Offseason Rundown: Tribe Digs Deep into Pockets for Swisher

I know it's tempting to start salivating. Without the big moves they made last year, there was a little bit of hope. This year, people might start shouting playoffs or some junk like that.


The Particulars of the Choo-Bauer Mega Deal

I know why you're here. Well, at least I'm assuming you are here for that. If you are here for something else, I can't help you.


Offseason Rundown: Mark Reynolds and Where Tribe Goes From Here

I was sitting around Sunday night, minding my own business. I like to use Sunday's to get things in order and be lazy.


Offseason Rundown: Meetings End as Tribe Goes after Swisher, Youkilis

I hope you enjoyed this past week of baseball news to sort through. If you have been depressed with the fact that we don't get to discuss it as often in the winter months, you certainly had your fix in a matter of three days.


Rule V Recap: Indians Claim 1B, Lose McFarland & Rondon

This year's Rule V Draft provided some excitement for the Indians, not only in that they lost several players, but they made a claim of their own to fill up their 40-man roster.


Offseason Rundown: Victorino Spurns Indians Offer for Boston

Last year, the Cleveland Indians fell short in their bid for Carlos Beltran.


Jack Hannahan non-tendered, McDade Claimed

Chris Antonetti said it was the toughest contract tender decision the club had to make.


Offseason Rundown: Perez Designated, Coaching Staff Set

Next week is going to be a big week in baseball... In case you didn't know.


Piece by Piece: Left Field

Piece by Piece is an offseason long series that covers the Cleveland Indians organization and their outlook in a position-by-position process. Today's position is left field.


Offseason Rundown: Lee, Fedroff Added, LaPorta Outrighted

I guess I just don't get it...


Offseason Rundown: Big Decisions in Miami Could Impact Indians Offseason Landscape

I find it interesting, because a few weeks ago, we openly pondered the shortstop situation with our dear Cleveland Indians.


Offseason Rundown: 'Tis the Season for Rumors Swirling

The holidays are rapidly approaching, with Thanksgiving not more than two weeks away from now and the Christmas buzz following immediately after.


Piece by Piece: First Base

Piece by Piece is an offseason long series that covers the Cleveland Indians organization and their outlook in a position-by-position process. Today's position is first base.


Offseason Rundown: Tribe Swap Rogers for Aviles in First Move

You have to give the Indians some credit. They've struck really early the past few offseasons, making trades right off the bat when they know who they want. Last year it was Derek Lowe, now it is Mike Aviles, who has just been traded twice in a matter of days.


Piece by Piece: Shortstop

Piece by Piece is an offseason long series that covers the Cleveland Indians organization and their outlook in a position-by-position process. Today's position is shortstop.


Offseason Rundown: Decisions Made, Coaches Hired for Tribe

Wednesday will go down as perhaps one of the five or six busiest days of the Indians offseason. You may have a few more days throughout the winter months that get interesting, but if you wanna see the height of it all, it may have been Wednesday.


Offseason Rundown: Decision Time on Several Indians

I know the Giants win on Sunday effectively ended the baseball season, but that is a blow that I can deal with.


Season Wrap-Up 2012: Fourth Annual All-Daily Team

What is the All-Daily Team? What isn't the All-Daily Team... It is everything. Everything rolled into one.


What Indians Fans Need to Know About Terry Francona

This guest post was written by Michael Hare of leaguepitchingmachines.com, a pitching machine and batting cage company based out of Rochester, NY. Michael is passionate about the game of baseball and is thrilled to contribute to The Tribe Daily. Follow his site on Twitter @leaguebaseball.


Golden Fedora Voting for 2012

Voting is now open for the overall Golden Fedora of 2012!

Offseason Rundown: Francona Alludes to Jimenez's Inclusion, Interviews Staff

My dominance is striking. I consider baseball to be my favorite sport. I love the Cleveland Indians and then everything else. Baseball to me is number one and the sport I know the most about.


Offseason Rundown: Tribe Coaching Staff News and Beloved Middle Reliever Vinnie Pestano

I'm not sure many people can believe it. I know if you would have told me back in July that the Detroit Tigers would be going to the World Series, I wouldn't have believed you.


2012 Season Wrap-Up: Minor League Rundown

Every year I like to recap the minor league season and dedicate respectable time to the prospect side of the organization. That is this effort and with the Indians in such despair after a second half collapse, there is no better way to feel hopeful than to look ahead.


Offseason Rundown: Brantley has surgery; Winter ball starts up

I rotate my desktop backgrounds, because Windows 7 is cool like that. As I usually do, I make my own backgrounds because I'm an amateur Photoshop type of a dude and well, I sat here at the computer on Sunday looking and simply shaking my head.


Tribe Daily Invitational 2012 Recap

Back in Spring Training... I had an idea. A real good idea at the time. I would establish dominance among you faithful readers and followers. I would flex my fantasy baseball muscle and in the process, feel good about how awesome I am.


BBA Awards Ballot 2012

As is the case every year, as a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I have the opportunity to cast my ballot for our year end awards. You may disagree with me, in fact you probably will.


