Coin! Power Coin! POWER COIN! That last power coin was shouted with incredible emphasis, if you couldn't tell. POWER COIN!


All Hail Asdrubal: Gutty Defense, On-Point Masterson Down Yankees

I pronounce today is Asdrubal Cabrera Day. Today we celebrate everything that is good about Asdrubal Cabrera. Commence celebration. Break out the streamers, blow up the balloons. Throw out a runner at first base barehanded. Do something Asdrubal would do.


Today You're The Bug: Failed Double Play Leads to Carrasco Meltdown

Splat goes Carrasco. Instead of the Mario Power Coin, they should play the Mario Die Noise. You know that one. 


Yankee Doodle: Austin Kearns Loves America and Beating Yankees

Happy Birthday America. Austin Kearns certainly salutes you. And for one night, I salute him for his greatness. Well, maybe not his greatness, but at least the greatness of his one swing.


Mega Rundown: Tribe Survives National League Road Trip

The Indians went 11-7 in Interleague play. They nearly swept the Cincinnati Reds twice, and aside from a sweep to the World Champion San Francisco Giants, won all their series. Their biggest competition, the Detroit Tigers went 7-11. The biggest statistic is that the designated hitter is back in play Monday evening when the Indians face off against the Yankees.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora of Greatness: June 2011

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted.

Minor Issues: Clippers continue to roll, Baby Louie Growing Up?

The Clippers rock, the Aeros are getting on track, Kinston and Lake County are off to first place starts, and Mahoning Valley is showing to be a pretty good team in the early going. Life is good for Cleveland Indians baseball.