Spring Training Rundown: Indians Complete Trade, Balk On Abreu

No time to lose friends, it's a busy morning in the land of the Tribe. Before the night was over, the Indians appeared to be on the verge of making a move to fill their left field void. When they day started, they made a move to fill their empty bullpen hearts.


Spring Training Rundown: Hot Corner Heat and the Fall of Matola

Last night was the highly anticipated 16-team The Cleveland Fan Insider Fantasy Baseball Draft. I don't think I've ever been involved in a draft that involved that many teams, so this will surely be an interesting season of waiver wire hunting. I will also no-doubt take an active role in providing you with updates throughout the season, especially if I'm winning. If not, then you can forget about it. The stakes are high too, so you can bet that my team headlined by Adrian Gonzalez and Giancarlo Stanton is going for it all.


Spring Training Rundown: Hitting with the Best of Them

We are so close that I can taste it, next week is baseball. I know you're excited. Everyone has a chance in April, so turn your head away from your busted bracket, whatever nonsense is going on with the Browns draft (trading nine-million picks to draft RGIII is not the answer guys, you dodged a bullet), and let Kyre Irving go until next season. It's Tribe Time, yup.


Get your hands off my Lego blocks

I used to play with Lego blocks all the time as a youngin'. My dad and I frequently built stuff with Legos, K'Nexs, and I was a serious Lincoln Log architect. Some people played with action figures (which I did) but my thing was building stuff.


Spring Training Rundown: Slowey Down in the Rotation Race

Since I got my latest phone, I have had the same background. The big block C on a blue background. I finally changed it, only it is still the big block C, but now it is on a turfy background and it looks like it is spray painted on the turf. I was trying to create a Go Launcher theme that had baseball icons and a diamond slider, but you know, I got frustrated. Whatever, the Block C continues to rule my phone background.


Guess the New Indian: #7

It's been awhile, we haven't seen some new faces around these parts. Time to go.


Spring Training Rundown: Gomez Gunning for Rotation Spot

I've been slacking a little bit, but with our (Akron's) Spring Break last week, that means I have no break in that my job drains time and energy. But here we go, the stretch run of Spring Training. Ready for Opening Day? It's close.


Guess the New Indian #6

It's getting a little weird around here, but I got you. You want to see some more new Indians to test your face recognition.


Spring Training Rundown: The Roberto Arrival Probability

Here in Akron, still reeling over the loss to OU in the MAC Title game. Such a talented Akron squad won't get a chance in the tournament after winning their regular season championship. Akron would never win the National Championship, but they could win a game in the tournament. Let's not get into debating that though. Baseball does it right and the new playoff system is intriguing.


Guess the New Indian #5

Here we go again, the most fun game this side of New York City... I'm not sure what I'm talking bout.


Guess the New Indian #4

Here we go again, the most fun game this side of New York City... I'm not sure what I'm talking bout.


Spring Training Rundown: Duncan Continues Spring Surge

So my life is significantly easier. If you know me, or if you remember some of the gibberish I was talking about last year when the season ended, you would know that I'm now pursuing my Masters Degree in Education. The last step towards getting into graduate school was taking the GRE and I did that on Saturday. This means I can now spend my evenings for what I really want to spend my evenings for. Going through every single nugget and note and boxscore of Cleveland Indians spring training. It's far less stressful than determining what is greater between Quantity A and Quantity B if -2 <  x < 2.


Guess the New Indian #3

It's time for another installation of your new favorite game involving people you've never seen before, until now...


Spring Training Rundown: Masterson to Head Rotation

Let the games begin! Baseball Baseball Baseball! Don't even tell me these games don't matter, it's baseball and it's a reason to celebrate. We've been gloomin' around here for the past few days, so let's be excited for once before I start jinxing more people.


Guess the New Indian #2

The new game that is sweeping the nation faster than Angry Birds. The only difference is everything.


Spring Training Rundown: Grady and the Pursuit of Happiness

Let's not bother with introductions, I know why you're here.


Guess the New Indian #1

I look forward every year to one thing. It's a day so fun and uplifting where bats rest on shoulders, baseballs get gripped, gloves are donned. Everyone looks fresh and new and there is a lot of hope for what is to come. Of course I'm talking about picture day around Major League Baseball, what did you think I was talking about?