Guess the New Indian #3

It's time for another installation of your new favorite game involving people you've never seen before, until now...

I think I stumped you all because no one even bothered to answer. Twitter friend Mr. Negative tried to get me to actually send him a cake if he got the answer, but let's be honest.

I don't have time to bake anyone a cake.

Guess the New Indian #3

  • He once played with his brother on a major league team, his brother was also traded for current teammate Casey Kotchman
  • This dude won a gold medal in the Baseball World Cup
  • He'll always have a friend in Neal Huntington
As for the results of the last Guess the New Indian....

Guess the New Indian #2... Who it be!?

The Hints:
  • He shares the same agent as two-time teammate Fred Lewis
  • Once he was a bullfrog and a good friend of mine
  • This guy played shortstop in college
You may have not recognized him hiding behind that face. This former and current teammate of Fred Lewis is Jeremy Accardo. He really wasn't a bullfrog, but his name is actually Jeremiah and when I saw that and automatically thought of the song. He really did play shortstop in college and now he's a reliever taking part in the battle for the final two spots in the Indians bullpen.

If you want to have some fun, guess away on Facebook, or Twitter. I'm no longer offering prizes of cake.

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