File In for September: More Young Pitching Steps Up for Tribe

I don't have the urge to kiss people's feet often, but I feel like kissing Jeanmar Gomez's this morning.


Huff and Stuff: Keeping With the Tribe

That is exactly what the doctor ordered... To be cliche if I can.


A Thomecoming Weekend: Indians Staying Alive, For Now

Thome, injuries, mistakes, catching Detroit. We got a lot talk about. Let's get to it.


It Could Be Over: Tribe Tripping Up and Falling Down

Save your post mortem, I don't do that kind of stuff. Sure, things aren't looking great, but I kind of take the same approach as Manny Acta, it isn't over until it is actually over. Even though, it may be kind of over.


The Split of It All: Choo Saving the World From Doom and Disaster

I don't want to scare you, but the Cleveland Indians are 63-63 and six games back of first place. They are also a half of game ahead of Chicago. But you probably already knew that. Yesterday we had a little bit of doom, but thankfully, not quite disaster.


Falling By Four: (S)Weeping In Mo-Town

What a catastrophe that was, eh? Bare with me as we pick up the pieces of what was weekend of disaster in Detroit.


What You Need: Masterson, Fukudome Lead Big Series Win

Needed it. Needed it so bad. Series win, in Chicago. Double the win-total against the White Sox in one series. Needed it.


Finding Your Groove: Carmona Turns Tables Against Sox

My Carmona! 


Right Where We Want You: White Sox Apply Pressure to Tribe

Pesky Juan Pierre. The universe didn't plan for this. I certainly didn't. Wonder what Carmona will do tonight?


Rainy Days: Stop the Rain, But Not the Tribe

We found something to halt the Tribe and the roll they've been on other than Justin Verlander. Rain...


For Arguments Sake: Can't Beat Verlander, Even at His Worst

You win some you lose some. At the end of the day, the Indians only gained one game on the Tigers in this series. The upside? At least they didn't lose any more ground.


We Are All Kipnisses: The Kip Show, Introducing The Big U

Jason Kipnis is no longer on his way. He's here and he's here to stay. Ubaldo Jimenez is no longer just a trade acquisition. This is all becoming very real people. Get on.


Hit Me One More Time: Tribe Takes Marathon Series Opener

Wake up! WAKE UP!


Despite It All: Tribe Finish Road Trip With Fourth Heartbreaker

Just... Just... Don't talk to me right now...


Splitsville: Offense Supports Masterson for Split in Boston

I just feel like shouting names right now. Masterson! Hafner! Santana! Fukudome! LaPorta! Pestano! Parmigiana! Wait a second....


Double the Trouble: Two-Straight Walk-Offs for Red Sox

Apologies for my absence yesterday, but I'm back with a double loss in this edition of the Morning Rundown.


Beaaaaantown: Booming Bats Come Alive in Boston

Are the Windians back? The offense may be, or they just enjoyed a much-needed trip to Boston. Time will tell. But let's celebrate when we can.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora of Greatness: July 2011

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted.

Games Are Being Played: Royals Take Series Before Tribe Road Trip

It's hard to remember, but the Indians are still playing baseball.