Guess the New Indian #4

Here we go again, the most fun game this side of New York City... I'm not sure what I'm talking bout.

No fooling any of you on the last one. Either he looks too much like his brother or you are all closet Pirate fans.

This one should be fun

Guess the New Indian #4


  • He recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
  • He attended Winthrop on an academic scholarship
  • He's a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers... Yup, suck it.

Guess the New Indian #3.. Tell Us!

The Hints:
  • He once played with his brother on a major league team, his brother was also traded for current teammate Casey Kotchman
  • This dude won a gold medal in the Baseball World Cup
  • He'll always have a friend in Neal Huntington
Many of you were quick on the trigger with this one. It is indeed Andy LaRoche, brother of Adam, who was traded for Casey Kotchman in a Braves-Red Sox swap. The LaRoche's graced the Pittsburgh infield, the same place that traded for Andy LaRoche in the big famous deal that brought Manny Ramirez to Los Angeles.

If you want to have some fun, guess away on Facebook, or Twitter. I'm no longer offering prizes of cake.

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