Indians Trade for Derek Lowe; Decline Sizemore's Option

Not wasting any time at all. After declining the option on Grady Sizemore and picking up the one on Fausto Carmona, the Cleveland Indians struck the first deal of the Hot Stove season. A veteran pitcher is coming to Cleveland and it's now clear what mind-set the Indians are in as this offseason gets underway.

Season Wrap-Up 2011: Third Annual All-Daily Team

The official kick-off to the end of the season starts now and it starts in the most ridiculous fashion, as always. Introducing the 2011 Season Wrap-Up with the Third Annual, All-Daily Team. What? Okay, shut up already. If you still don't remember from last year, the All-Daily Team is my version of our organizational All-Stars.


The Hawkman Triumph; Fedora Voting OPEN



BBA Award Ballot - Cleveland Chapter

For the past few seasons, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance has been putting together their own version of BBWAA's end of the year awards that are officially given to MLB players. This blog has been a member of the BBA since it's inception and for the third year, I'm taking part in the voting. For the second year, I'm representing the Cleveland Chapter as the president and am posting the results of our collective poll for all awards. Our ballot counts as both of Cleveland's two votes, which basically means our winners get two votes. As always, we vote on just the American League. This year, like last, we decided to submit individual votes and take the overall point leaders of a weighted system.

I would like to thank Mike Brandyberry of Did The Tribe Win Last Night? and Mitchell Below from TribeScribe for participating this year.

The other blogs within the Cleveland chapter are The B-ListIndians Prospect Insider, and Deep Left Field, Did The Tribe Win Last Night?, and TribeScribe.


Connie Mack Award (Best Manager)

3. Manny Acta, CLE
2. Jim Leyland, DET
1. Joe Maddon, TB

Based off receiving three total votes, Jim Leyland broke a second place tie with Manny Acta. But it was Joe Maddon who reigned as our chapter's pick for top overall manager in the American League. I'm glad Manny got votes, even though one of those votes was mind. Hopefully he's well represented, because he did a heck of a job this year with a mess up of injuries and squad that wasn't supposed to contend. Maddon has done a fantastic job though and totally deserves the honor. The Rays made an incredible run to get into the postseason and he no doubt had a part in that.

Also Receiving Votes: Ron Washington, Mike Scioscia

Willie Mays Award (Best Rookie)

3. Jordan Walden, LAA
2. Jeremy Hellickson, TB
1. Eric Hosmer, KC

As the one person who did not vote for Walden or Nova, I broke a third place tie between the two. Jeremy Hellickson received a first place vote, but it wasn't quite enough to take down KC slugger Eric Hosmer, who received two first place votes. I, with absolutely no shame or bias voted for Vinnie Pestano third. Why the heck not? He was there all year and was the best rookie reliever, in my opinion. Hosmer's rookie year was quite fantastic. Hellickson put up a great campaign as well, but Hosmer stepped in and fit right into that Royals lineup.

Also Receiving Votes: Ivan Nova, Jemille Weeks, Mark Trumbo, Vinnie Pestano

Goose Gossage Award (Best Reliever)

3. Chris Perez, CLE
2. Mariano Rivera, NYY
1. Jose Valverde

This was painless and easy for everyone as the final tally was the exact ballot for each voter. Valverde was the overwhelming favorite, and he didn't blow a save. So even though he spazzes out on the mound after each one of those saves, he deserves it. Pure Rage represent!

Walter Johnson Award (Best Pitcher)

5. Josh Beckett, BOS
4. CC Sabathia, NYY
3. James Shields, TB
2. Jered Weaver, LAA
1. Justin Verlander, DET

Like his teammate, Justin Verlander was the unanimous pick for best pitcher in the American League. Jered Weaver was also a clean sweep at second place, so there was clearly no question about who the top two pitchers were. You'd be insane to think Verlander wasn't the best, seriously.

Also Receiving Votes: Jose Valverde, Doug Fister, Dan Haren

Stan Musial Award (Best Overall Player)

10. Mike Napoli, TEX
9. Dustin Pedroia, BOS
8. Robinson Cano, NYY
7. Curtis Granderson, NYY
6. Michael Young, TEX
5. Miguel Cabrera, DET
4. Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS
3. Adrian Gonzalez, BOS
2. Justin Verlander, DET
1. Jose Bautista, TOR

Close, but no cigar for Justin Verlander on sweeping the Cleveland Chapter's top two awards on the ballot. Verlander was two points shy of winner Jose Bautista. Verlander got a first and a second place vote, as did Bautista. The over-riding factor was Bautista's third place vote, of which Verlander did not get. It was a two-horse race between the two. And finally, two of us, me being one of them, included Asdrubal in our ballots. It's the tenth place vote, why wouldn't I?

Also Receiving Votes: Evan Longoria, Jose Valverde, Paul Konerko, Jered Weaver, Ben Zobrist, CC Sabathia, Asdrubal Cabrera


Manny Acta Golden Fedora of Greatness: September 2011

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted.