Guess the New Indian #1

I look forward every year to one thing. It's a day so fun and uplifting where bats rest on shoulders, baseballs get gripped, gloves are donned. Everyone looks fresh and new and there is a lot of hope for what is to come. Of course I'm talking about picture day around Major League Baseball, what did you think I was talking about?

Is it weird that I enjoy this? Don't care, no one said I was normal. So let's play a game. Every year there are some great photos and we'll get to that eventually, but browsing through the photos, I came across some faces that I had to ask myself aloud, "Who is that!" Now I know everyone the invite list, I can probably guess if I had to, but some of these guys don't exactly standout as memorable faces.

All of these players are new to the club, so unless are some weirdo who goes through headshots of players, there is a good chance you won't know who it is without being told. You may know what Trevor Crowe looks like, but he plays for the Indians. (If you don't, you really should know, especially after he looked like a caveman a few seasons ago). But do you know what new addition Casey Kotchman or Fred Lewis look like? You probably do though because they are a little more well-known so I didn't include them in this exercise. But you get the picture.

So without further delay, today's first "Guess the New Indian"

Some hints

  • This new Indian is from the state of Pennsylvania
  • According to his bio, he enjoys fly-fishing
  • He was originally drafted by the Chicago Cubs
Alright, so submit your guesses via comments section, Facebook, or Twitter.

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