It's All About Trust: Francona Initiated into the Tribe

The word keeps coming back to me as I look for one word, or one idea, to sum up what I saw in Terry Francona's introductory press conference.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora: September 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.


Get Ready for Tito: Indians Nab Terry Francona

I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong. I thought that, as I probably put it more than several times, that Terry Francona was a pipe dream for the Cleveland Indians.


Season Aftermath Rundown: The Tribal Journey From Here

You thought you got rid of me didn't you? You thought... Oh, the games are over, that Nino is going into hibernation isn't he?


Morning Rundown: The One With the Season Finale

Yesterday I put September as the date for the recap... I think in my subconscious, I'm not ready for the season to end.


Morning Rundown: A Hafner Blast to Remember

Ehhh the big guy still has it after all?


Morning Rundown: Should the Tribe Consider a Santana Switch?

You know, after smashing the ever-loving daylights out of the Royals on Sunday, there was a little sense of hope. A sense of hope that made you think things are a little better around these parts than you would have thought.


Morning Rundown: The Time to Start Anew

This truly feels like the beginning of something different. I don't know what's going to be different, how it's going to be different, or how different it will be... It isn't so much about a new manager as it is something else.


Manny Rundown: The Final Act

Usually the morning after a day with no game yields few notes, if anything of substance to do an entire rundown on, which is why I almost never do it. But I'd be missing valuable opportunity to strike while the iron is still hot on the Manny Acta front.


Morning Rundown: WhiteSox Down, Joy in the Misery of Others

The Chicago White Sox pushed Jake Peavy back a start. The ultimate slap in the face for a team not in the race as they prepare to face a much stiffer test in Tampa. I can understand why they did it, but if I'm the Indians, I use that as enough motivation.


Morning Rundown: All About Kluber; Pestano's Redemption

I'm glad the White Sox only hit three solo home runs and not four. Just saying...


Morning Rundown: Death, Taxes, and Adam Dunn Homers

One way to get the world off the backs of MLB Umpires? Let the NFL bring in replacement refs. Then those boys in blue aren't so bad after all and the calling for machines doesn't seem to be a big topic of discussion. That's pretty cool.


Morning Rundown: Gone Quicker Than a 20 Dollar Bill

So an 8-4 lead isn't anything, especially since you trailed until the sixth inning. So I guess that the game all in all was a very up-in-the-air affair. The final score isn't really indicative to what happened, especially in the weekend as a whole considering the Tribe dropped the previous two meetings on Friday and Saturday.


Morning Rundown: Not a Normal Afternoon in Cleveland

There's one thing the Indians did by beating the Twins on Thursday afternoon. They did avoid a sweep, but that isn't what we're concentrated on right now.


Morning Rundown: No, Really, You're Still Watching?

Yeah I know, the questions. You're still watching this team? How can you? The answer is really simple. I love baseball.


Morning Rundown: The Undeserving Bunch

I guess two walk-off wins in a row is too much to ask. Oh well. As Rick Manning said, at least we had fun for a few months this season.


Morning Rundown: You're Welcome Chicago!

If there's one thing I enjoy more than beating Detroit, it's beating Detroit with that spaz on the mound blowing things. Golf-clap Spazverde, golf-clap!


Morning Rundown: Tribe Foiled Again in Texas

There are a 162 games in a season. The Indians are at 59 wins. If they were to end up losing 100, they'd only end up winning no more than three more games. The thought is crazy considering they have 19 games left, six of which are against the Royals and Twins. They can win more than three in there, right? RIGHT?


Morning Rundown: Yeah I Just Stare At My Desk

Sometimes... Sometimes I just sit there and stare. Last night, I laid there and watched the ship sink. I didn't jump off though. I decided that drowning in the sorrow of another Jimenez effort was a nice way to spend a Tuesday night.


Morning Rundown: Welcome Back Chiz; The Masterson Conundrum

There it is... Last place. Indians, meet bottom. It feels like a rock.


Morning Rundown: Change To Embrace With Perez's Comments?

I know every day we lose a few people and with every loss people dropped like flies, but we probably lost as many people as we will all year this morning. Or maybe not.


Morning Rundown: Sometimes, You Just Run Out of Headlines

If Miguel Cabrera didn't play for the Tigers, the Indians might have an even better record against the Tigers than they already do. Not that he's overly killed them compared to anyone else. I mean the rest of baseball would feel better about themselves if Cabrera wasn't terrorizing pitching rotations and bullpens.


Morning Rundown: Is This Real? A Winning Streak?

I posed the question on Twitter. This is the Cleveland Indians team we saw in April and May, the one we've seen in the past two games. My question: Where did they go and why did it take so long for them to come back?


Morning Rundown: Tribe Puts in Hard Day of Work on Labor Day

Boy the Tigers are not going to like playing the Indians down the stretch if the Indians can play like THAT in the remaining five games they have with them. It could be fun to play the spoiler with nothing left to win.


