Spring Training Rundown: Step Back... Exhale

I'm a monster. I just came right through with a blowtorch and with no regard, set the entire park ablaze with no regard for anything or anyone. Take my keyboard away people. Take it away right now before I do any more damage.


Spring Training Rundown: A Return to Normalcy

Fittingly, today we're talking about normalcy. I've strongly campaigned that this spring and the past offseason was one of normalcy (sort of!) and well. We are returning to normalcy. I will be regularly posting Spring Training Rundown up until the season, when then Morning Rundown will then return. Enjoy your normalcy...


2012 Spring Training Primer

2012 Cleveland Indians Spring Training Primer
As I say every year.... Today is the day we've been waiting for...Maybe.

It was actually yesterday... But here is the thing about life without your own personal computer. You accomplish things. Well, you accomplish other things. Finishing up the ST Primer? Yeah, not so much around these parts. I guess accomplishing one thing I wouldn't have accomplished and getting the primer out there a day late isn't bad.

But let's continue on, because you came here to read about Indians baseball, which starts up in a few days here. I know, contain your excitement if you can. We have a lot to look forward this spring, among them being: The injury list isn't 25 players long, most positions are settled, Austin Kearns is nowhere to be found, Russell Branyan isn't walking through that door, Russ Canzler is here to save the day, Fausto Carmona is now Roberto HH, Casey Kotchman is at first base, and this post is significantly shorter than in year's past.

So enjoy the ride, because 2012 is officially on!