Offseason Rundown: Sizing up Sizemore and New CBA

The semester that has engulfed my personal clock is finally coming to an end this week. Just think that at the start of it, we were discussing Indians baseball and towards the middle of this next one, we'll be discussing Indians baseball. Right now? Indians offseason, of course! I know everyone around these parts is talking Urban Meyer, but my team won on Saturday, so I'm just going to bask in that glory for the first time in eight years and go onto some Tribe talk.


Offseason Rundown: Grady Sizemore Nearing Return

Things are going to go smooth in this first edition of the Offseason Rundown and do you want to know why? I entered in my password correctly on the first try with no sort of interruption. You see my password is long, elaborate, coded with weird characters, and the title of a song from the 1990's. I know I just dropped a hint, but if someone is able to crack that and get into my blogger account, more power to them?


2011 Offseason Preview

Hey, hey, HEY! HEY! I saw what happened yesterday. So you mean to tell me that you are ready to be a baseball fan again? Awesome, great, sounds good. What perfect timing too because the General Manager meetings are starting today. Seems fitting to kick things off with the official unveiling of the offseason chart.


Season Wrap-Up 2011: End of the Year Feathers

Another year, another exhausting effort that I like to call the End of the Year Feathers.


Season Wrap-Up 2011: Columbus Clippers

Here we are again. One year later and once again, the Columbus Clippers are champions.


Season Wrap-Up 2011: Akron Aeros

Excuse me if you aren't used to this, but the Akron Aeros are in a bit of a funk. For the second straight season they missed the playoffs. It's almost as if the success this club had transferred to Columbus. The Aeros finished .500 in 2010 and in 2011, you could consider it an improvement with a 73-69 record but it's just not the same Aeros team we've become accustomed to.


Season Wrap-Up 2011: Kinston Indians

The last hurrah. The Kinston Indians are, or at least will be no more. With the Indians moving Advanced-A affiliates to new ownership, Kinston will likely be losing their ball team. The Indians will probably be changed to something else and a brand new franchise will take over the operations. If this was the last hurrah, it was a great one, although it came up just short of a title, Kinston really gave it one last run for the fans who have been loyal for years.


Season Wrap-Up 2011: Lake County Captains

For the first time in their history, the Lake County Captains did not win the Midwest League when they've had the chance. Yeah okay, so they won it for the first time they were in it in 2010, but that is a minor detail that we can overlook. It was a rough year for the Captains overall. They did not have a good second half and their first half, well, it wasn't much better.


Season Wrap-Up 2011: Mahoning Valley Scrappers

The Scrappers had horrid year last season. It was not pretty A pretty putrid offense and a pitching staff that was really, well it wasn't good but it was better than the offense. This year though, the draft brought in some quality bats and it turned into a good season all around.