Morning Rundown: A Model to Envy and Emulate

Here it is... The month the Indians have been waiting for. One that is not August. I'll be forever mystified by the "We can't wait til August is over" quotes, but I get it. They've mentally made up in their minds that August has been a total disaster and that once it passes, things will get better. Whatever helps everyone sleep at night I guess. As long as things change in September. If the first two games are any indication, they'll likely win at least more than five.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora: August 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.


Morning Rundown: Wake Me Up When September Starts

I know some people are wondering how I can continually do this to myself. Come up every morning and talk about a team that essentially does not need talked about. Talk about games that are perceived to be meaningless and talk about a team that has fallen far far out of any sort of contention and into an abyss of horrific baseball.


Morning Rundown: Just A Fish Out of Water

At this point we should just be looking to run the clock out of August. It seems silly to think that a new month will produce any other results, but with just five wins this month, maybe moving the calendar over will bring some sort of different feel.


Morning Rundown: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Today's question: Do the Indians make it to 60 wins before they make it to 80 losses? They have seven losses to go before 80, but five wins to go before 60. It's only a two game difference but you have to figure the law of averages has to work itself out at some point with this team's record.


Morning Rundown: An Around the Diamond Tribute to Justin Toole

The Streak Part II is over... The Indians have 18 home games left on the season (16 road games, including another 10 game swing). They'll see four playoff contenders (Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Texas) in the final stretch. They'll see all but Oakland twice, but they have four games with the A's. If you want out now, I'd understand.


Morning Rundown: Another Eight for the Road; Tribe's DH Future

You mean today is an off day? Oh sweet mercy. I'm not sure if I can handle nine right now, I need a day. And since there's no game on Thursday, that means I don't have to agonize in a long post about losing nine. Because you know it's coming, it's likely coming.


Morning Rundown: Ignore Them, They're Just 40,000 Fans in Yellow Shirts

A Hernandez won and a Hernandez lost. That was very likely with two starting in Seattle on Tuesday night. Of course it would have been even more impressive if a Hernandez got a save. Someone call the OTHER Roberto Hernandez. You know, the one that is old as dirt and was still old as dirt when he pitched for the Indians. He could probably still get it up there.


Morning Rundown: Chris Perez's Rage Machine

Boy, the way things are going, we may have to start worrying about finishing last and shy of 70 wins, because loss 70 is quickly approaching and if this slide continues, they'll be at it by the end of this road trip. I know, what's the big deal? Fifth is the same as third and fourth, it isn't in contention and it isn't anything close to where the Indians want to be.


Morning Rundown: Road Woes Continue; Can Carrera Compete?

You know you've reached the point of the season when it is completely over when you have Tom Hamilton talking about M.C. Hammer in the sixth inning. And talking about him multiple times.


Morning Rundown: Defense Botches Hernandez's Debut

Now pitching for the Cleveland Indians... Number fifty-five, Roberto Hernandez...


Morning Rundown: Jekyll Jimenez Comes Out to Play; Bobby's Ballad

Well that certainly did last... It wasn't but a few days ago that Ubaldo Jimenez took the blame for Scott Radinsky getting fired. Last night he did his best job to try and get Rubin Niebla canned before he could even be in Cleveland for a week.


Morning Rundown: Bottom's Up In Rare Road Victory

Ultimately what is funny about last night is that what I said yesterday morning actually played out. And it actually didn't even make me right, it also made me wrong.


Morning Rundown: The Ones That Don't Matter

Oh what's that? Just another day in the life of the Cleveland Indians. Lose 14-1, no biggie, not like we haven't seen anything like that before, right?


Morning Rundown: The Big Oooooh on Display in Second Straight Win

Lou Brown invoked, they call that a winning streak. Of course two in-a-row is simply back-to-back wins, but after 11 straight of the bad kind, you will call this a win streak and you will like it.


Morning Rundown: Sweet Sweet Relief



Morning Rundown: The Baseball Wound Continues to Fester

No more.... Just no more please.


Morning Rundown: Losing The Popularity Contest

Scott Diamond is 10-5. The Twins have scored the 14th most runs in all of baseball.

And the Indians are the ones in third place?


Morning Rundown: The Long and Winding Road...Trip

It's over... It's finally over! The road trip that the baseball demons created is finally over. The Indians endured beat downs, shutouts, heartbreakers, bad pitching, bad hitting, bad fielding, bad everything. They saw two teams who absolutely suck make the Indians look like the suck even more. Through it all, it looked as if they were going to at least get out with ONE win, but that wasn't to be the case.


Morning Rundown: Needing More Than a Fightin' Chance

When your starter can't get out of the fifth and you have to go to the bullpen, you can only do so much as a bullpen. Of course when your opponent's starter can't get out of the third, you have no excuses.


Morning Rundown: Running Royals Run Tribe to Five Straight

Part of me thinks that there is still some fight left in this team and that this season, although it looks like it is spiraling away, can still be something. That the Indians, despite this patch of games that looks to be taking them out of the race, they can still make something happen. The other part of me is disgusted to watch the team lose like this, because there is no part of me that doesn't believe the first part is not true. This team can do make something happen, but they simply are not.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora: July 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.

