Guess the New Indian: #7

It's been awhile, we haven't seen some new faces around these parts. Time to go.

Okay it's time to challenge you in your quest to guess New Indians and future Akron Aeros... The previous one was easy, this should make you wonder. Hope I can find some hints.


  • His uncle was actually a very successful defensive catcher.
  • And he was drafted to the team his uncle played for.
  • If he were a reliever (he isn't) he'd be a REAL member of the Bullpen Mafia.

Guess the New Indian #6.. Mmmm Pie

The Hints:
  • Some like Cherry and Pumpkin, but I like Chocolate.
  • That last hint was incredibly too obvious, so you don't get a second one.
  • Nor do you get a third. I think I'm pretty clever, thanks for asking.
This was a gimmie, a ringer, a bunny layup, a piece of cake... Ooh cake! Noo not cake, but pie! Felix Pie and if you were paying attention to the hints, you should have had no issue. So what if it isn't pronounced like Pie is supposed to be pronounced and in a dumb french way. It doesn't matter, this is how we role here.

If you want to have some fun, guess away on Facebook, or Twitter. The only baked goods involved are the new players last name.

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