Season Wrap-Up 2011: Third Annual All-Daily Team

The official kick-off to the end of the season starts now and it starts in the most ridiculous fashion, as always. Introducing the 2011 Season Wrap-Up with the Third Annual, All-Daily Team. What? Okay, shut up already. If you still don't remember from last year, the All-Daily Team is my version of our organizational All-Stars.

I know this blog has evolved into a not-so-daily thing, but I think I do a pretty good job in-season of keeping things up-to-date. This team represents that idea. The idea of coming to work every day and doing a good job. The All-Daily team is made up of players that you know you can count on a daily basis to come in and work hard and try to produce. And yes, the criteria is all mine, so if I pick someone, it may not have that purpose, but just because I love that guy.

The All-Daily Team uses nicknames as well, because that's just how we do it.

Catcher - Lou Marson
Louuuuuuuu... Maligned last year for his horrific bat, Marson actually carried his weight as a back-up stick behind the plate. More importantly though, he serves his ultimate purpose as an excellent caddie for his pitching staff.

First Base - Jesus Aguilar
Now taking nickname suggestions for Jesus Aguilar, who is on a real track now to be the Indians future at first base. Such raw power from his swing, he's been homering everywhere he's gone. From Lake County to Kinston, to the postseason to the AFL.

Second Base - Jason Kipnis
Already a favorite and quickly becoming the favorite with the way he plays the game. It isn't just the production, it's how he gets the production. This kid is a future stud. Also, cool batting stance.

Third Base - Jack Hannahan
There's a reason we call him Super Mannahan around these parts. It will be a shame if he isn't around next year to be all Super Awesome, but this year, he was. Because he was a part time player, and because no one outside of Oakland and Cleveland knows who he is, he'll stand negative 100 percent chance at a Gold Glove, but he very well may be the best defensive third baseman on skill alone.

Shortstop - Tony Wolters
You know those little gnats that fly around you and you try and grab so you can get rid of them, but you just can't. They're so annoying, right? Well that's kind of what Tony Wolters is like, but because we like him, he isn't annoying. But he's a little guy and he doesn't do much, but he can flat out play. He gets on base, moves around out there and finds a way to get home. Go home Wolty, go home!

Left Field - Tyler Holt
T-HOLT! The man with just as much, if not more, "swag" than LeVon Washington, Tyler Holt has a way of getting on base and make things happen. My outfield is looking pretty power-less, but Holt's presence makes it an All-Star Twitter group.

Center Field - Ezequiel Carrera
Zeke has caught fire. Not just actually, but the name Zeke has caught fire. I started the Pip-Zeke movement and he's just gone off since that drag bunt heard around... Cleveland. PIP-ZEKE! PIP-ZEKE!

Right Field - Tim Fedroff
Fedheems! The super galactic nano-hitter known as Tim Fedroff swings swings swings and hits hits hits. A .385 OBP is nothing to sneeze at and was .001 away from a .400 OBP in 70 games in Akron. MAN.

Designated Hitter - Shelley Duncan
Hawkman... Enough said friends.

Left Handed SP - Mike Rayl
With a name like Rayl, I should be able to come up with something, but it has been a struggle. Rayl was one of the best pitchers in the organization this year. He's also the only left-hander. Kidding, but, not really.

Right Handed SP - Justin Masterson
The Mastard! I'm going to champion Mastard Sauce until I'm overruled with it. I can't get behind some of the nicknames given to him because nothing is as wicked sounding as The Mastard.

Set-Up Man - Vinnie Pestano
Hey, Vinnie. The Gangster is as much responsible for Bullpen Mafia taking of as Justin Germano is. If he didn't join Twitter at the same time Germano did, I would have never Tweeted that. But you know Gangster does some great things on the mound to. You know, like, things that made him one of the best relievers in the AL, not just the best Rookie reliever.

Closer - Chris Perez
I will continue to plug the Facebook Fan page for his hair as long as I continue to place him as my closer on the All-Daily team. Seriously, who else can I pick?

Catcher - Roberto Perez
Second straight year Perez claims the backup catcher spot. Simply put, this team was made for defensive studs like him. Defense and on-base percentage. That's how I like my catchers.

First Base - Beau Mills
Hey Beausef... We also call him Big Bad Beau around these parts and it was a resurrection of sorts in Akron. Then after hitting .300 with 11 home runs in just 61 games, the former first rounder went on to do some damage in Columbus. Hold the phone on the bust talk.

Second Base - Jason Donald
I could go in so many directions here, but I repeat last year's first teamer because quite frankly, I love me some Jason Donald.

Third Base - Adam Abraham
A Michigan Man will... Well I don't really know, but he his 17 home runs for Kinston this year. He's a bit of a stud if I do say so myself.

Shortstop - Tyler Cannon
I feel as if it is a waste to have someone named Cannon as a utility player, but you can't win them all, right? I'm not sure what he is, but Tyler Cannon just gets the job done.  He scored a good chunk of runs and knocked another good chunk in. He plays all over the diamond, he played at multiple levels.

Left Field - Anthony Gallas
I'll ignore the fact that he went to Kent State. He hit more doubles than anyone alive in Lake County, then went on to struggle with Kinston, but he's still awesome.

Center Field - Carlos Moncrief
GOOD GRIEF MONCRIEF! The Mississippian used to be a pitcher and now he is a suitable outfielder with some pop from center field in the system. Definition of All-Day with his 122 games played for the LC.

Right Field - Kosuke Fukudome
FUKUDOME! God I love this guy. Fukudome! Fukudome! Bring him back! Bring him back!

Designated Hitter - Jake Lowery
Salute the Duke! Jake Lowery came right in from James Madison and was a terror for pitchers in the NYPL. Playing for the Scrappers, "The Duke" knocked in 43 runs in 69 games. Beasting.

Left Handed SP - Danny Jimenez
You are saying to yourself... WHAT WHO WHEN WHAT UBALDO JIMENEZ CHANGE HIS NAME AND THROW THE OTHER WAY!?!!?! No friends, that is not the case. But Danny Jimenez is a young man that is slightly younger than me and he throws left-handed. He also had a 2.39 in The Valley this year.

Right Handed SP - Cole Cook
If I was picking an All-Star team, I'd pick someone else because Cole Cook was injured and didn't put forth his best season. But he's an  All-Star Twitterer and he throws hard, so I'm not going to argue with him. Plus he's funny.

Set-Up Man - CC Lee
The cruel joke of having someone named both CC and Lee has turned into a blessing. This little dude from Taiwan throws hard and he is a strikeout machine. I SAY MACHINE! Eat your heart our Brian Wilson.

Closer - Cory Burns
Two years in a row, Cory Burns should feel proud that he is second to the badass himself. Setting up and knocking down records, Burner keeps getting it done.

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