Morning Rundown: The Lowe Point of the Season

This could be the point in the season where the Indians are at their lowest. Or it could get worse from here. Who knows? I mean if they end up losing two more to the Royals, that is certainly pretty bad, but I can't imagine things getting much more frustrating.


Trade Deadline Rundown: The Market Dies Down

Yesterday we looked at the 'big three' trade chips for the Tribe and evaluated if, why, and when the Indians should trade them. As the deadline rapidly approaches later today, it looks as if all three will be staying put. That begs the question... Will the Indians now be buyers?


Trade Deadline Rundown: Choo Generates Interest As Deadline Nears

Two more days is simply not enough.


Morning Rundown: Tribe 2-For-2 Against Verlander...Say What?

Ahhhhhhh!!! AHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Are you serious!? It's like freaking Christmas man! And my birthday! And Easter! And any day where I get picnic food! All rolled into one!


Morning Rundown: Lowe Man on the Totem Pole

You know what hadn't been an issue lately that suddenly had an impact in the game last night?


Morning Rundown: Just Wanting To Feel Wanted

I have had class every Tuesday and Thursday for the past two weeks. So I have had to deal with this whole "Hey the Indians are playing" thing when I'm right in the middle of class. I've resisted checking my phone, being a good student. Until last night when I couldn't stop checking and getting quietly excited with every inning that passed and the Tigers runs scored column continued to read '0'.


Morning Rundown: Indians Claim the Prelude to the Battle

If the Indians needed one thing. It was their ace to step up and deliver. And deliver he did. It was the pre-show, the warm-up, the final minutes, and the hype to a crucial battle that starts off today. It was something that was much needed.


Morning Rundown: The Fall To End Them All?

It's like this... You win a few and it doesn't look like doomsday outside. But when you lose four straight, to a team that was struggling none-the-less, then the sky is falling.


Morning Rundown: I'll Call Ya A Hearse, This is For Cody

You want to feel the good vibes of a big win, especially when you came back from what was looking like another offensive foiling. But there's something standing in your way. He has won 12 games this season and has an ERA under three. He's got some good stuff and has become one of the toughest starters in the American League. He's a former first overall pick and really, it is a given he is a heavy favorite.


Morning Rundown: I Checked My Gut at the Door

I don't want to take any sort of credit for what Carlos Santana did last night, but I would like to think that somehow I telepathically reached him and me telling him to get himself straight did the trick.


Morning Rundown: Carlos Santana Gut Check Time

A team cannot win by simply not cashing in on their opportunities. They may be able to get a few runs here or there and if they get a good pitching performance, win the game. That is kind of how the Indians are going right now. They don't look bad, the offense doesn't look horrific, the pitching is here and there. Their biggest issue is coming up with the big hit that gives them the win. Sometimes it isn't needed, but if the team is going to win consistently, it's something that better start happening.


Morning Rundown: Choo and the Pen Come Through Big

I don't take part in must-wins unless it's later in the season, and I'm not going to say this was a must win. But Boy it was really big to win it.


Morning Rundown: Three is the Most Frustrating Number for Tribe

If there was anyway we could figure out a way to get this team to do things right on both days, then look out. A 1-0 win, a slugfest loss, a shutout loss. Two good pitching performances, little support, one bad one, one offensive outburst. This is just a jumbled mess sometimes. It's a been more than a week since we've gone running so let's get to it.


Morning Rundown: Tribe's First Half Ends the Way it Started

So we had this 5-0 lead on Sunday heading into the All-Star break. I think every team wants to go into the break with a win and feeling good about where this team is. But we don't need a win to feel good about where this team is.


Tribe Daily Invitational: June 2012 Update

A few months ago, I had an idea. An idea that would unite a brand of misfits in one common goal. To help me satisfy the need of being in a normal fantasy baseball league and establishing my dominance. That idea has gone totally wrong.


Morning Rundown: Cowboy Up! Tomlin wrangles Rays

We just... We just saw that correctly right? Josh Tomlin? He was the one pitching there yesterday? Okay just checking.


Morning Rundown: Offense Backs McAllister, Saves Hannahan

It may be time to admit something... Something that I probably will regret doing.


Morning Rundown: Weaver Too Good For Too Long Against Tribe

So you know who is really good? Jered Weaver. Yeah he's pretty good. Like, probably one of the best.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Storm Through Baltimore; Rage and Cabs Return to Midsummer Classic

I can't remember the last time the Indians won a Saturday game. I mean, I could go and look to prove my point, but the point is that. I can't remember the last time they won a Saturday game. They've been winning the Friday games and sometimes the Sundays, but those Saturday games I always feel like they've been losing them. Well they won one this weekend and then went ahead and won on Sunday too. We call that a weekend winning streak.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora: June 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.


