Guess the New Indian #2

The new game that is sweeping the nation faster than Angry Birds. The only difference is everything.

I wasn't sure if this came off as a joke last time. I mean, I'm sure it did.. but... Yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of you who happen to know who most of these people are. But I have a bone to pick with everyone.

No one called the first Guess the New Indian by his proper name... I'm a little disappointed. After all the work I did to get this new player an established nickname. This was the chance for it to catch on. Come on friends.

Guess the New Indian #1 - Who was this fine chap?

The Hints:
  • This new Indian is from the state of Pennsylvania
  • According to his bio, he enjoys fly-fishing
  • He was originally drafted by the Chicago Cubs
It is none other than the man who's broken Matt LaPorta's heart, has a cool beard, and has the best nickname ever, Russ Canzler. This one was kind of easy, but the beard addition might have thrown you off.

If you said Russ Canzler, you win absolutely nothing. If you guessed Crusty Rusty, you would have received a baked cake in the mail. But no one said Crusty Rusty, so no cake.

This next new Indian should be tougher. Go ahead, try and figure who is the man with these blue eyes...

  • He shares the same agent as two-time teammate Fred Lewis
  • Once he was a bullfrog and a good friend of mine
  • This guy played shortstop in college
If you want to have some fun, guess away on Facebook, or Twitter. Crusty Rusty guesses no-longer accepted. You had your chances!

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