Morning Rundown: Z-Mac Beats Birds to Stop Losing Skid

When you get back on the right side of the tracks with a win, things seemingly just calm down. They aren't as bad as they look and especially when you have your newest member of the rotation come up and pitch well. Suddenly, things are looking quite better. Until Friday's game of course.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Fail Bomber Exam, Post Longest Losing Streak

Here we are at the longest losing streak of the season. In a way it is a positive that it took this long just to lose this many in a row. But of course you'd rather not be in this position. If they hadn't lost twice to the Astros, this wouldn't really be an issue, but perhaps there is something that should be focused on regardless of what happened in Houston.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Late Charge Comes Up Short; Perez Speaks Again

A lot of people are saying that the Indians have yet to play their best ball. A few members of the team have said it, Chris Antonetti has said it... Well stop saying it. Let's just do it okay? Play your best ball. It's time. Don't save it for the postseason because you might not get there. Start playing what you believe to be your best ball.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Bounced Around in the Bronx

I dislike Nick Swisher. I really do. I just can't stand him. The fact that he struck out three times delights me, but the RBI and the hit boils my blood. Watching him prance around in right field and play up his antics ticks me off. If he was ever on the Indians, I'm not sure I could handle it. Now that that is out of the way, we can talk about more angry things. Expect me to repeat this tomorrow though.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Burned Out of Houston, Beat Out by Sox

That's not a weekend you want to have. After sweeping a first place team, losing to, what is in-effect a last place team, twice in a three game series. On top of that, the team that was chasing you caught up because they won their series and the team now directly behind you, lost two games to the Pirates, meaning an opportunity to distance yourself was lost.


Morning Rundown: Nastiest Masty of the Season Leads to Cincy Sweep

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! That blasted Ohio Cup ain't going anywhere! If it even still exists!


Morning Rundown: A Clutchdrubal Kind of Night

And that is why you support your guy....


Morning Rundown: Chisenhall Leads Offensive Assault

It's a little irritating sitting here seeing that the Lowe/Baker thing is still a thing... So I can only imagine being asked about it. Of course though when stuff like that happens, a deal is going to be made, so Lowe and Baker should have expected it.


Morning Rundown: Asdrubal's Own Personal Lazy Sunday

Pedro Alvarez is now hitting over .200. He wasn't coming into the series. He did hit a few home runs, but he hit a few more that counted big time in the past two games. In other news, somebody kick me. I also dropped him from my fantasy team last week. So kick me again. It looks like Asdrubal Cabrera thinks you can take Paulie C's 'Lazy Sunday' literally.


Morning Rundown: Reds Are Hot, Indians Pitching Not in Sweep

The Ohio Cup will not be going to the Indians outright. What happens if the Indians sweep the Reds next week? Do they cut the cup in half? Who gets the Oh? Of course with just one win the Reds claim the coveted piece of silver. It is silver isn't it? One thing is for sure, whether it's coveted, silver, or whatever. If it's cut in half, you definitely cannot drink from it.


Morning Rundown: Super Sharp Cueto Makes Quick Work of Tribe

They call this the Ohio Cup. I'm not sure it's real coveted, but uh, winning is. Winning counts. So if the Ohio Cup comes with the winning, then that's fine and dandy. It would also be cool if the Indians could 'drink' from the cup. You know like how the hockey teams do it with the Stanley Cup.


Morning Rundown: One Happy Household for Kipnis and Pestano

Regardless of if the Cardinals are coming off a World Series season or anything else, they just can't beat the Indians. After the weekend series between the two, the Cardinals still have not won a series against the Indians ever. Ever! They're 6-14 against Cleveland with the Indians getting the best of the Red Birds once again.


Morning Rundown: Lowe Scuffles and a Sizemore Setback

Well, the Indians won't sweep the Tigers this season after all. It was looking like a slight possibility the way the Tribe was playing their division rivals, but the magic finally wore out.


Morning Rundown: Sadistic Enjoyment in Five Straight Over Detroit

Even if, even if Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera came out of the gates swinging and this Tiger offense was everything it was billed up to be. If it isn't clear by now, the Tigers are a majorly flawed team. The thought was that Cleveland is, and they are, but the Tigers have just as many, if not more than them.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Continues Road Success, Improve to 4-0 over Detroit

If he does things like this, The Big Eww and U-Bad-O are going away.. It will be more like The Big Ooh Ooh Ooooooh! And that's the only thing we really want. A Good Ubaldo and some good tasting cheese. Oh and continuing to pound the Tigs into submission!


Tribe Daily Invitational: May 2012 Update

A few months ago, I had an idea. An idea that would unite a brand of misfits in one common goal. To help me satisfy the need of being in a normal fantasy baseball league and establishing my dominance. That idea has gone totally wrong.


Morning Rundown: Rolling Out the Welcome Mat(t)

I leave for two weeks and when I come back, I'm greeted by... Matt LaPorta? That's like instead of seeing your excited puppy wagging it's tail after your two week vacation, you get a monkey flinging feces at you as you walk through the door. Is that to say Matt LaPorta is a monkey who flings feces? No, but he sure does swing as wildly as the monkey flings feces.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora of Greatness: May 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.


Shocking the World...Again: An Indians Checklist

It feels very much like deja-vu around here...


Morning Rundown: Jo-se-Comes To Save the Day

I probably should just start things off by eating some sawdust. I'm sorry Jose Lopez for trashing you. Thanks for helping win this one game. Forgive me.


Morning Rundown: It's Good to Beat the King

I think the most frustrating part about watching Ubaldo pitch is the fact that he shows us those flashes. Those flashes that not only make us think he can do it, but suggest that maybe there's something coming up.


Morning Rundown: Lowe-r Than You Possibly Thought

The Indians first move this offseason? Heck, the first move of the entire offseason? It was the acquisition of Derek Lowe. The first trade may just have been one of the best trades that any team made and it hadn't been any clearer than on Tuesday afternoon.


Morning Rundown: Gomez Pitches to Win, Choo Heroics Still Needed

I'm going to be straight up honest with you guys. I fell asleep. I didn't have the physical energy to sit up in a chair, so I made the mistake of laying down. I fell asleep. I fell asleep only to wake up to see Ryan Doumit do what he did. And I was so deprived of energy, I rolled over, set my alarm and went back to sleep.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Bats Clobber Beckett, Lowe Cruises

Little worried there weren't you? After those final two games against the White Sox, you got a little nervous that maybe the steam was running out. Perhaps the start was a fluke and now they would falter. But just as quickly as that looked to be happening, the Indians got to go on the road and face the fabulous enigma that is the Boston Red Sox


Morning Rundown: Gomez Wears It in Sox-Series Finale

I'm so sorry. Yesterday I went on and on about how the Indians hadn't lost a game by more than six runs and the one they did lose by six runs, was real close until things just blew up. Basically, claiming the Indians were in just about every game they played.


Morning Rundown: Tribe's Late Rally Can't Carry Long Enough in 5-3 Loss

Team's lose games in baseball. It happens. Get over it. This team has been playing really good ball in addition to getting some good fortunate bounces going their way. Sometimes the bounces don't go your way. They didn't on Tuesday and even though the Indians fought to the very end, it just wasn't enough.


Morning Rundown: Two Games, Two Wins, Lots of Tribe Luck

You have four-five arms available in your bullpen, none of which are your two best arms. You're starting someone for the first time this year in the majors as he's been in Columbus. There's rain coming, and ya, you'll definitely be playing many of your backups in the second game of this double header. Are two wins possible? Just ask Manny Acta...


Morning Rundown: The Big U tops Yu; Where are YOU Cleveland?

The Cleveland Indians may very well be the baseball equivalent of the "Call Me Maybe" song by Carly Rae Jepsen. You know you've heard it before even if you just said "What, Who?" in response to that sentence. Maybe once and awhile and you were like, "Jeeze... This song is annoying." But now it keeps getting more and more play and you're kinda like, "Okay this song is kind of catchy." You don't want to admit it, but maybe, just maybe....


Morning Rundown: Kipnis Flashes Hometown Strength in Series Win

Part of me can't believe the Indians went into Chicago and actually won two games in a three game series. Part of me was expecting to wake up on Friday morning having dreamed the seventh inning on. Nope? Still a 7-5 win? Kipnis a hometown hero? Perez with his AL-leading nine saves? Masty gets a win!?


Morning Rundown: Clutch-Mannahan Puts Tribe in First

It's lonely at the top and that's the way we like it, right? A big win over Chicago (the first of the year) and a Detroit loss to Kansas City and this city should be riding high. Their Tribe is in first place and beyond all that (because first place in May is nothing, unless you are the Rangers with a mega-lead), they are competitive and show no signs of slowing down, even with a flimsy offense.


Morning Rundown: From Ewwwbaldo to U-Bad-O

And this week, Ewwbaldo put me to sleep. I'm not kidding. I fell asleep watching him pitch. No, no no, really... His pitching bored me to sleep. I was so disinterested, I fell asleep.


Manny Acta Golden Fedora of Greatness: April 2012

You may have heard the term "Golden Sombrero" used in baseball talk. It is in reference to a hitter striking out three times in a game. Well on this blog, we have the Golden Fedora, which is far better and more coveted. You also don't suck to get it.


Morning Rundown: Winning In a Wahoo Sort of Way

I'm perfectly okay with a weekend series against the Angels in which the team takes two out of three games. Set aside the fact that they are struggling. It doesn't matter because they are talented and are capable of busting out at any time. Add in the fact, despite the struggles, that two of the starters they put out there were Dan Haren and Jered Weaver? Their offense is struggling, not those two. Those two pitched well enough for the Angels to win both of those games and they won only one.


Tribe Daily Inivtational: April 2012 Update

A few months ago, I had an idea. An idea that would unite a brand of misfits in one common goal. To help me satisfy the need of being in a normal fantasy baseball league and establishing my dominance. That idea has gone totally wrong.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Drop Series to Royals, Offense Struggling

Golden opportunities are golden for a reason. Let's just hope that this is... like a sliver opportunity and that the best is yet to come. Right? Right...


Morning Rundown: The Big Ewww Helps Snap Royals Streak

The mood was trending towards being one of those days and I should have known after Butler's home run that there would be doom on this day... I should have realized this early and not gotten my hopes up that our Tribe would be able to dismay the Royals once again.


Morning Rundown: The Jack Hannahan of New Trades and Old

What's that saying? And the meek shall inherit the earth? Yeah, if the meek continue to lose games, it may be awhile before they inherit anything.


Guest Author: Sports Empower

The following is a guest post from Zachary Fenell. He's a writer and author who has written a book entitled "Off Balance". Visit him at his website  http://www.zacharyfenell.com/ and check out his other contributing work on Yahoo! Sports and Cleveland State of Mind. You can also follow him on Twitter.


Morning Rundown: Tribe Take Seven for the Road

It's rather hard to be so critical of the last loss of a road trip in where your team ventured off to the West Coast and managed to go 7-2. However, it's hard to put too much stock into said road trip when the three teams you racked up some wins against are the Kansas City Royals (proud owners of a 10-game losing streak), Seattle Mariners (proud victims of a Phil Humber perfect game), and the Oakland Athletics (proudly the most offensively challenged team in the American League). But uh, let's try to make sense of it all.


Morning Rundown: Vargas Leaves Indians Sleepless

When Run DMC came together with Aerosmith to help them out with "Walk This Way" they wanted it to be a big enough hit for the Seattle Mariners to use for this particular series against the Cleveland Indians. I can only hope the sound techs at Safeco are utilizing it justly.


Morning Rundown: Midnight Madness in Seattle

I'm getting a funny feeling about this team...


Morning Rundown: Indians and Offense Now Said in Same Sentence

The Indians play the Royals like 18 times, or something like that. Right? Just checking...


OOTP 13 Simulation: Fourth Place, Okay?

Another year, another simulation. That's right, the chance to prognosticate doom or gloom has arrived!


Morning Rundown: A Story of Defense, Masterson, and Situation Hitting

I haven't physically watched an Indians game since Monday. Thanks to rain/snow/whatever the reason it was for the game to be called on Tuesday and a noon start on Wednesday. I was dissuaded from listening to the game on my Kindle at work thanks to the 4-0 start. That will keep me productive, ya?


Morning Rundown: Half the Lineup, Half the Runs

There are days when I'm not really sure how to write this introduction, but as I've probably said before, I feel like I have to. The days are especially tough when I don't have a lot to write about. The world would definitely be easier if Ozzie Guillen was managing this team. Then I wouldn't have to worry about there not being anything worth noting. But then again, we'd all hate ourselves.


Morning Rundown: Birthday Bash Salvages Opening Series

This is it. The Grind. This is where it starts. Early April. The newness of the season is still fresh, but the frill of Opening Day is gone and the people who only come out to party and then whine and complain when the Indians don't win their first game have gone back into hibernation. This is our season now and even if you hate Eric Wedge, it's time to use his favorite term. Let's grind this season out together.


Morning Rundown: A Hurtful One of 162 for Perez, Masterson

I really thought the Indians were going to let me get a few games in without me having to scream in my car. But low-and-behold as I was on my way home from campus, sitting at a red light, there's Nino in his white oldsmobile screaming at the radio. The people around me that caught a glimpse, we're probably perplexed but if they only knew, I assume the would understand. If you were on Kent Road in Cuyahoga Falls around 6 P.M. yesterday, I wasn't crazy... I promise...


Morning Rundown: Prediction Central, Indians Not Shocking the World

Last season, on this day I provided you with a unique preview of the Indians season. You can go anywhere to get a traditional preview and by now, if you read this space often enough, I know you are an educated fan that doesn't need me to regurgitate the same stuff that's been going around all spring and what others have likely already said way better than I can.


Spring Training: And to Cleveland We Go

You guys know what tomorrow is, right? I didn't think I'd have to remind you. One more Spring Training Rundown for the road. Enjoy it.


Spring Training Rundown: Ubaldo Vs The Rockies

Well Sunday was one for activity... That's for sure. We had a benches clearing situation in the Indians and Rockies game, a possible contract extension, and oh yeah, the roster was finalize... Where should we start?


Spring Training Rundown: Indians Complete Trade, Balk On Abreu

No time to lose friends, it's a busy morning in the land of the Tribe. Before the night was over, the Indians appeared to be on the verge of making a move to fill their left field void. When they day started, they made a move to fill their empty bullpen hearts.


Spring Training Rundown: Hot Corner Heat and the Fall of Matola

Last night was the highly anticipated 16-team The Cleveland Fan Insider Fantasy Baseball Draft. I don't think I've ever been involved in a draft that involved that many teams, so this will surely be an interesting season of waiver wire hunting. I will also no-doubt take an active role in providing you with updates throughout the season, especially if I'm winning. If not, then you can forget about it. The stakes are high too, so you can bet that my team headlined by Adrian Gonzalez and Giancarlo Stanton is going for it all.


Spring Training Rundown: Hitting with the Best of Them

We are so close that I can taste it, next week is baseball. I know you're excited. Everyone has a chance in April, so turn your head away from your busted bracket, whatever nonsense is going on with the Browns draft (trading nine-million picks to draft RGIII is not the answer guys, you dodged a bullet), and let Kyre Irving go until next season. It's Tribe Time, yup.


Get your hands off my Lego blocks

I used to play with Lego blocks all the time as a youngin'. My dad and I frequently built stuff with Legos, K'Nexs, and I was a serious Lincoln Log architect. Some people played with action figures (which I did) but my thing was building stuff.


Spring Training Rundown: Slowey Down in the Rotation Race

Since I got my latest phone, I have had the same background. The big block C on a blue background. I finally changed it, only it is still the big block C, but now it is on a turfy background and it looks like it is spray painted on the turf. I was trying to create a Go Launcher theme that had baseball icons and a diamond slider, but you know, I got frustrated. Whatever, the Block C continues to rule my phone background.


Guess the New Indian: #7

It's been awhile, we haven't seen some new faces around these parts. Time to go.


Spring Training Rundown: Gomez Gunning for Rotation Spot

I've been slacking a little bit, but with our (Akron's) Spring Break last week, that means I have no break in that my job drains time and energy. But here we go, the stretch run of Spring Training. Ready for Opening Day? It's close.


Guess the New Indian #6

It's getting a little weird around here, but I got you. You want to see some more new Indians to test your face recognition.


Spring Training Rundown: The Roberto Arrival Probability

Here in Akron, still reeling over the loss to OU in the MAC Title game. Such a talented Akron squad won't get a chance in the tournament after winning their regular season championship. Akron would never win the National Championship, but they could win a game in the tournament. Let's not get into debating that though. Baseball does it right and the new playoff system is intriguing.


Guess the New Indian #5

Here we go again, the most fun game this side of New York City... I'm not sure what I'm talking bout.


Guess the New Indian #4

Here we go again, the most fun game this side of New York City... I'm not sure what I'm talking bout.


Spring Training Rundown: Duncan Continues Spring Surge

So my life is significantly easier. If you know me, or if you remember some of the gibberish I was talking about last year when the season ended, you would know that I'm now pursuing my Masters Degree in Education. The last step towards getting into graduate school was taking the GRE and I did that on Saturday. This means I can now spend my evenings for what I really want to spend my evenings for. Going through every single nugget and note and boxscore of Cleveland Indians spring training. It's far less stressful than determining what is greater between Quantity A and Quantity B if -2 <  x < 2.


Guess the New Indian #3

It's time for another installation of your new favorite game involving people you've never seen before, until now...


Spring Training Rundown: Masterson to Head Rotation

Let the games begin! Baseball Baseball Baseball! Don't even tell me these games don't matter, it's baseball and it's a reason to celebrate. We've been gloomin' around here for the past few days, so let's be excited for once before I start jinxing more people.


Guess the New Indian #2

The new game that is sweeping the nation faster than Angry Birds. The only difference is everything.


Spring Training Rundown: Grady and the Pursuit of Happiness

Let's not bother with introductions, I know why you're here.


Guess the New Indian #1

I look forward every year to one thing. It's a day so fun and uplifting where bats rest on shoulders, baseballs get gripped, gloves are donned. Everyone looks fresh and new and there is a lot of hope for what is to come. Of course I'm talking about picture day around Major League Baseball, what did you think I was talking about?


Spring Training Rundown: Step Back... Exhale

I'm a monster. I just came right through with a blowtorch and with no regard, set the entire park ablaze with no regard for anything or anyone. Take my keyboard away people. Take it away right now before I do any more damage.


Spring Training Rundown: A Return to Normalcy

Fittingly, today we're talking about normalcy. I've strongly campaigned that this spring and the past offseason was one of normalcy (sort of!) and well. We are returning to normalcy. I will be regularly posting Spring Training Rundown up until the season, when then Morning Rundown will then return. Enjoy your normalcy...


2012 Spring Training Primer

2012 Cleveland Indians Spring Training Primer
As I say every year.... Today is the day we've been waiting for...Maybe.

It was actually yesterday... But here is the thing about life without your own personal computer. You accomplish things. Well, you accomplish other things. Finishing up the ST Primer? Yeah, not so much around these parts. I guess accomplishing one thing I wouldn't have accomplished and getting the primer out there a day late isn't bad.

But let's continue on, because you came here to read about Indians baseball, which starts up in a few days here. I know, contain your excitement if you can. We have a lot to look forward this spring, among them being: The injury list isn't 25 players long, most positions are settled, Austin Kearns is nowhere to be found, Russell Branyan isn't walking through that door, Russ Canzler is here to save the day, Fausto Carmona is now Roberto HH, Casey Kotchman is at first base, and this post is significantly shorter than in year's past.

So enjoy the ride, because 2012 is officially on!


Back in the saddle, sorta...

Whoa, this place is dusty. It's still here, so that's a good thing. One thing that's still standing!